2016 Issues

Back issues VioletsFun newsletter:

Each issue features new or sale items listed on our catalog, notices of upcoming events and important dates, and cultural information and advice.  Also, fun contests and prize winners.  Back issues can be seen here.  Though content is same, appearance here differs from the original newsletter (the format is somewhat different).  Issues here are in pdf format.

Current issues e-mailed (usually) monthly, to subscribers.  To subscribe visit our online catalog and enter your email address in the field provided.

Brief highlights of each issue shown below:

No. 28 – June 2016: Discolored streptocarpus leaves.  Summertime tips.
No. 29 – July 2016:  TGS Convention show.  Short bloom stems.  Episcia problems.
No. 30 – August 2016:  Summer heat.  Streps and self-watering pots.  Violets under desk lamps.
No. 31 – September 2016: Micromini violets growing tips.  Mildew and mold.
No. 32 – October 2016:  Ohio AVS show highlights.  Chimera violets and mutations.
No. 33 – November 2016:  T8 vs T12 florescent bulbs.  When will hoyas bloom?