Customer comments and feedback

We ship out thousands of orders, and tens of thousands of plants, each year.  We take pride in the fact that we send healthy, well-grown and groomed, plants.  These are carefully wrapped and boxed and shipped out as soon as possible–more than 90% of orders are shipped within a matter of days of our receiving them.

We guarantee safe delivery of all orders, and healthy, properly labeled, and true-blooming plants.  On occasion (about 1 in every 100 orders), we’ll have to make good on our guarantee.  Sometimes, plants perish in weather that’s too hot or cold, sometimes the post office “squashes” a box and, sometimes, we’re to blame for poor packaging or clerical mistakes.  In such cases, we’ll reship plants, issue a credit, or refund money (we need to do this on about 1 in every 200 or so orders).

In any event, we always try to please and look for ways to improve our growing, shipping, or service.

Need to contact us? You can send us an email, or a immediate answer to you question, it’s always best to contact us by phone (585-374-8592) during normal business hours (12-5 pm EST).

If you are having problems with a plant or need advice on plant care, we suggest contacting us by phone, since an informed diagnosis will require discussing the condition of the plant, your growing environment, and the like.  We also suggest using the information provided in the “plant care” pages of this site before calling us, since many answers can be found there.

Here’s a few of the unsolicited comments recently made by some of our customers.  All appear precisely as written, without editing.  So that the page doesn’t become too lengthy, we only reprint those received during the last 12 months.  

The “compliments”:  Some of our recent satisfied customers speak…

From Teresa, in CA
Thank you so much for doing such a great job and for my beautiful plants!!! It has been a a challenging year and growing and enjoying these plants is therapeutic for me. It may not seem like a big deal to you, but by doing what you do WITH excellence; you bring others joy. This is the first time I’ve ordered in winter and I was a bit nervous. But look at how these delicate healthy plants and their precarious little buds and blooms arrived!!! It’s amazing that they are packed so well that the bloom stalks aren’t broken off. It’s means a lot not to just get plants -but to get beautiful thriving ones! This may be the best order yet. Thank you everyone. January 13, 2018

From Jo and Dick, in FL
Just wanted you to know how thrilled we were with our recent order. Our babies arrived happy and healthy; perfectly packed and ready for the place prepared for them. Since this was an anniversary present for 70 yrs., yes 70 yrs of marriage, it was a delight for both my husband and myself. BTW, hubby is 94 and I am 88 and we love violets. December 22, 2017 

From Celina, in NC
Oh my wow! Got my shipment. Very very nice shipping. My plants arrived perfect. Appreciated. Will come back again. Merry Christmas. December 22, 2017

From Rita, in KY
My first order of 10 plants arrived in perfect shape on October 26, and now all the plants are blooming! The variety of the plants is so interesting, and all the flowers are beautiful. Thanks! December 21, 2017

From Heather, in NJ
Last night I received from you the 10 miniature plants I had ordered. I just want to let you know how grateful I am for the obvious love and care you put into them. I was apprehensive about placing the order. But the plants made it safe and sound, and they’re beautiful! I shared the experience with my friends on Facebook. I thought I’d let you know what I had to say. Here’s my post: I’m so excited about this, I want to share it with you. I ordered a bunch of tiny plants from a week or so ago, even though I was very nervous that it would be a waste of money. I couldn’t quite imagine how they would survive shipping in December, and I kept thinking of the time my Nan bought a mail order smoke tree and received a stick with about three crooked roots that after like seven years turned into something that resembled a miniature plum bush. I took a chance. Last night the package arrived. The plants were carefully wrapped with obvious love, and they all look healthy and beautiful! My imagination has been lost at play since. I have no doubt they will create wonderful fairy gardens! I definitely suggest the nursery and greatly appreciate their work.  December 8, 2017

From Rebecca, in AZ
I moved to New Hampshire from Arizona in August. The drive across country was long, but your African violets and Streptocarpus made it all the way from Arizona to New England. There is a lot less light in New England than Arizona, but your beautiful plants (see attached image) always make me happy each morning when I see them in the window. Thank you for all the joy that your plants bring. November 30, 2017

From Patricia, in MI
Thank you for my order! I like the ones you selected. I can tell you are a QUALITY company and look forward to ordering more streps as I perfect the growing technique. Thank you for the great packaging job. November 3, 2017

From Marta, in OH
I received my plant order today and I want to tell all of you what a GREAT JOB you do!!!! The packing to ship is just fantastic, and the plants arrived in perfect condition. I am so happy!! November 2, 2017

From Rita, in KY
My first order of 10 standard violets arrived yesterday. I am impressed at the care you take in wrapping each little plant and your careful packaging. Each plant arrived in perfect condition. It will be exciting to see them develop! October 27, 2017

