Customer comments and feedback

We ship out thousands of orders, and tens of thousands of plants, each year.  We take pride in the fact that we send healthy, well-grown and groomed, plants.  These are carefully wrapped and boxed and shipped out as soon as possible–more than 90% of orders are shipped within a matter of days of our receiving them.

We guarantee safe delivery of all orders, and healthy, properly labeled, and true-blooming plants.  On occasion (about 1 in every 100 orders), we’ll have to make good on our guarantee.  Sometimes, plants perish in weather that’s too hot or cold, sometimes the post office “squashes” a box and, sometimes, we’re to blame for poor packaging or clerical mistakes.  In such cases, we’ll reship plants, issue a credit, or refund money as needed.

In any event, we always try to please and look for ways to improve our growing, shipping, or service.

Need to contact us? You can send us an email, or if you need an immediate answer to your question, you can contact us by phone (585-374-8592) during normal business hours (12-5 pm EST).

If you are having problems with a plant or need advice on plant care, we suggest contacting us by phone, since an informed diagnosis will require discussing the condition of the plant, your growing environment, and the like.  You can also email a photo of the problem plant(s) with a description of the problem and its care and environment.  We suggest using the information provided in the “plant care” pages of this site before calling us, since many answers can be found there.

Here’s a few of the unsolicited comments recently made by some of our customers.  All appear precisely as written, without editing.  So that the page doesn’t become too lengthy, we only reprint those received during the last 12 months.  

The “compliments”:  Some of our recent satisfied customers speak…

From Terry, in KS
I just shared pictures of your violets on my Facebook plants lovers group. You might be getting a lot of interest from Kansas.  My plants arrived in perfect condition. I’m very pleased. March 27, 2020

From Taylor, in TX
Just wanted to reach out and let you know that my order arrived safe and sound. And I am absolutely thrilled with the care your company took into packaging them and including the page with tips and info on how to care for my new plants! Really appreciate it and will be recommending your company to all of my friends and will probably ordering some as gifts in the future!  March 26, 2020

From Janet,
Thank you for your special effort in making my mother’s memorial service complete.
The violets are beautiful and many people commented on them. I know you went above and beyond to get them to me in time for the service and my family and I can’t thank you enough. March 2, 2020

From Kathy, in CA
Thank you so much for the amazing packing. According to the invoice, three people initialed my order before shipment. Amazing! I’ve been growing African Violets for years (yes, in the desert), and I’m always on the lookout for unusual varieties. I will be back. February 28, 2020

From Len, in OH
I wanted to reach out and let you know the shipment of 5 ferns I just received was amazing. These specimens are more than I expected at an extremely reasonable price.  February 20, 2020

From Kelly, in NH
I just wanted to let you know that I am so very impressed with your products!  I have a pretty big collection of orchids and tropicals and I have dealt with many online sellers! You have, far and away, the best packing system I’ve ever seen! And thank you for the brochure of the  And let’s not forget about the plants! Another winner!!!! Outstanding! February 13, 2020

From Anne C,
My sister sent me pictures this morning with the happiest note “best gift ever!” As always you and your staff did a terrific job and the plants are gorgeous. You made her 65th birthday very special and I am so grateful. Thank you very, very much! Wishing you all an early beautiful spring. February 13, 2020

From Jeanette, in NY
I just finished unpacking my BEAUTIFUL shipment of African Violets from you. I am stunned and delighted to silence, which is a rare condition for loquacious me. Thank you so very much for the unique and beautiful selection, Thank you for packing them so well and beautifully, they looked like a Japanese art form. I have never seen anything like it and besides Violets,  I have been growing orchids and getting them shipped for 38 years.
No other vendor comes close to the way you package your shipments, no one. I have never experienced the care you took to pack my shipment. I cannot imagine how long it took you to pack them up, but it took me 2 1/2 hours to unpack and inspect. I am so happy; I am so pleased. Worth every penny. I took pictures and am sending them to all my plant loving friends. Thank you again. Thank you so much! January 20, 2020

Eileen, in CA
Thanks so much! We received this order today and are so excited we loaded up our cart again with more plants tonight!! Thanks again for the lovely plants!!  We are soooo pleased with the new pant babies!! January 30, 2020

From Casey, in KY
I just wanted to take a minute to send you guys a message. I am 100% thrilled with my package. The packaging is impeccable. Each plant appears perfect. I order a lot of plans online or on Facebook because most of my local places don’t offer the type of begonias or other plants and tropicals that I like. So with that being said, you all have the best packing and shipping I’ve seen. Most of my experiences have been good, only a couple bad experiences with shipping. But your all‘s packaging is 100% better than any other that I’ve seen. So I just wanted to send a message to say thank you it means a lot I don’t have a lot of money to spend on plants but usually extra money that I get, I do and so every penny counts. I’m glad that my money was insured with your all‘s perfect plants and packing. Thank you so much. January 16, 2020

