Sulphur use for powdery mildew

QuestionWhat’s that yellow stuff that you keep brushing on your violets?

Answer:  The “yellow stuff” that this visitor to our shop was referring to was powdered sulfur.  It is our way of controlling powdery mildew, which seems to be a problem for us in spring and fall.  Powdered sulfur is our way of eliminating mildew on a violet without having to spray our entire collection with more toxic chemicals.  Since it’s our practice to regularly brush the leaves of our violets when we groom them, it’s not that much more work for us.  We keep a small jar of it at our side, and when we see a plant with powdery mildew, we dip the brush tip into the jar, getting just a very small amount of sulfur, gently tap the brush onto the leaves, then brush off.  It kills the mildew on contact, and keeps it from returning to the treated areas. 

We should mention that we’ve tried the method of simply placing containers of sulfur amongst the plants, but found this to be of no use.  It must be applied to the plants to be effective.  Where to get it?  As your local pharmacist.  A lifetime supply can usually be gotten for just a few dollars.

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