From Sayoko, in Japan
I received my order yesterday. Thank you very much for shipping all the way to Japan!
The plants took seven days to arrive, but they look healthy and beautiful thanks to your excellent packaging. They have no buds, but I am very happy with the beautiful leaves of my miniature violets, particularly Chilly Willy! In Japan, it is difficult to get unusual varieties of African violets, so many African violet lovers just buy them from individuals on Internet auction sites at very expensive prices.  I really would like to thank the Violet Barn for shipping internationally. October 24, 2017

From Sybil, in FL
Just to let you know I received my order today and was delighted with the plants and their condition upon arrival. They were packed perfectly and not a leaf or a drop of soil left the pots. The leaves were perky and there were many buds on several. I will be ordering from you some more. What a pleasure dealing with a company like The Violet Barn. October 14, 2017

From Susan, in UT
I wanted to let you know that I received my order and I am absolutely thrilled. I love the variety of miniature violets I received. All the plants look healthy and the packaging was so well done. I’ll definitely be ordering from you again. Thanks SO much. October 13, 2017

From Chrissy, in HI
My shipment of African Violets arrived today & I could not be more pleased! The plants are healthy and they were well packaged. I only had 2 broken leaves & that is not a problem. They are on my windowsill with my hanging Hoya. Thank you for the care you took in packaging these beautiful plants. I will have so much fun taking care of them & watching them flourish. Double click on the photo below to get a larger picture. These are all in a northeast window here on Maui, Hawaii.  The Hoya loves it here & I’m sure the Violets will too. September 30, 2017

From Carrie, in TN
Hi there! First off let me just say WOW!!! I received the precious AVs today and I am seriously beyond satisfied. I took photographs as I opened the package, to show/tell friends that had asked me to tell them about my order. YALL SERIOUSLY ROCK!!! Perfectly shaped minis! So healthy and my Robs astro zombie was in Bloom! ( Lost three leaves but not worried, now I have a reason to propagate, no way Ill throw them away. ) Its so obvious looking at these beautiful healthy plants, y’all love what you do and care about TOP quality. With the careful way Y’all packed them, they could have survived shipping to the space station! To be honest with you, I had placed two orders that day. One to y’all, and one to (another vendor). All I can say is, One of these places is not like the other. Can you guess which place really let me down? Just wanted to thank you and let you know, that I will be promoting y’all to everyone I know! The absolute best Greenhouse! September 14, 2017

From Nancy, in NY
I want to Thank you for choosing such beautiful streps for my recent “let us chose 10 streps” special! I’ve only been offering from you for 2 months at most. I have utter confidence in your plants and you seem to delight in spoiling your customers!! I am thrilled to have your things and thank you once again, for selecting so many of your best for me! September 8, 2017

From Dru Anne, in TX
I just felt the need to let you know how completely satisfied I am with my new micromini sinningias!  The plants are in unbelievable conditions, and the packaging is the most careful an thorough that I have ever seen.  I cannot believe that you managed to mail a plant with blooms on it to Houston, Texas in August, and got it here without the blooms wilting.  Thank you so much!  You will definitely be receiving orders from me in the future.  August 20, 2017

From Joyce, in FL
Hello. I placed an order for AV’s and they were shipped to (a friend) in NY. I must tell you that she was delighted. She commented on the packing and shipping and said that it was beyond belief how well they were packed and shipped. I was a little apprehensive and did not know if they would be lovely plants and arrive alive. But she tells me that you went the extra mile the way they were shipped. She is delighted and so am I to know that a gift I sent was so nice and the person I sent them to would be so happy to receive them. Thank you and I will keep you in mind the next time I send something. Much appreciated. August 10, 2017

From Robert, in FL
Thank you for your excellent service. I received my order today and was pleased with the way the plants were protected and packaged. All are in excellent shape and I will ask my daughter to select the ones she would like to be placed in the terrarium I purchased for her birthday.  Thank you once again.  August 3, 2017

From Meletta, in TX
I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how impressed I am with packing and shipping of these new little darlings. We have a 105 degree heat index here in Frisco, Texas today. Every single plant is healthy. Not one leave was broken and they look absolutely wonderful. Your staff obviously love these little guys as much as I do. Thank you for such care. I most definitely will be ordering again!!  It was so amazing to me, I took pictures of how they looked straight out of the shipping box.  July 20, 2017

From Rachel, in RI
This is my second order from your company, and I’m sincerely impressed with the prompt delivery and packaging. I have ordered plants from several companies (mostly orchids) and your company stands out in the quality of plants and protective packaging. Thank You very much! I will be ordering more plants from you in the future. July 20, 2017

From Steve, in FL
My plants arrived today and I have to say I am very pleased. Both plants are well  developed, strong, and healthy. I also appreciate the care your team took in packaging these items. They were delivered moist, soil intact, and not one leaf damaged. I look forward to watching these beauties grow and develop. July 20, 2017