From Sue,
My mom’s violets arrived at her home in Florida yesterday and she was so excited! They are perfect! Thank you so much… we look forward to many years of beauty! January 9, 2020

From Mary, in AL
I purchased five African Violets a year ago. Was concerned how my plants would look when they arrived by mail. When they arrived I as pleasantly surprised at packing of each violet which ensured that my plants were in very good condition. These plants after one year are large healthy plants that has bloomed several times. I love these plants. Now I want more. Great hobby for me. January 2, 2020

From Mishka,
Just wanted to send a big THANK YOU! You’re website even allowed me to pay from a European bank account. I’m outside the country and have been for years. I’m in the middle of a political mess, currently unable to leave the country I’m in. My mother was very happy to receive the violets and said they were packed in an “indestructible way”. November 23, 2019

From Debby, in CA
Oh my gosh! I just received these beautiful little African Violets and they are wonderful! You packed them all so nicely and I can’t thank you enough! I have some old fashioned tea cups that they are going to be so happy in. Thank you so much! November 20, 2019

From Genevieve, in FL
Thank You!  My third order and again, it arrived impeccably packed, everything in perfect condition. As it came Express Priority it arrived overnight – all the way from cold NY state to warm Florida and not a leaf out of place, every plant perky and beautiful! Totally worth the extra $ for Express.  Violet Barn and these beautiful little plants have totally won my heart! November 15, 2019

From Laura, in WI
Received my new little babies – all arrived in perfect condition and healthy in spite of being delivered during our first snow of the year. Only casualty was 1 broken leaf on an otherwise thriving plant. Thank you for the care you took in packing them all in little paper blankets and then bundling the group up in a padded silver foil bag protected with bubble wrap and then set into the box. I’m excited to see how they grow and what the blooms will look like when they arrive. I see Rob’s Boolaroo arrived with a bud up and almost ready to open. November 10, 2019

From Donna, in TX
Thanks ever so much for again sending clear planters as they all match.  I LOVE all the violets I received.  thx also for the special free one!!  All four are vigorous proven bloomers.  November 7, 2019

From Marion, in CT
I just received my plants in excellent condition. They are beautiful with one blooming. Thanks so much for your careful packing. I am looking forward to seeing all of them blooming and bringing me joy. I will be ordering again and referring you to my friends. November 7, 2019

From Marielle, in Quebec
I would like to thank you and your staff for the excellent service you gave us. The flowers were fantastic and received in perfect state (the packaging was excellent). You demonstrate kindness and patience toward us, our English is kind of deficient and my knowledge about flowers is very limited. You are a true professional Thank you. Hoping to re-order from Violet Barn in the near future. October 31, 2019

From Carolyn, in NC
Just wanted to thank you for both of my recent orders. Both of them were received in good shape. The first order had six broken leaves, but today’s order only had two. I think your packing of the plants is wonderful and the plants are very healthy. The plants in my first order of about a month ago have already doubled in size. Just wanted to give your workers a pat on the back!!!!! October 19, 2019

From Genevieve, in FL
What a treat, opening a perfectly packed box and finding such exquisite plants in lovely condition!  I am new at this and had never seen miniature or trailing African Violets. I am delighted. I started with six of your AVs – mini, trailing, and standard, and will be ordering more and will never buy anywhere else. The separate order of ceramic and plastic pots is also very pleasing.  October 18, 2019

From Colleen,
I am so pleased to say I received my order today of 10 beautiful, intact African violets and I couldn’t be happier! I’ve already recommended your company to the mail delivery lady! She was very interested in your violets.  September 26, 2019

From Sue, in MI
All your Violets look beautiful, and I can’t wait to save enough money to order a few. I’ve been telling lots of people about you all and my sister ordered from you and got her plants several days ago. She was very pleased. I do have a question, wondering if you would suggest the best fertilizer for Violets. I see so many and would like to try something new. I have about 10 Violets, but would love to have more.  September 27, 2019

From Sandra, in Ontario
Just received my violets order this afternoon and wanted to thank you for the extreme are taken in packing the little guys. Only had one small casualty – one broken leaf, but everything else was perfect.  It is always such a concern when shipping fragile plants, and especially all the way to Canada, so it was such a pleasure to receive everything intact. August 23, 2019

