2018-2019 Issues

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Each issue features new or sale items listed on our catalog, notices of upcoming events and important dates, and cultural information and advice.  Also, fun contests and prize winners.  Back issues can be seen here.

Though content is same, appearance here differs from the original newsletter (the format is somewhat different).  Issues here are in pdf format and can easily be printed out.

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Brief highlights of each issue shown below:

No. 47 – January 2018: Care and repotting of Primulina.
No. 48 – February 2018:  Symptoms of overwatering.  Florescent lighting comparisons.
No. 49 – March 2018:  The icy grip of winter.  Leaf cuttings. What’s that white residue on leaves?  Dealing with Episcia stolons.
No. 50 – April 2018:  New listings of Saintpaulia species.  Rochester GardenScape review.  When and how to repot African violets.  Growing Kohleria.
No. 51 – May 2018:  Preview of AVSA convention.  Plantlets growing beneath soil surface.  Drooping outer leaves.
No. 52 – June 2018:  Highlights of AVSA convention show.  Potting up violets into larger pots–removing soil, grooming beforehand.
No. 53 – July 2018:  Gesneriad Society convention show.  Plants wilting after repotting.  Rooting leaves without stems.
No. 54 – August 2018:  Difficulty growing variegated miniatures in cooler temperatures.  Pruning of small houseplants.
No. 55 – September 2018:  Can I resuscitate my Sinningia?  Violets in self-watering pots–can the soil be allowed to dry?
No. 56 – October 2018:  Adding drainage material to bottom of pot–is it necessary?  How close together should violets be grown?  How to tell if soil is dry enough to water.
No. 57 – November 2018:  Making extra cuts in leaves for propagation.  Violets growing crowded with bunched leaves–how to prune or thin out foliage.
No. 58 – December 2018:  Is “mother leaf” necessary for plants to develop?  Can it be reused in propagation?

No. 59 – January 2019:  How much cold will violets tolerate?  Proper wick size for pots.
No. 60 – February 2019:  Judging proper watering amount.  Propagating–why are leaves rotting?
No. 61 – March 2019:  Growing a violet in water–repotting in soil?  Repotting violet with long neck–is rooting hormone needed?
No. 62 – April 2019:  How often to repot violets?  Bagging violets after repotting.  Repotting Episcias–removing leaves and stolons?
No. 63 – May 2019:  Opinions on foliar feeding.  Proper lighting for terrarium.
No. 64 – June 2019:  AVSA Convention show highlights.  How to prune African violets.  Removing spent Streptocarpus blooms.  Wick watering Streptocarpus.
No. 65 – July 2019:  Gesneriad Society convention show highlights.  Pruning and repotting overgrown trailing violets.  Light meters and how much light is needed for African violets.
No. 66 – August 2019:  Renovations at Violet Barn.  Unusual houseplant–Hedera helix ‘Willie’.  Self watering pots and fungus gnats.  Using perlite and vermiculite in soil.
No. 67 – September 2019:  Ceropegia linearis.  Removing glasshouse at Violet Barn.  Unusual houseplant–Ficus ‘Lance Leaf’.  Resuscitating an overheated violet.  What’s a ‘soilless’ mix?
No. 68 – October 2019:  Great reference book: You Can Grow African Violets.  More on glasshouse removal.  Unusual houseplant–Microphylla heteroclita.  Growing violets in a fish tank.  Problems getting self watering pots to process water.
No. 69 – November 2019:  Unusual houseplant–Streptocarpus thompsonii.  Way are centers on violets turning dry and grey, and new buds dying?
No. 70 – December 2019:  Young violet growers at the Charter School of Applied Technologies.  Unusual houseplant– Polypodium aureum Mandaianum.  Why are there patches on my African violet’s leaves?  How to keep miniature violets small.