From Julia, in WI
I wanted to tell u how impressed I am with your attention to detail and care taken with my recent order. The entire process was just wonderful. Great web site easily navigated and precise in descriptions. Healthy healthy plants packaged just so perfectly arrived in incredible shape in jippy good time. Precise instructions for everything from unpacking to propagation. Very reasonable plant pricing, including the extra care shipping charges.
Wish there were more mail order entities like you!! Thank u, thank u for a most pleasant experience. July 15, 2017

From Tere, in FL
Received my beautiful plants yesterday. My goodness, your packing is incredible. It’s obvious nothing moved a centimeter in transit. Each plant is robust and healthy (as you know). I was very excited that one of them is even blooming. I am a very satisfied customer! Thank you so much; you will be hearing from me again.  July 14, 2017

From Barbara,
I just want to thank you for your newsletter and site which is so informative. I just recently found you and subscribed to it. I have had African Violets for years and really love and enjoy them. I do have one of your plants “Frozen in Time ” which is so beautiful! I did join the AVS of America about a month ago because of you and the link you posted in your newsletter. I did not even know it existed before I read about it in your newsletter and I am looking forward to receiving my first issue. They just sent me a welcome letter, and said that the first issue I will receive will be the July/August 2017 AVM. Again, thank you for your newsletter and the link for the Society and all the information you provide. Your violets are just so beautiful!   July 10, 2017

From Elizabeth, in PA
I was a little leery about ordering in the middle of summer, especially since the temperatures are in the high 80’s at this time. However, my plant came in a beautifully packaged box and much to my surprise, had three beautiful buds. I immediately transplanted it, gave it some water and it’s now spectacular. I love it so much. I can hardly wait until it gets a little bigger so that I can take cuttings and give some to my granddaughter and daughter.  Thanks for a gorgeous plant! Will definitely order another in the near future.  July 10, 2017

From Charlotte, in AZ
The violet arrived today in great conditions.  I can’t believe how well is was packaged, with extremely good care.  Shows you people care.  I’m glad I found you people…so thanks again.  June 23, 2017

From Elsa, in OR
Thank you for the fine order of Begonias I received today. I have been ordering begonias via mail order since 1974. I have also been in the horticultural industry all of my working life and am a Begonia nut. However, this is the first time I have ordered from your firm. Never have I been the recipient of such a well thought out, logical, sensible, professional, excellent, wrapping/shipping job as this. Never in forty-odd years of buying plants have I had such pleasure opening and unwrapping my purchases.  I haven’t had a plant order that was perfectly wrapped and shipped – until now. It was perfect, from start to finish. Thank you for caring so much about your product and for putting so much care and thought into the wrapping and shipping of it.  June 22, 2017

From Ed, in IL
I just received my order.  I had to immediately thank you for the healthy looking plants and the great packing.  I have been placing small orders from you for many years and I have never been disappointed.  Be well and good growing.  June 22, 2017

From Jan, in AL
Just to let you know, our first order arrived and the plants all look great. They were extremely well wrapped and packaged. Not a bruised leaf or speck of peat anywhere. This order was for my husband.  He met the mailman himself to get the box. Thank you so much for the beautiful violets. He is already working on another order. You guys made his day!  Thanks again.  June 15, 2017

From Josh, in HI
I wanted to give a reveiw on your packaging and shipping, but couldn’t find that on your site…your packing crew is the best I’ve ever ordered from and every plant came in looking amazing and in great condition, so thanks a bunch and I’m really looking forward to seeing the beautiful plants you send this time.  June 13, 2017

From Kathy, in IA
I picked up my plants at the post office when they opened and all 51 of them arrived in perfect condition. Thanks for the great plants and great great packing!!!!! June 2, 2017

From Markku, in Finland
The two plants arrived safely this morning, healthy and beautiful and most carefully packed. They are rarities at least in this part of the world. My warmest regards and thanks to you. Your very happy customer  June 2, 2017

From Sandra, in OH
I received an order from the Violet Barn last month. The delivery was timely, the package made with care and the plants were amazing. When ordering from the Violet Barn you can expect to receive a beautiful plant as advertised.  June 1, 2017

From Sheldon, in MA
Thanks for my order, I am very happy with the plants! I’ve seen positive feedback about your packing and now I know why – only a single leaf was broken from a single episcia; the others all arrived in perfect condition. The packing job was amazing. I’m also stoked that one of the plants is in a bloom and a couple more have buds. Hopefully one day I can visit the Violet Barn in person – you guys do a great job. May 25, 2017

From Roberta, in VA
The Violets arrive this morning, in perfect condition, you really know how to pack those delicate plants well Just thought I would let you know because the out side temperature is 89 degrees.! Thanks!  May 18, 2017

