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The Violet Barn newsletter                                               June 2014 – No. 9

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July 4-5, 2014.
Gesneriad Society
 Convention and Show
Nashville, Tennessee

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AVSA Show awards.
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‘Collectible’ plant of the month
(great yet underappreciated plants)
Kohleria ‘Pink Shadows’

This is a plant that has long been one of our favorites.  Like all kohleria, it is extremely easy to grow and bloom.  We particularly like this one because of its growth habit–stiff and upright and makes a full plant easily, and the blooms display themselves nicely.

Blooms have dark, purplish-pink backs with lighter faces fading to white in thrat, with red-purple spotting throughout.  Dark, quilted, gray-green foliage.  A superior plant that we highlight because we feel it’s underappreciated.

Sinningia ‘Bristol’s Good Morning’
Photo submitted by Ann Schultz of a plant originally purchased from us.  Spectacular!

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Shipping so many plants late in spring, you’ll likely see lots of plants, but not many flowers at this time–they’re all going in the mail!  Check the website before visiting to view the blooms!

Accomodations?  Ask about the “Violet House“.  Available for rental to our guests and customers.

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 (Some of) What’s New:

Kohleria ‘An’s Volcano’.  New hybrid from Taiwan.  Deep, coral-salmon backed blooms with swirls of coral-pink on white face.  Medium green leaves on darker stems.  Like most kohleria this is a very heavy bloomer and easy grower.

SK Apple Orchard(CK Yablonevyi Sad)  New semimini from Russia.  Already one of our very favorites.  Beautiful “apple blossom” sdbl. white blooms with light, rose-pink tips and edges to some petals.  Medium apple-green foliage.  Heavy and easy blooming showplant..

N Thumbelina.  (N Diuimovochka) New semiminiature from Russia. Loads of cheerful pink sticktite pansies with red-purple edging above dark green, red-backed, pointed foliage.  Very free and heavy bloomer.

To see more:

What’s News:

AVSA Convention Show.  This year’s national show was held in Nashville and was a pleasant surprise–both in attendance and in the quality of plants shown.  ‘Rob’s Boolaroo’ appeared on the court of honor, winning Best Trailer in Show.  Check our “facebook” page to view show photos.

Inventory updates: For those shopping for streptocarpus, you may notice many are out of stock.  We’re trying to recover from heavy spring shipping and will have more by late June. 

Variegated episcias are not available.  Because these plants are sensitive to cold temperatures, we ship them only during the summer months, and only in limited quantities.

This month’s question:

Are there any particular African violets that would wo better at a constant 80f degree temperature (my air conditioner is set at 80).  I am also concerned about the plants getting fried while being delivered here in Arizona. 

African violets will survive, grow, and bloom in your temperatures, but they don’t expect them to look their best.  Though high temperatures into the 80’s are tolerated, it’s more important that your plants get at least some cooler temperatures over a 24 hour period to recover and grow.  One consequence of such warm temperatures is that bloom colors will not be as bright or intense, and you will likely see very little, if any, variegation in leaves.

“Ideal” temperatures should range between 65-75 degrees, but violets will grow outside this range.  Our glasshouse, for example, has temperatures much warmer than yours yet plants do well because we are able to provide cooler night temps, when the sun passes and the AC can “catch up”.  Lots more information on this subject on our “plant care” pages.

As for shipping, we guarantee safe delivery, even in extreme conditions like yours.  Plants are shipped in an insulated box and are protected for most of their journey.  We would suggest making sure you’re home to receive them, though, so they don’t spend the afternoon out on your mailbox!  You can also request box be held at the post office, where you can pick them up.  If you’re very concerned, have them sent Express mail and sign for them upon arrival. 

This month’s tip:

For those planning to summer their plants outdoors, many gesneriads will by quite happy in a protected location outside your home.  None are full-sun plants, so find a shaded location, out of the harsh elements–avoid extreme conditions.  Basket plants like aeschynanthus, columnea, or nematanthus, can do well hanging on your porch.  Plants like sinningia or kohleria do well potted in tubs or floor-pots. 

Be sure to check on your plants more frequently, since plants will likely dry much more quickly and, being out in the elements will more quickly show stress or problems when these occur.  Finally, do NOT bring them back indoors when summer ends!  Along with the plant, you’ll likely bring unwanted pests inside!  For plants like sinningia, save and store the tubers, or forkohleria, save the rhizomes, for next year!

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