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November 25, 2014.
International orders must be placed by this date for shipment week of December 1.

November 13-15, 2014.
Mid-Atlantic AV Society  Convention and Show
Crown Plaza Hotel
N Wilmington, Delaware
For info:

‘Winter shipping’ in effect!
Orders shipped now through April 15 guaranteed when shipped via Express mail only.  At customer’s risk when shipped by Priority mail

Free stuff and how to get it!

2015 AVSA Show awards.
Best Robinson collections
1st place: $200
2nd place: $100

Write a review.
Write a review before ordering, good or bad, we’d like to know.  Get a free plant added to your order.

“What’s This”? Contest

Shown above is (part of) a plant that we currently list in our online catalog–though not necessarily from the same photo online.  Correctly identify the plant and win free express shipping upgrade on your next order order ($20 value). 

Contest rules:
1.  Email:
Place your guess in subject line.
2.  One entry per household.
3.  Entry deadline Nov. 30, 2014
4.  One winner randomly chosen from among all correctly answered.


Congratulations to Linda Mangold for correctly identifying the plant in last month’s ‘What’s this?’ contest (Polypodium aureum).  Linda wins a free express mail upgrade on a future order.

Contact us:


mail. POB 9, Naples, NY  14512

phone.  585-374-8592
Monday-Saturday, 12-5 pm ET

Our shop and glasshouse at:
7209 County Road 12
Naples, New York 14512
Open Tuesday-Saturday 12-5 pm

Planning a visit?

Sorry, but the beautiful fall leaves are gone.  At least snow (should be) a month away (let’s hope longer).  For those wanting to visit, winter is actually the best time.  Most of our plants prefer the cooler temps inside and, because shipping is less demanding, stay on our shelves longer, giving them more time to mature and bloom.

Accomodations?  Ask about the “Violet House“.  Available for rental to our guests and customers.





(Some of) What’s New:

Yes, we grow begonias, too.  Here’s a few recent additions to our collection.  These are in limited supply for now.  These and other new ones are listed in our online catalog.

Begonia ‘Mo Reese’.  Distinctly lobed and slightly spiraled, blackish leaves with red reverse.  Compact, rhizomatous plant with nice shape and growth habit.

Begonia paulensisBrilliant, bright green, puckered leaves, with petioles densely covered in white hairs.  Excellent, compact growing rhizamotous species.

Begonia ‘Tangalooma’.  Terrific, compact growing rhizamotous plant.  Small, oval, silver-gray leaves with wide banding of dark grayish-green on slightly lobed edges.

To see more:

What’s News:

In late October, we attended the NY State AVS Convention show, held in Owego.  A small show, but there were some nice plants to be seen.  A few gesneriads, like the spectacularAeschynanthus humilis, and Eucodonia verticillata ‘Adele’, were particularly memorable.  Also, this show is famous for its competitive design classes–the container gardens were special this year. To view photos of the show, visit our facebook page (click on facebook icon on this newsletter).

We do ship in winter! 

As stated online and in all of our advertising, we will shipanywhere at anytime.  Keep in mind though that it IS winter!  Even though it may be warm where many of you live, it may not be for us (or for points in transit).  This means that we can guarantee safe delivery when shipping plants by ‘express’ mail only.  Orders typically arrive to you the day after shipping, and will require a signature upon delivery.  This ensures the safe arrival of your plants, no matter what the weather–here, there, or in between.

Inventory updates:

Growing supplies.  Check out the ‘dandy’ pots new to our catalog. These are attractive, self-watering ‘wicking’ pots available in four colors and two sizes. 

This month’s question:

Could you advise me if it is OK to put several African violets in one pot?  I have a pot that is not very deep but is very wide.  I would like to take 3 or 4 or the violets and put them together to save space.  Another question.  How about trailing african violets?  Mine keep getting wider.  Would it be best to put it in a wide pot so the trailing part could root instead of hanging over the pot?

Though you can grow them as you wish, violets will grow and look better when potted individually.  Most importantly, African violets, like most plants, prefer to have a container only slightly larger than their root system.  Think of your pot like your child’s shoes–you want them just big enough to grow into, but not too large.  Also, you want to provide enough space for each plant to fully and properly develop, without ‘competing’ with its neighbors. 

As for trailers, these might be the answer to the first part of your question.  Trailing African violets, by nature, are spreading, branching, multicrowned plants.  Though their root system won’t be very deep, they can eventually fill much more space, and a wider pot.  Given enough time, a single plant can branch and spread enough to cover lot of surface area.  It will need time to do this, though, so only gradually increase the pot size to accomodate the size of its root system.  If you’re not the patient type, a solution is to pot more than one trailer in your shallow, but wide, container. Though this wouldn’t be allowed for exhibition, we’ve done this ourselves for plants we’ve then sold at our shop or at garden shows–it makes for an almost instant, ‘full’ looking pot.

A compromise might be simply to pot each plant in an appropriate sized pot, then place the potted plants in the larger container.  This could give you the appearance of a mass planting without actually having the plants potted in the large container of soil.

For more information, visit our plant care pages

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