From Barbara, in KY
I received my order today and wanted to thank you so much for the great packaging and plants not damaged. I order a lot of house plants and you are by far the best in getting my plants here safe and sound. Thank you for your time at processing my order.I have another order coming; can’t wait. August 22, 2019

From Connie, in AR
I recieved my order on August 16th. The plants arrived in perfect condition.the Episcia was in bloom currently the species violets are in bloom. I will most definitely order from you again. August 20, 2019

From Tracy, in WV
I would like to thank you for helping me through an African violet crisis last summer. I am certain you wouldn’t remember the phone call, but I had purchased three of your miniature African violets prior to leaving on vacation. They were all healthy and beautiful when I left. But when I returned, Rob’s Dodo Bird had nothing but three leaves remaining (through no fault of Violet Barn). You kindly and patiently talked me through the procedure for creating a “little spade” in an attempt to propagate what was left in hopes of saving the plant.  I am happy to attach a picture of the two delicate little plants that I now have. It has taken quite a while and they have not bloomed yet, but the leaves alone make this plant special. Thank you, Rob and everyone at the Violet Barn, for the excellent service you provide and for the quality of plants you sell.  July 19, 2019

From Allyn,
You always send me such beautiful and healthy plants. Thank you so much; I sincerely appreciate it. July 2, 2019

From Barbara, in NY
I was so happy with my first order from the Violet Barn, the adorable mini violets were packed So well and looked so healthy~ I can’t wait to place my next order and am trying to plan a trip upstate to see all of Your beauties in person. July 1, 2019

From Peggy, in VA
Thank you so very much for my lovely violets. I received 3 orders this week, all from professional sellers. Yours was the most carefully wrapped of all. No damage. Plants just as pictured. You are the pros.  June 16, 2019

From Debbie, in TN
Just opened my box of PLANTS!!!!?? I just have to say THANK YOU! This is the best box of PLANTS I have ever ordered!! You guys are great at packing plants. I was just speechless. The packing of each tiny plant was just amazing. Who does this these days, now how can I get them to grow?? Do u have a website that will help me with these beautiful plants. I heard they like to be put in shallow pots. Thanks for all of your CARE IN PACKING these!! Have a great week!  June 7, 2019

From Carol, in WA
Thank you, Rob & staff for the lovely little sinningias. They are a new type of plant for me, but I have confidence drawing on the experience that I’ve had with Violet Barn when ordering African violets & streptocarpus in past years. Healthy plants, superior packing & great web site are recipe for success for a beginner like me! Thanks! May 26, 2019

From Michael, in NY
My order was delivered today and again I am delighted with my purchase.  I ordered 50 African Violet’s last September for my wedding and they were just perfect The Violet barn will always be my go to for my plant needs.  May 9, 2019

From Jerry,
For the third time (I believe . . not sure . . maybe the fourth? . . getting older . . .), my order has arrived in EXCELLENT CONDITION. Your packing methods and people must be congratulated! Never had a bad shipment! Always love the plants! Thank you many times over – a true fan! May 6, 2019

From Terri, in PA
I just had to write to tell you how pleased I was to get my order. It has taken me a week to do so but “better late than never”, so they say.  When my (and my mother’s) plants arrived from you they were wrapped within a box that guaranteed that they weren’t going to move nor get harmed. That is an amazing setup that you use. Kudos to you!!! I purchased our 1st mini from you. It’s so adorable, if I can say that about a plant!! Your plants are very healthy too! Because of these factors, I will be switching from the only vendor I’ve purchased from, over to you from now on. May 5, 2019

From Paul, in HI
Thank you very much for your expertise in packing my order.  It  was a long trip from New York to Hawaii, yet not a single leaf was damaged!  April 22, 2019

From Rosanne, in OH
I am so pleased with my first order from you guys! The miniatures are too cute for words – and a beautiful variety was sent in my “growers choice”! The standard will be fun to watch. And the miniature AV pots in Parisian red – perfect! Oo la la! I will review each as they acclimate and thrive. For now, thank you! April 20, 2019

From Robbie, in OH
I would like to thank you for such wonderful service and beautiful plants. The violets  arrived at my neice’s in Florida and are nice healthy plants and some already have buds forming. I would certainly recommend the Violet Barn to others and truly appreciate you fantastic customer service. April 12, 2019

From Virginia, in IN
My violets arrived packed very very carefully I am so anxious for them to grow and bloom. This was my first order from you and I will order again. So excitng!!! They were my 78th
birthday present to myself. Thank you.  March 30, 2019