From Shirley, in FL
I just received my order of 8 violets. They arrived as promised and were excellently packed. Not one leaf was damaged and some even had buds and open blooms. I just love
them. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job. May 18, 2017

From Karen, in VA
Thank you for sending my order. The box arrived safe and sound and I’ve planted 5 of the 10 terrarium plants this evening. All of the plants are very very nice and i’m looking forward to placing another order. Also, please relay to whomever packed my order that they did a fabulous job. I would order from Violet Barn again simply to get a box packed the way that my order was packed — with great care and diligence — Beautiful!! May 11, 2017

From Lisa, in NH
I received my package today and was really impressed with the packaging. The plants were packaged so carefully and all arrived in such good shape. I just wanted to let you know, so impressive!! May 11, 2017

From Faith, in VA
My order arrived this afternoon and I was right there to receive it! They are gorgeous!!! Well packed, labeled and they’ve had a nice drink. Thank you! Your plants are exceptional. April 27, 2017

From Gerald, in AL
I recently received three streptococcus in the mail from the violet barn. The packaging and condition was excellent. I was very pleased with everything. This is my first attempt at growing streptococcus. I planted them in self watering Mini Dandy pots and placed them under a grow light. So far they look great and appear to be growing. I hope I have success with these because I would like to get some more in the future. April 24, 2017

From James, in TN
Just a quick note to say the plants arrived this A. M. and they looked great!!! I have never received plants that were wrapped and boxed as well as these were. In this day and age of ordinary/ poor service it is indeed refreshing to find a company so interested in their products that they take the time and effort, to provide this type of service to their customers. For this I say a big THANK YOU!!!  April 21, 2017

From Christine, in NY
My ten miniature African violet plants arrived today. Each one was in perfect condition I was amazed by how well they were packaged and that these tiny delicate plants could survive so well. Each was a different variety and each was perfect. I only wish that I had bought more! I will absolutely order from you again as this was the best experience I’ve had with a company that sells plants on line. Thanks so much.  April 20, 2017

From Dani,
Thank you very much for all your help on my trip out to visit you. All the information you provided on violet care (as well as Taiwan!) was greatly apreciated :) I’m sitting with my beautiful plants now reading through all the fantastic information you have online. Again, thank you so much for your time. It was a pleasure to meet you and visit your beautiful business.  April 1, 2017

From Jenny, in MN
Hi! I wanted to let u know I received my order safely yesterday afternoon & I couldn’t be any happier!, so far so good no signs of any damage not even 1 broken/yellowing leaves which I was worried about since I know how delicate they can be but time will tell.
SUPERB job with packaging!, nothing like I have ever seen before but surely can tell how u truly care about each plant & ensuring its safety during transport to their new homes so thank you! to both u & your staff for doing such a FABULOUS job!. I’ll definitely be back to buy more from u in the future. April 1, 2017

From Elle, in OR
I received my boxes of very nicely packaged mini and mini trailers this week..after carefully examining all 53!! plants, I found ONE broken leaf, which I popped into growing medium in hopes of having a new “Robs Twinkle Blue” to give to a friend. Your method of packing with insulation and mylar make me sure of receiving healthy plants that will continue to grow and bloom-I especially loved the several minis with lovely full blooms already-My plants are in isolation now-a practice of mine after receiving plants with bugs from another seller. I’m sure thats really unnecessary for Violet Barn plants, but I no longer take chances with my collection. I’ve purchased plants online from other outlets and eBay, but have to say that the plants you send are older and in better shape than any other retailer. Thanks so much for helping me increase my mini collection-and my own hybridizing efforts.Thanks again for the quality of plants you deliver to your customers and for your continued hybridizing bringing us new and even more interesting plants!  March 31, 2017

From Jackie, in CA
I received my order from you today and all arrived safe and sound to California …..they are perfect and I love them. Can’t wait to see them bloom. It has been a few years since I’ve ordered and all of mine that I ordered before are big and beautiful and love to bloom. Thank you so much for the care with shipping and getting them here fast and safe.  March 30 ,2017

From Julie, in NY
I am so thrilled with the entire ordering process, right up to receiving my plant today. It as fun unwrapping each plant to see which is was next, and I couldn’t tell you which is my favorite. All very healthy plants. THANK YOU!!! I will order again!  March 30, 2017

From Janice, in CA
Thank you so much for the very careful way you package your African violet orders.  Today I received ‘Rebel’s Splatter Kake’ and it was in perfect condition just like all the other violets I’ve ordered from you.  March 23, 2017

