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Each issue features new or sale items listed on our catalog, notices of upcoming events and important dates, and cultural information and advice.  Also, fun contests and prize winners.  Back issues can be seen here.

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Brief highlights of each issue shown below:

No. 71 – January 2020: Construction of new “green room”.  Unusual plant–Pedilanthus tithymoides.  Restarting an old violet–how much of a stem to leave?  When will it bloom?
No. 72 – February 2020:  Charming plant–Sinningia glazioviana.  Dealing with mealy bugs–identifying and treating.
No. 73 – March 2020:  CT Flower and Garden Show.  Charming plant–Peperomia minima.  Suckers, and dividing a multicrowned African violet.  Do all violets develop “necks”?
No. 74 – April 2020:  Dealing with Covid-19 and the lockdown.  Fungus gnats–cause and treatment.  Streptocarpus not blooming–effect of heat and watering.
No. 75 – May 2020:  Toilet paper…and violets.  Thrips–identifying, symptoms of, and treatment.
No. 76 – June 2020:  AVSA “virtual” show.  Mold on soil surface.  Blossom colors on African violets and how they are described.
No. 77 – July 2020:  The shelves are bare!  New pots for smaller plants.  Browning of leaves and buds on violets.  How to get Episcia to bloom and should I let stolons grow?
No. 78 – August 2020:  Kohlerias are back!  Shipping delays due to Covid-19.  Unusual, charming plant–Nautilocalyx pemphidius.  Identifying and dealing with “suckers” on violets.  When should I remove damaged leaves on my violet?
No. 79 – September 2020:  Introduction to Pearcea.  Identifying a “neck” on violets and how to remedy.  Can “wicking” soil be too wet?  Ingredients of potting mixes for self-watering pots.
No. 80 – October 2020:  Basics of artificial light and choosing bulbs–what kind, how bright, and how to use?  Violet leaves growing downwards.  How long does a violet take to bloom?
No. 81 – November 2020:  Remodeling of Violet Barn shop and main growing area.  Symptoms of overwatering–identifying and correcting.  Violet potted too loosely in soil.
No. 82 – December 2020:  Discolored leaves–what is normal and not.  Flowers appearing on very short blossom stems.