From Anne, in MD
I’m so impressed with my first order!!! Thank you. This was a birthday gift to myself and I  have to say I was beyond charmed at how well everything was packed. Whoever creates the perfect little newsprint cocoons is an artist. And my goodness-such healthy gems each plant looks as they emerged from these protective pockets. I am already planning another order as I’m beyond pleased with my first. February 14, 2019

From Sally, in CO
My order came in January to Colorado.  Was I thinking when I placed this order? No!
They arrived quickly and were packaged with so much love.  All arrived safely. I would and will continue to purchase through your company. Thank you so much for offering unique terrarium plants. Letting your love for plants show even in the care of packing is a complete package for me. February 7, 2019

From Justin, in OK
My plants arrived today and they are perfect! Thank you for an awesome ordering experience. I will be ordering more very soon! February 6, 2019

From Sandi, in VA
Thank you Rob, Lucy and Staff at Violet Barn. The order arrived in excellent condition as always. I appreciate how well you package the flowers and the time and thought that went into sending this and all of your orders. I cannot thank you enough for delivering beauty and joy into my life. Thank you, I always enjoy these wonderful flowers.  January 25, 2019

From Jackie, in VA
I just saw the comments from Jan in NH and, as her 89 year old mother, I just want to add how delighted I was with all the violets! Several in bloom and all so healthy and ready to grow—probably due to the wonderful packaging that protected them from the winter weather. (I came back to the site to get more information on planting the miniatures in terrariums which is my “project for the day”. January 12, 2019

From Audrey, in AR
I just wanted to let you know my prayers for safe arrival of my order via USPS
priority in freezing weather were all answered. My violets, streptocarpus and begonia arrived in perfect condition.  I can’t thank you enough for your excellent packaging and insulation. It made a big difference by turning a stressful day into feeling like I got out of
school early for the day. I am grateful for your care in shipping and to all the USPS drivers who kept the box moving forward. I expect many years of enjoyment for myself and my co-workers. So grateful!  January 11, 2019

From Win, in AR
Today, Fri. Jan. 11th we received our order of four African Violet plants from The Violet Barn. The plants arrived with no broken leaves. They were neat, with an orderly appearance. Thanks to your employees who packaged the plants so to make the trip from New York to Arkansas, in the dead of winter, and arrive in Great Condition. We have ordered African Violets before, from The Violet Barn, and always pleased with your service. January 11, 2019

From Jan, in NH
I gave my mother a gift certificate for Christmas and she received her order yesterday. She is so pleased! I’ve been giving her gifts for over 50 years (she’s 89), and I think this may have been her favorite. I’m forwarding her message, so you can enjoy it. Thank you!  January 5, 2019




…and some “constructive” criticism:  Yes, we sometimes get complaints–we guarantee safe delivery on all orders and occasionally need to process a refund or send a replacement plant (our average is about 1 in every 100 orders).  We haven’t printed these.  These are the more specific complaints/comments that customers have made–we reprint them so that we have a chance to explain, improve our work and, perhaps, avoid similar problems in the future…..

From Laura, in TX
I have ordered from you twice, the first order was beautiful strong plants, most of which were in some stage of bloom. My most recent order was 5 plants, all of which were quite small, actually probably a year from blooming and some so small they did not make the trip well and I am still trying to revive them.  I don’t know what you do in this scenario, but someone who pays over $10 per plant should receive a strong, medium sized and healthy plant. Please advise on what if anything you can do to remedy the situation.  August 2, 2019  Our reply:  Sorry for your disappointment. Two of plants ordered were miniature, so should be small. Others were standard size. They were smaller than what we normally ship, as all of the standards ordered were either the last in stock or nearly so (had none larger to ship). All will grow and bloom FAR in advance of a year–under our conditions probably within 6-8 weeks. 

From Carol,
This is my first time ordering from you and I can’t say it has been pleasant.  One order after placed came back saying 2 of the plants are no longer available.  Now an order I thought had gone through came back as cancelled because I ordered a plant and a pot. I ordered a magazine which said it had a free plant with it.  Not sure what I am getting.  Must say I’m disappointed.  June 9, 2019  Our reply:  Glazed pots must be ordered and shipped separately from plants (they would crush plants in box).  This is stated on website.  Paypal creates issues since it takes you off of site for payment, in which time it removes the last of an item from inventory.  This is an issue with Paypal, and will not occur if you are ordering using a credit card on our site.  Paypal also prevents us from adding the additional shipping for the glazed pots to the order.  A free plant is added to plant order when AVSA membership is purchased from site.  Since we did not want so send such a small partial order, issue a refund to you paypal account for items not shipped or send you what you did not want, and could not adjust shipping for what was ordered, we cancelled the order.  You may reorder if you wish (separately for pots and plants).

