2013-2014 Issues

Back issues VioletsFun newsletter:

Each issue features new or sale items listed on our catalog, notices of upcoming events and important dates, and cultural information and advice.  Also, fun contests and prize winners.  Back issues can be seen here.  Though content is same, appearance here differs from the original newsletter (the format is somewhat different).

Current issues e-mailed (usually) monthly, to subscribers.  To subscribe visit our online catalog and enter your email address in the field provided.

Brief highlights of each issue shown below:

No. 4 – March 2013:  Lighting distance from plants, prewetting soil mix.
No. 5 – February 2014:  Soil recipes, potting sinningia.
No. 6 – March 2014:  Artificial lighting, safely transporting plants.
No. 7 – April 2014:  Dealing with fungus gnats, creating shallow pots.
No. 8 – May 2014:  Leaf propagation advice, the benefits of growing taller plants.
No. 9 – June 2014:  Ideal growing temperatures for violets, summering plants outdoors.
No. 10 – July 2014:  Keeping variegation in foliage, getting episcias to bloom.
No. 11 – August 2014:  Propagation mix recipies, preparing soil for use, collecting plants.
No. 12 – September 2014:  Importance of light, bloom types, saucers for pots.
No. 13 – October 2014:  ‘Birthmarking’ on foliage, variability and appearance of bloom colors.
No. 14 – November 2014:  Group planting of violets, use of trailing violets.
No. 15 – December 2014:  Color of variegation on leaves, dealing with powdery mildew.