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Truly miniature and terrarium (and vivarium) suitable plants.

These are NOT your ordinary 'supermarket' varieties!  We specialize in unusual varieties that, by their nature, are suitable for growing in small containers--as bonsai, in dish gardens, or under glass in terrariums.  Precisely because they are not ordinary, many are not suitable for mass-production--which is why you won't find them sold by mass producers!

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Miniature ferns, selaginella, and other 'ground covers'.

We grow a extensive collection of spreading or 'ground cover' type plants ideal for the terrarium or small container.  Selaginella (shown left), creeping ficus, miniature ferns, and many miniature gesneriads.

Miniature 'shrubs', grasses and miniature ivies.

We grow a huge selection of plants perfect for use in miniature landscapes or terrariums as shrubs or grasses.  Like Pogonatherum (shown at right), miniature ivies and ferns, miniature Euonymous, Peperomia, and still more miniature gesneriads.

Upright growers perfect as 'trees' or bonsai subjects.

The perfect landscape needs trees, and we have plants perfect for growing as a miniature tree or bonsai, and most can be grown in terrariums.  Plants like Serissa, Punica,  and Nashia(which all bloom!), as well as Ficus, and many, many, more.  We also have miniature Begonia varieties that can easily be grown as bonsai or in terrariums--and they bloom (one can be seen in the terrarium at top of page).

Tiny plants that bloom--miniature gesneriads.

Some of these you'll not find anywhere else!  This family of plants has many miniature species at a quite at home in a terrarium or small container.  Better yet, most all of them will bloom (like the Neomortonia at left).

And many, many more.

Like miniature Sinningia (aka "gloxinia") and other plants that can be grown small and in (our out of) a terrarium.

Miniature begonias, episcias, other terrarium-loving plants too!

Safe for use in vivariums.  Not harmful to frogs and reptiles. 
We only use organic, nontoxic, products when growing these plants.

Personal service, expert knowledge and advice.

  • We don't buy and resell.  We propagate and grow all that we sell.  This means we know what we grow and sell from personal experience.

  • We know terrariums, dish gardens, natural plantings, etc.  Winner of numerous national and international awards, seen on national television and media, and invited speakers at plant society shows and events (see our "about" page).

  • See our "plant care" pages for ideas and advice.  Or call us during business hours.

Also, a complete line of growing supplies Soil, pots, fertilizer, and tools.

Need blooming plants for a wedding, party, or special event?  Contact us.  We may be able to send you the plants to make your event special.

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