From Mary Ann,
Have received the 2 plants ordered from you. I am disappointed and  surprised to see that the leaves on the streptocarpus, Bristol’s white lily, were damaged. One of the leaves were trimmed at the end (due to what looked like damaged) and the other leaf had splits on its sides.  The Irish Flirt violet was very small, and had no flower buds. I am very surprised and disappointed in the quality of your plants. For what I paid for these plants, I would have thought I would have gotten nicer plants, especially without damage to them.  Our reply:  The leaves on the streptocarpus were intentionally trimmed.  We need to do this to properly pack the plants–strep leaves can be long and they need to fit properly in the box.  As for the Irish Flirt, it is a young plant.  It is healthy and will bloom.  We had many of this variety in bloom a few weeks ago, but sold them all and now have only younger plants to ship.  We cannot promise all plants will be sent in bloom all the time.

From Daniela, in NJ
I kept an eye out for the postman to make sure that when he dropped it off I would bring it right in.  I believe the plants you sent were too immature for shipping.  Well, they all died.  I have grown plants for many years, this has never happened to me.  February 4, 2019  Our reply:  Sorry this occured.  Looking at your order, the plants shipped were more than mature enough to ship (two were miniatures, both about to bloom).  The issue was the weather–it is very cold here and in NJ when shipped.  This is why we can only guarantee safe arrival via Express mail in winter (you chose priority mail).  This is stated on every page of our shopping cart, as well as in our order confirmation. In particular, see the “priority or express mail?” page for a full explanation.

From Cindy, in IL
Be very careful when ordering in the winter. Their website isn’t the greatest and when I clicked on shipping it gave choices. I picked most economical and lost 3 out of five plants to cold damage. They should only offer express shipping.  January 24, 2019  Our reply:  It is not our decision to make, nor money to spend!  We do recommend Express shipping on EVERY page of our site, prominently highlighted and displayed on the home page, and on multiple places on the checkout page.  Then remind customers again in their order confirmation.  Many customers choose priority mail without problems, but it IS riskier–again, not our decision to make or money to spend.



  • I have ordered twice. The plants are very expensive, look wonderful on the website and are very small and sparse compared to the pictures . The first order never thrived and was dead in a few months. The second order was dead in a week. The company was very defensive when I complained. It’s a scam.

    • No scam. As one can see if they look through our web pages, we are VERY clear and upfront about everything–what is shipped and how, when, etc. Of course, pictures are of plants grown out to maturity that look their best–we clearly state that we cannot ship them that size (there’s no way we can fit a plant like that in the box!)–growing them is up to you! We promise safe arrival (by express if in winter), and if you have difficulties growing them after arrival, we are always available by phone or email for advice, consultation, etc. We cannot promise plants will live forever after you receive them–their care is in your hands once received. We can offer advice, however.

  • Thanks for the advice on using physan, my plants are recovering well from the fungus here in Waco Texas. I appreciate your help!

  • I placed an order with freebie and it doesn’t show on invoice 191017-132212-7283. This is the second time I placed a comment and no freebie shows up.

    • The free plant won’t appear on the order when you place it, but should in our order confirmation. Be sure to follow every one of the steps–these can be seen by clicking on the “smiling stars” on the shopping cart homepage. Be sure you “submit” the review after you write it.

  • Elizabeth Mills

    I received my plant yesterday. No damage found, but I was very disappointed. The plant was tiny and had no blooms— just a label on the side that says what it is supposed to be. I guess I will just have to wait and see. Definitely NOT worth the price of the plant or the shipping.

    • You ordered one plant. Had we had one in bloom, we would have sent it. We had none in bloom for this variety–we cannot promise sending all plants in bloom. We grow thousands of plants and not all of them are blooming simultaneously. The largest plants we ship are in 2.5″ pots, the size you received. This is the largest we can safely package and ship through them mail. We have larger plants, often in bloom, for visitors to our shop, but these are too large to safely ship. This is all explained on our “terms and conditions” page, including photos of plants we typically ship.

    • My violet grew beautifully and finally bloomed. I had ordered a red violet. I received one that now has deep maroon flowers, NOT red. Still disappointed and will not purchase another plant from your store.

    • Understood. Unfortunately, African violets do not come in “true” red–simply not genetically possible at this time. The varieties we describe as “red” are as red as they come.

  • My African Violets arrived today. I commend the way you packaged your plants. No damage whatsoever. I just noticed a couple plants has brown discoloration on their leaves (i.e. White Cradle, Son of Hellos, Gieselle, and Pink Watercolor). I am not sure if this is natural for these species. Some of the plants have little buds. In reading the re-potting instructions from your website, I believed it’s time to re-pot these babies in a 4″ pot. Already getting excited to see these babies bloom.

