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The Violet Barn newsletter                                   No. 7 – April 2014
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April 14, 2014.
Next international shipping date
Order deadline is April 8 to give us time to submit phyto application

April 12-13, 2014.
AVGS of Rochester Show and Sale
at the Maplewood Estates
55 Ayrault Rd., Fairport, NY
2-5 pm Saturday, 11-4 pm Sunday

More free stuff and offers:

See a show – get a free plant!
Support our local affliate. How?
Bring a copy of this newsletter to the AVGS of Rochester Show for a free plant! (one plant per subsriber)

AVSA Convention Show awards.
Nashville, Tennesee, May 28-31.
Best Robinson collection wins $200.  2nd place wins $100. 

Earn a free plant when you order. Simply write a review before ordering, good or bad, we’d like to know.  Details found on online catalog.

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Become a member of the African Violet Society of America.  Join when ordering from us and earn a free plant with your plant order.  To learn more about the society and membership,  

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mail:  PO Box 9, Naples, NY 14512

phone:  585-374-8592
Monday-Saturday, 12-5 pm ET

Our shop and glasshouse at:

7209 County Road 12
Naples, New York  14512

Shown above: One of our greenhouse froggie friends….
What’s “news”:

After a winter storm dropped 10″ of snow on us this past weekend, much of it has now melted and spring seems finally to have arrived.  Let’s hope it stays.

One of the joys of working amongst so many plants is that we’re always surrounded by nature.  Not just the sights, but the sounds, too.  Like the chirping of our little friends, like the one shown above.  Even in mid-winter, we’ll hear them when we get a sunny day that warms the glasshouse.  In spring and summer, we’ll find many more stuck to the outside of the glass door at our entrance, looking for food–some apparently find their way inside.  For those wondering if our plants are safe for use in vivariums….it seems so.

For orders shipped after April 15, we will guarantee safe delivery via either Priority or Express mail.  We still reserve the right to delay orders a week or two, should your weather remain too cold to safely ship.

In late March, we attended and sold at the Capital District Garden and Flower Show in Troy, NY.  We’ll soon post photos of the show on our facebook page.

  What’s “new”:
Some of what’s been recently added to our
catalog.  Click on names to view.

Episcia ‘Kempenfest’. Beautiful, soft, quilted, silvery-pink leaves with darker light chocolate checkering on leaf edges.  Bright orange blooms on easy growing and blooming plant.

Rob’s Ditzi Mitzi. Lovely semiminiature African violet with      green and white variegated leaves and semidouble pink and white pinwheel blooms. Kohleria ‘An’s Busy Bee’. (shown above) Salmon-pink blooms with dark pink spots on white throat and blush pink face.  Nice, soft, medium green, serrated, pointed, leaves on dark stems.  Heavy and free bloomer.  New from Taiwan.

To see more:

This month’s question:I have my plants in a terrarium (to protect them from my cats).  I have a bug problem.  I was told they were fungus gnats.  I’m trying to find out what to use to kill them that’s safe for my plants.

Fungus gnats are a very common pest found in plant collections.  They prefer moist soil, and need this for their larvae to hatch.  Terrariums, which tend to stay damp and humid, and self-watering pots, whose soil is constantly wet, are perfect breeding environments for gnats.  The good news is that they are relatively harmless, being mostly a nuisance.  They are also fairly easy to get rid of without using any expensive or toxic remedies.  Just let the soil surface go dry (don’t let your plants wilt) between waterings.  You’ll find that the gnats will gradually disappear from your collection.  Or… you can invite someone like our friend at the top of our page into your home!

This month’s tip:

Shallow pots can be difficult to find, and this can present a problem for those growing plants that need them–like a trailing violet that needs room to spread.  It may be a large plant, but it has shallow roots.  Can’t find a 6″ pot that’s only 2 or 3″ deep?  Here’s a solution.  Take a 6″ or azalea pot, and remove the pot rim but cutting just beneath the lip.  This will leave you two parts–the rim (maybe an inch wide), and the bottom of the pot.  Make a (perpendicular) cut through the rim so you can make the hoop smaller.  Then push this into the top of the lower pot portion.  This will provide a nice, smooth, lip to your (now shallow) pot!

Planning a visit?
Though we always have plenty of plants, keep in mind that our schedule becomes very busy with shows and the onset of “spring shipping”.  Please note our calendar–days immediately preceding and following shows will find fewer blooming plants available, simply because many of them are being packed for, or have been sold at, these shows.  If you’re traveling and need accommodations, the “violet house” is available for rental—contact us.
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