From Donetta, in TX
Just letting you know that my order arrived in perfect condition!! Of course I ordered about the time you had that awful blizzard.  I ordered Priority, and it should have come last Saturday — well, it did, but at the wrong post office. Of course it sat through the remainder of the weekend, and arrived at my house around noon yesterday — Monday. I was ready for a batch of frozen, dead, violets. But each one was perfect!! Absolutely perfect!  The miniature, Rob’s Scrumptious, even had two perfect blooms, with three buds. I want to thank everyone who handled my order, and especially for that awesome packaging!! You really do know what you are doing when it comes to caring.  March 21, 2017

Yvonne, in CO
Just received my order and want to tell you that I have never seen plants so carefully wrapped and protected! March 19, 2017

From Peggy, in WA
I have recently ordered several (19) plants from you and just wanted to praise you for your shipping practices, not to mention the beautiful, healthy plants. I’m on the NW coast And I was concerned about shipping in the winter. Everything came individually wrapped and insulated, some were even blooming. I hope to order many more in the near future. Not many businesses deliver what they promise these days and I will recommend you to everyone. March 12, 2017

From Frances, in TX
Thank yo so very much for your excellent customer service!  I recently ordered six 4″ pots along with a small order for plants and your soil.  When I called to advise that they were missing, they were immediately sent at a financial loss to you.  I am in awe of your superior customer satisfaction policy.  Again, thank you!  March 11, 2017

From Jan, in PA
I am thrilled with my first order from your company! A big shout out fir the careful and loving packaging! Each little plant was so fun to unwrap and behold! I shared on Facebook that this kind of attention to detail is not available from mist on-line companies! Thank you for these beauties! I will be back for more! Thanks too for all the growing tips! You are a great resource!  March 3, 2017

From Asha, in LA
I just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful PURPLE violets. I have received so much feedback about how beautiful they were from our event. They were shipped well and the blooms were beautiful! February 21, 2017

From Kathleen, in CA
I received my little plants this week. They were extremely well-packaged and I was thrilled to discover the Streptocarpus had a bloom on it ! The other plant looks very healthy with new leaves emerging. I am very pleased and will definitely order from you again. Thank you ! February 19, 2017

From Ellen, in ID
Just a quick note to let you know that my order of streptocarpus arrived yesterday, the 16th. The plants are all in excellent condition due in no small part to your superior packing technique. My friend, from Missoula, Montana also received his plants yesterday and likewise they werein beautiful condition. We are planning to do a streptocarpus display for
our garden club show in August to encourage others to give them a try. We both plan to recommend the Violet Barn to friends and family who are also violet and streptocarpus junkies. Thanks again. February 17, 2017

From Connie, in TX
I just received my 2nd order from Violet Barn. Again, as the first time, the plants arrived in perfect condition and are beautiful and healthy- one with blooms!!! In our modern times of having to accept and deal with poor customer service in so many companies, you guys are a “cut above the rest.” Keep up the good work and thanks for the enjoyment these little plants have given me.  February 16, 2017

From Roberta, in IN
I want to thank you my plants arrived in excellent condition I was really surprised at time and care that you took packaging my plants for shipment you will receiving more business from me in the future !!!! February 11, 2017

From Carole, in CA
Just received my order. They are so cute! Thank you so much. I was so impressed in the packaging, how safe you made them. My girlfriend is moving to South Carolina. She is a newbie with violets. I have given her your name and actually gave the box and packaging to pack her miniature to take with her. Thank you again; we will be doing more business in the future. February 9, 2017

From Debra, in MA
Hello…My Gesneriads arrived Beautifully💜. Healthy, packaged exceptional (except for pink insulation)..very impressed with how they arrived. I’m am so very Happy. Thank you, Thank you! February 9, 2017  Our note:  Unfortunately, using the insulation is the only way we can keep plants from getting chilled this time of year in their small box.

From Jonathan, in VA
I want to give you guys a big shout out for all the fabulous begonias in the 10 pack. I received them this evening and unwrapped to a wonderful and astounding assortment. And lo and behold, not a single stem or leaf was broken or at all damaged. Thanks to RR for collar, J for wrapping, and KH for packing. I was most impressed with the entire package! One comment: I did not receive confirmation that they were actually shipped, or when. February 1, 2017  Our note:  We send a total of three emails–one upon confirmation, one when shipped, and another from the USPS with tracking information and likely arrival time.  If your email address was correct, can’t explain why these weren’t received (check your spam folder?).