    All the reviews are true. You guys are amazing. I am going to post the pics on Facebook and tag you.

    Thank you very much

  • I came across your web sight while searching for African Violets and WOW so many to choose from. Couldn’t decide right then, waited a few days, came back to place my order. I went with the special 5 different trailing varieties, mostly because I couldn’t decide, but when I went to place in the cart one that had caught my eye earlier it was sold out, I wish now that I hadn’t waited. All arrived in fantastic shape, even had some buds on one, it is now open and so pretty. All are doing well, planning on placing another order.
    Fantastic job, thanks so very much !

  • Cherith Haupert

    I love the plant collections at Violet Barn. My favorites are the mini and trailing violets, but especially the streptocarpus. Most bloom continuously and bring so much joy to my indoor gardening.

  • I’m a relative newbie and had purchased 3-4 violets.. all are doing well. Received timely and in perfection condition. I also purchased soil and that was packaged well. The only AV that didn’t survive was a yellow variety (I don’t recall the name).. I’m not sure why. And I tried to revive, replant – a few times.. but it had root rot and I was unable to save it . I am ordering 2 more today as I really enjoy the little yellow plants! Thanks again!

  • I just received my package yesterday and I am so so pleased with my order! I Purchased an African violet called in. The one that I got was so gorgeous with big huge healthy leaves and the packing was unbelievable. I was so impressed. I will Always purchase from the violet Barn. Thank you so much

  • I ordered 7 violets in the dead of winter. After they were shipped we had a spell of bad weather and the shipment was delayed en route. I was sure they would be killed. But your packaging and insulation were amazing. They were in great shape, but I waited awhile to see if there was any damage that wasn’t readily apparent. Nope. Its been a month and they are thriving. lots of new growth, one is even blooming. I’m really thrilled with the health and condition of these plants and with your great packaging and shipping. It was pricy doing the expedited shipping but well worth it to receive such happy plants. Thanks.

  • I had a white with blue border single flowering African Violet that was my favorite of several varieties. It had gotten quite old and had a long rambling stem. I started a new plant from a leaf and when it was growing well, I tossed out the old plant. I was dismayed to find out that the new plant produced dark purple flowers. I’ve read your instructions on how to propogate using suckers and flower stems and will use that method in the future. I am still trying to find another plant to replace the one I lost. I’m 90% sure it is “Blue Border” by Rienhardt. Does anyone have any advice on how to track one down?

    • Multicolor varieties are, by nature, sometimes unstable. We’ve never grown this variety and wouldn’t know where to find it. It is a very old variety, so this may be difficult to replace.

  • I’m so impressed with my first order!!! Thank you. This was a birthday gift to myself and I have to say I was beyond charmed at how well everything was packed. Whoever creates the perfect little newsprint cocoons is an artist. And my goodness-such healthy gems each plant looks as they emerged from these protective pockets. I am already planning another order as I’m beyond pleased with my first.

  • You guys are the bomb!! I live in Chicago and we are having the coldest weather ever – it is -23 degrees today and still dropping. I ordered some violets and used the express mail as recommended. The plants were packed yesterday and shipped out. I recieved them within 24 hrs almost on the dot. The plants were so well wrapped in paper, then insulation, surrounded by bubble wrap and then a silver heat/cool type wrap all in a box. I was nervous, but the plants were perfectly fine. Not cold at all. They look wonderful as promised. You guys know your business. I will be back for more. Thank you.

  • My first order of 7 African violets arrived in perfect shape. I was amazed at how healthy and robust each plant is. Several are already in bloom and others have buds ready to open almost any day now. I am extremely pleased with my first plant order and look forward to trying other varieties in the future.

  • Christina Plaisance

    I just received my two African Violets. Not only do they look fabulous, but they were so carefully packaged.
    Thanks for your effort in making sure that I received them in such great condition!

  • Tony Castineiras

    Great plants at very good prices. Amazing shipping technique. Fast delivery. All eight plants have arrived in perfect conditions. I have left specific reviews for each plant in the catalogue section.
    Thank you guys, you are the best!

  • A few years ago I bought 2 African violets from you. One is a Russian hybrid called Cherry Blizzard. I have to say, I never expected it to grow as it has! The leaves are huge! Several are 3″ across. The plant measures 18″ across! And the beautiful deep color of the flowers is breath taking.
    The other is a Blue Turtle. It is not as large as the Russian, but the blue flowers are so pretty.
    My violets are kept where they get both light sunlight and artificial light.
    I will be ordering more violets from the Violet Barn! How could I not! Thank you.

