Essays and Lighter Fare

A compilation of some of our favorite essays on the hobby and the growing “experience”, written by the Violet Barn owners and reprinted here.

  • “About Us… A Fairy Tale”  Can two “plant nuts” meet and live happily every after?  The true story (in a “nutshell”).
  • “It’s Hot in Here!”  When your greenhouse becomes a “hot” house.
  • “Of Mice (and more) and Men” Trying to live with nature’s little creatures.
  • “More Tales of Mice and Men”  An update.
  • “The Joy of Watering”  True happiness found among the plants (our favorite essay).
  • “Good Help is Hard to Find”  Everyone loves plants, but do they love the work?
  • “Help! (gasp)…I need (ack)…Water!”  When we should water isn’t always when we do.
  • “Things that Hop…and Things that Slither” Amphibians (and reptiles) at the Violet Barn.
  • “Violets as House Plants”  Not every plant is a showplant, nor should be.