From Joy, in FL
To Violet Barn, I received my order today. It came quickly and was packed so beautifully. All the violets were intact, blooming already and beautiful. All different varieties. I am so impressed and will return to you for my violets. This was my first time buying violets online. February 1, 2017

From Richard, in LA
My order arrived Saturday. All plants were in excellent condition thanks to your superb packing. Very pleased with the size and quality of the plants. January 30, 2017

From John, in AK
I just received a package of 3 streptocarpus plants, which my sister ordered for me. I was rather worried about what condition they would arrive in here in Alaska, with the cold weather and the strong likelihood that they might be held in transit due to weather. I shouldn’t have been the least bit concerned! The packaging of the plants was absolutely the best I have ever seen. Your packaging was bombproof, and so well insulated that they arrived in beautiful condition. Thanks so much for your care in packing the plants. January 27, 2017

From Katherine, in AZ
I’m so excited to have gotten my order today. Thank you sooo much for the professional job you did. The soil didn’t budge from around the plants; and the leaves were not bruised but beautiful. I can tell by looking how much you care about these plants and the people receiving them! After I see how my dorment skills in plant survival are, I will be back and meanwhile, recommend you to my violet friends. Thank you ever so much. January 25, 2017

From Mike, in GA
Just wanted to say that I loved the plants received in previous order. Your packing process is amazing!!! Thanks for the great service and the beautiful plants.  January 18, 2017

From Jennifer, in TN
My plants are in perfect shape, got them today from the post office.  These plants were packed more securely than anything I have ever ordered.  I am very pleased with all of them and I will be ordering from the Violet Barn in the future.  January 17, 2017

From JL, in OH
I ordered violets last winter and was pleased with them–all packed carefully and arrived in great condition. My violets are now full size, robust and beautiful. I am so happy I ran across this company! January 16, 2017

From Margaret, in CT
Hi, just want to thank you for the perfect violets that arrived today. I couldn’t be more pleased with the plants and the packaging. January 12, 2017

From Wayne, in AZ
Express shipment of two orders of special ten selected Violet’s arrived recently. Two day express shipment in perfect order. Could not have expected more. They are now resting comfortably in east facing picture window joining some fifty other standards from previous orders. Wife Judy and I looking forward to transplanting them into self watering pots in near future. Lots of blooms of different colors in our southeastern Arizona home. January 10, 2017

From Cliff, in IN
Violets arrived in wonderful condition. They were in the mail for 4 days arriving Friday. Weather was below freezing but the plants were fine. Excellent packaging.  December 31, 2016

From Karen, in AK
My mother (in IL) just called me saying how THRILLED she was with the shipment of
violets I sent her thru you folks. She described how they were packaged and how wonderful and complete the care instructions are (even though she is familiar with violets). This past fall, she lost her entire collection of violets (some of them over 25 years old) due to an accidental poisoning. I thought I would help her start a new collection. Thank you for helping me make her Christmas extra special! We both are thrilled!  December 22, 2016

From Kathie, in IL
I am a first time customer who just received her first order. It was crazy to order plants when it is this cold (about 20˚) and pay winter shipping. My husband said wait, but I decided to give them to myself for Christmas. I was shocked by how lovingly they were packed and they arrived in good condition. Each plant has 4 or 5 good sized leaves and looks healthy.  December 22, 2016

From Gina, in OH
What a beautiful packing job you did with my african violets! The care you’ve taken to protect each plant is amazing. Despite temperatures wind chilled to below 0, each violet arrived unscathed. Thanks and know that your “violet babies” are now in good hands. December 16, 2016

From David, in IN
I just received my plants. I was stunned, they were in very good shape, the current temperature is 20 degrees. December 16, 2016

From Chris, in NY
I received my order this morning in perfect condition, Three of the five Violets are in bloom. One plant is on the yellow side but I can fix that in short order. Packaging could only be called meticulous. I was amazed that five plants of that size came out of the box. Thanks so much and Merry Christmas to All. Looks like it will be a snowy winter this year. December 7, 2016

From Bettye, in GA
Just thought you would like to know, the order you shipped yesterday has already arrived and is already unpacked. The plants all look great. Thank you! I guess the USPS came through this time. December 7, 2016

From Susan, in GA
I received my order yesterday for Robs Twinkle Pink, Twinkle Blue, Bunny Hop, and SK First Love. They arrived safe and sound, well packed and padded against the cold.  I am thrilled with my plants and look forward to spring when I can order more. December 2, 2016

…and some “constructive” criticism:  Yes, we sometimes get complaints–we guarantee safe delivery on all orders and occasionally need to process a refund or send a replacement plant (our average is about 1 in every 100 orders).  We haven’t printed these.  These are the more specific complaints/comments that customers have made–we reprint them so that we have a chance to explain, improve our work and, perhaps, avoid similar problems in the future…..