  • I have always enjoyed doing business with Violet Barn and hope one day to be able to make a visit. The plants I have received over the last three years have thrived and continue to bloom. Whenever I have had questions, I have always gotten prompt, courteous and helpful assistance. I look forward to receiving this new order. I never doubt my ordered plants will arrive healthy and ready to give me years of pleasure to my growing violet collection!

  • I ordered the 5 species special, and they came today: absolutely perfect! They are the picture of health. As far as I’m concerned, the species have the most beautiful foliage. Thank you!

  • Thanks so much for so carefully packing my order! My 6 African violets arrived almost unscathed—only one broken leaf. Considering they traveled clear across the country, I’m quite pleased. I’m excited that a couple of the plants have buds. Thank you, too, for the free plant, LE Hydrangea.

  • Hello,

    I ordered “Rob’s Twinkle Blue” from you almost two years ago and while the plant has had lovely green foliage, this week is the first time it has bloomed! I am so excited. It’s beautiful. I live in Utah and am currently growing my tender plants (like African Violets and begonias) in terrariums, as we often have relative humidity in the single digits. Thank you so much for the plants I have ordered from you. They are a joy.

  • Just received my order and am so impressed. The plants look very healthy and will order more. Thank you!

  • Hello, I received my healthy violets today and they were packaged very well. I am very excited to see them in bloom. My only disappointment was that there was no “freebie” included and I gave a revue.

    • Sorry, we missed this. We owe you an extra one on your next order–remind us of this when ordering.

  • I have ordered many times and every time is a great experience. Even when one package arrived with the violets all too cold to live, were replaced. I love calling in and speaking with Rob. It’s like talking to a friend. I just received my order and it was perfect. One is already in bloom. My coveted Happy Harold.. I plan on ordering many more in the future. Thank you again for making me a happy customer!

  • So excited to find the Violet Barn! Such beautiful plants & a wealth of information on their website! I am a forever customer

  • This was the first time I have ordered from you and was amazed at the care taken in packing. I have a large mailbox and my carrier managed to stuff the square priority box into it. After trying to extricate the box for nearly 10 minutes, finally had to go back to the house for a knife. Had to cut the box open to get it out ! I was not hopeful. But once back in the house I cut the box the rest of the way open and found the four violets unharmed, one even has buds about to pop open. Thank you so much for your care in packing these delicate plants. I will definitely be ordering again.

  • Hello again, I have a question about Kohleria. You show a photo of an ,”overgrown” plant with several long stems. Couldn’t you grow it as a hanging plant and leave the branches on? That plant would probably break off because it’s used to growing upright, but if I grew it as a hanger from the beginning, wouldn’t it be alright?

    • You could let it grow as a “hanging” basket. If not pruned, rolled, or rerotted, the stems will grow long, weak, and spindly. Eventually, their weight will make them lay down or over the edge of a pot. In the wild, this is how they spread–tall plants will lay down on the soil surface, then root. An “attractive” appearance is in the eye of the beholder, though. We prefer the bushy, upright, habit, since you’ll get a fuller look, and more blooms, that way.

  • i have a west facing covered front porch can i grow A.V. out side here in miami,florida.
    i also have a lot of ceramic orchid pots with a atached saucer,is this a ok pot to use..i know from years past that my moms A.V.were hard to grow indoors in Nashville,Tn

    • No reason it shouldn’t work, and no reason they won’t grow indoors well, if you can provide enough light.

  • I am so happy i found your company, my little darling violets are amazing, i am ready to order more
    the selection was great and the packing impeccable.

  • Thank you so much for your care in shipping your incredible violets to me. I absolutely LOVE them. They are doing so well with such a wonderful start from you. I have enjoyed watching them grow and now blooming. They make me smile everyday.

  • Hi,
    Just wanted to let you know I received my first order from you today – I couldn’t be more happy!
    Totally impressed with the packaging of the little plants – all five arrived safe and sound and look beautiful and healthy. I am especially tickled with the miniature AV, my first, will definitely be ordering more of these.
    Thank you for a wonderful online shopping experience!

  • I received my order one week ago and I’m thrilled to pieces! Of the 10 violets I received, 7 of them have buds ready to open in the next few days. The entire process from ordering to arrival was great, and the packaging is absolutely top notch. I can’t wait for my Streptocarpus to grow and bloom. Thank you again. I’m looking forward to my next order…so many choices!
    Best regards,

  • Hello, I was visiting the violet barn in person on Aug. 10th and it was a pleasure to meet you!! So far my plants are doing fine and they look great! I bought 5 of them and 3 of them started to give buds. Mountain Snow Cap is blooming beautifully! I appreciate you answering all my questions about these plants, you were very helpful to me and your soil mix is perfect. I plan to order more soon. I highly recommend anyone who is interested to use your soil mix. Don’t be afraid to order young plants because they seem to grow so fast! Thank you so much Olive! Have a great year! A++++++

  • I received my 5 trailing violets in May . Two had buds. They were so well packaged and arrived in the best condition. I have enjoyed watching them bloom and grow. I have told other friends about The Violet Barn. I just recently placed my second order of 3 more trailing violets. I just love their size and growth habit. My space is limited so this is wonderful to be able to add to my collection.

  • Received my order of 3 African violets today. Beautifully and safely packed – all three are completely undamaged and healthy. All are leafed out well with blooms already set on the Happy Harold and Cosmic Art. The 3rd one (Ma’s Crime Scene) is not yet blooming, but looks great. These folks did a good job and I plan to be back soon for another order. I rarely order plants through the mail as so much can happen to them and you never know what you may get. Violet Barn described their plants accurately, priced them fairly, and shipped well packed. What more can you ask for?

  • Theresa Bennett

    Just received my order and I am thrilled with the quality and health of the plants. One even had several blooms on it! I will be ordering again from the Violet Barn! Thank you so much.

  • DearRob& Olive. Just wanted to thank you and your crew for great looking plants. Well packed and not a broken leave❤️

  • My order arrived today (April 27th) and even though the mailman left the box on the porch (thankfully no sun in the afternoon) without ringing the doorbell to let me know, everything inside was just great. So carefully wrapped and such healthy looking plants. I am so looking forward to seeing these beautiful plants bloom and grow. Awesome service all around.

  • I recently purchased three African violets. When I received them I was extremely surprised at the quality. Beautiful plants and so healthy. The packaging was outstanding. Not a mark on the plant and packed so nicely. I am very pleased by your product and will come back again soon.

    Thank you.

  • I just received my Rob’s Bunny Hop. It’s an Adorable little plant. The packaging protected the plant so well that the flowers and buds were intact. It’s intended to be a gift, but I’m sorely tempted to keep it myself. My next planned project is a terrarium. I know where I’ll go to look for plants to put in it.
    Thank you so much. Best, Michael

  • Terrific plants and service! I ordered a few plants for a lecture I’m giving and they arrived in perfect condition, some even with flowers. Thanks again.

  • It has now been a month since my 10 plants arrived. I reviewed them Feb 2nd as an early Vday gift to myself.
    First off I want to say that you guys did a great job packaging them. They arrived to my post office in the middle of a blizzard too. I was worried they’d suffer from frostbite but the packaging was exquisite. I placed them into my indoor little greenhouse where a month later, I can proudly say that they all have buds with the exception of 1. For the price and quality of plants I got, this place is awesome! Thank you!

  • I received my 4th order this season…every one of the plants arrived beautifully healthy with not a bend or missing leaf. Amazing..I am in Love with The Violet Barn. Your selections are phenomenal….well, I do wish you had more Chiritas. Those are my most favorite plants you carry. Thank you very much Violet Barn.

  • Just received my order. The packaging was awesome; every streptocarpus undamaged; healthy.
    Thank you.
    Linda, Lexington, Missouri

  • I just received my order of 10 African Violets. The packaging kept the delicate plants safe all the way to Hawaii. Four of the plants arrived blooming. I am so impressed! Thank you!

  • Received my order of violet plants beginning of November. They are already 5-8 inches across and all have several buds. I planted them in your violet potting mix which I purchased previously and use the Dyno-Gro fertilizer on not only my violets but all my houseplants . I will not use any other fertilizer from now on. Love my plants I get from Violet Barn and will not order from anywhere else.

  • I am a first time customer who just received her first order. It was crazy to order plants when it is this cold (about 20˚) and pay winter shipping. My husband said wait, but I decided to give them to myself for Christmas. I was shocked by how lovingly they were packed and they arrived in good condition. Each plant has 4 or 5 good sized leaves and looks healthy. If you ever offer a violet that is so dark it looks almost black, let me know. I now have 21 different violets and would like a “black” one.

  • As before, the plants I ordered (5 streptocarpus and a little hoya) arrived in perfect condition. Your packaging is something far and above pretty much any nursery I’ve ever dealt with over the last 30+ years.
    In winter, I’m stuck with only an east window here in New Mexico, and streps are perfect here. Despite being tiny on arrival, I know that they will grow and thrive…Bristol’s Blue Bopper is already throwing a bud and the hoya is growing like crazy.
    Thanks so much!

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