From Holly, in CA
Thank you for your response. However, You state on the invoice received with the plants that a healthy plant is guaranteed. This is not a healthy plant. It doesn’t look like cold damage to me. I don’t order plants frequently from you, they are a special occasion. So I would like my replacement immediately or a refund for the plant plus the shipping cost
for one plant immediately, whichever you prefer. I would hate to put comments on your website and elsewhere that you don’t honor your healthy plant guarantee.  November 28, 2017  Our note:  Plant was healthy when shipped, one, in fact was in bloom. Though it may be warm at destination, it has been cold here and likely was in transit, especially given the delay in delivery and the fact it had to go coast to coast.  We can only guarantee safe delivery via Express mail in winter (you chose priority, which is less expensive, but which neither the USPS nor us will guarantee timeliness or safety of). This is stated on first page of online catalog (large purple box with font in caps) as well as on all checkout pages (bold purple print) and on terms and conditions and shipping pages, as well as in order confirmation. We regret that this happened. It usually doesn’t, but it is not our money to spend, our risk to take, or our decision to make. All we can do is make clear the options. Our offer in the email remains–it is the best we can do.

From Robert, in FL
This is totally unacceptable. Please provide me with the person who decided to ship the plants on a tuesday before the holiday. I want to talk directly to that idiot. The shipment confirmation that I received stated that it was shipped priority mail and that it would take 2-3 days. Not 6.  That is on you not me. Had the order been postponed until after the  holiday all would have been fine and you know that. I have been a costumer of your for some time now and I am so upset with this company right now. I doubt I will ever order from you again. I will encourage others to do the same. Have a great day.  November 28, 2017.  Our note: Please review your original order confirmation–date of shipment stated there “week of November 21”. Date of shipment also stated on first page of online catalog (top of page in bold purple print) as well as on all of the shopping cart pages during the checkout process in large font in purple (“ship week of Nov 21”)….of course if you view this now will say Dec. 4 (our next ship date). As for time in shipment, this is precisely why we only guarantee via Express mail in winter (would have arrived in a day). USPS makes no time guarantee on priority mail (this is an issue to be discussed with them, not us).  Our offer of a replacement or a free plant on your next order still stands, however.

From Elizabeth,

My plants arrived today. This was my first order from you. The plants were well wrapped and healthy. BUT I could read the invoice but I could not read the back side instructions.
Even with a good magnifying glass I can just read that font size when its black on white.
With black on purple it was impossible.  July 20, 2017

From Hau, in NJ
Today I received my plants, I was somewhat disappointed. First, the Ma’s glass
slipper, it has only three grown leaves.  I had the same Ma’s glass slipper ordered last year and three Ma’s Fat froggie in two years they all came with three leaves and couldn’t survived.  Another issue is some plants cut too many leaves. I can see at least four new cuts from the LE Beau and the neck is there. I recalled that once I ordered 9 or 10 plants in a single order, almost all the plants were cut few leaves and all have the necks on the plants. All plants died in a few months. I thought I have learned from this experience to order fewer plants to fit in one box but it is not these.  It has been a pleasure to order from Violet Barn, however every single order I had at least one plant was in such condition. I didn’t complain because I wished that I could save the plants unfortunately not many successful cases.  I hope you pay attention to the issues I mentioned. And have no problem on my next order. June 15, 2017  Our note: Unfortunately, this is how we must ship many varieties.  Because we must bend the leaves when wrapping plants to fit them in a box for shipping, we must remove extra outside leaves that would be broken if this weren’t done.  This is especially necessary for larger growers or for those with very stiff or wavy leaves (like those you mentioned).  We rarely need to do this with miniatures (since leaves are small to begin with) and varieties with smaller, flatter, or more flexible leaves (none of which you seemed to have ordered).  It’s simply the limitations of shipping fragile plants.  All will quickly and easily grow from the size we ship–removing the leaves will have absolutely NO effect on the plant’s health or ability to grow.  If there are problems in growing them, we are always available for advice by phone or email.

Hunter, in WI
I was a new customer to your business this spring. Only two plants were ordered as kind of a trial opportunity. Both were delivered on time as promised and wrapped exceptionally well. The quality of the plants was disappointing.  June 11, 2017

From Beverly, in FL
My Violet arrived today. Imagine my surprise when I opened the box and found a tiny plant with three leaves. I thought I was getting a PLANT. I am not happy! I certainly would never have spent $20 on this tiny little seedling. I will keep this planting, but I will not order from you again, and I will not encourage members of the Violet Growers Club in my community of Retirees (110,0000) to order from you.   Our note: Sorry for your disappointment, but this is typical of the size plant we send.  Pot and plant size are stated on our website in numerous places, even pictured on our ‘terms and conditions’ page.  You did receive a plant.  If you belong to an AV club, and relay this message to them, I’m sure that others will agree with us.


  • I am so happy i found your company, my little darling violets are amazing, i am ready to order more
    the selection was great and the packing impeccable.

  • Thank you so much for your care in shipping your incredible violets to me. I absolutely LOVE them. They are doing so well with such a wonderful start from you. I have enjoyed watching them grow and now blooming. They make me smile everyday.

  • Hi,
    Just wanted to let you know I received my first order from you today – I couldn’t be more happy!
    Totally impressed with the packaging of the little plants – all five arrived safe and sound and look beautiful and healthy. I am especially tickled with the miniature AV, my first, will definitely be ordering more of these.
    Thank you for a wonderful online shopping experience!

  • I received my order one week ago and I’m thrilled to pieces! Of the 10 violets I received, 7 of them have buds ready to open in the next few days. The entire process from ordering to arrival was great, and the packaging is absolutely top notch. I can’t wait for my Streptocarpus to grow and bloom. Thank you again. I’m looking forward to my next order…so many choices!
    Best regards,

  • Hello, I was visiting the violet barn in person on Aug. 10th and it was a pleasure to meet you!! So far my plants are doing fine and they look great! I bought 5 of them and 3 of them started to give buds. Mountain Snow Cap is blooming beautifully! I appreciate you answering all my questions about these plants, you were very helpful to me and your soil mix is perfect. I plan to order more soon. I highly recommend anyone who is interested to use your soil mix. Don’t be afraid to order young plants because they seem to grow so fast! Thank you so much Olive! Have a great year! A++++++

  • I received my 5 trailing violets in May . Two had buds. They were so well packaged and arrived in the best condition. I have enjoyed watching them bloom and grow. I have told other friends about The Violet Barn. I just recently placed my second order of 3 more trailing violets. I just love their size and growth habit. My space is limited so this is wonderful to be able to add to my collection.

  • Received my order of 3 African violets today. Beautifully and safely packed – all three are completely undamaged and healthy. All are leafed out well with blooms already set on the Happy Harold and Cosmic Art. The 3rd one (Ma’s Crime Scene) is not yet blooming, but looks great. These folks did a good job and I plan to be back soon for another order. I rarely order plants through the mail as so much can happen to them and you never know what you may get. Violet Barn described their plants accurately, priced them fairly, and shipped well packed. What more can you ask for?

  • Theresa Bennett

    Just received my order and I am thrilled with the quality and health of the plants. One even had several blooms on it! I will be ordering again from the Violet Barn! Thank you so much.

  • DearRob& Olive. Just wanted to thank you and your crew for great looking plants. Well packed and not a broken leave❤️

  • My order arrived today (April 27th) and even though the mailman left the box on the porch (thankfully no sun in the afternoon) without ringing the doorbell to let me know, everything inside was just great. So carefully wrapped and such healthy looking plants. I am so looking forward to seeing these beautiful plants bloom and grow. Awesome service all around.

  • I recently purchased three African violets. When I received them I was extremely surprised at the quality. Beautiful plants and so healthy. The packaging was outstanding. Not a mark on the plant and packed so nicely. I am very pleased by your product and will come back again soon.

    Thank you.

  • I just received my Rob’s Bunny Hop. It’s an Adorable little plant. The packaging protected the plant so well that the flowers and buds were intact. It’s intended to be a gift, but I’m sorely tempted to keep it myself. My next planned project is a terrarium. I know where I’ll go to look for plants to put in it.
    Thank you so much. Best, Michael

  • Terrific plants and service! I ordered a few plants for a lecture I’m giving and they arrived in perfect condition, some even with flowers. Thanks again.

  • It has now been a month since my 10 plants arrived. I reviewed them Feb 2nd as an early Vday gift to myself.
    First off I want to say that you guys did a great job packaging them. They arrived to my post office in the middle of a blizzard too. I was worried they’d suffer from frostbite but the packaging was exquisite. I placed them into my indoor little greenhouse where a month later, I can proudly say that they all have buds with the exception of 1. For the price and quality of plants I got, this place is awesome! Thank you!

  • I received my 4th order this season…every one of the plants arrived beautifully healthy with not a bend or missing leaf. Amazing..I am in Love with The Violet Barn. Your selections are phenomenal….well, I do wish you had more Chiritas. Those are my most favorite plants you carry. Thank you very much Violet Barn.

  • Just received my order. The packaging was awesome; every streptocarpus undamaged; healthy.
    Thank you.
    Linda, Lexington, Missouri

  • I just received my order of 10 African Violets. The packaging kept the delicate plants safe all the way to Hawaii. Four of the plants arrived blooming. I am so impressed! Thank you!

  • Received my order of violet plants beginning of November. They are already 5-8 inches across and all have several buds. I planted them in your violet potting mix which I purchased previously and use the Dyno-Gro fertilizer on not only my violets but all my houseplants . I will not use any other fertilizer from now on. Love my plants I get from Violet Barn and will not order from anywhere else.

  • I am a first time customer who just received her first order. It was crazy to order plants when it is this cold (about 20˚) and pay winter shipping. My husband said wait, but I decided to give them to myself for Christmas. I was shocked by how lovingly they were packed and they arrived in good condition. Each plant has 4 or 5 good sized leaves and looks healthy. If you ever offer a violet that is so dark it looks almost black, let me know. I now have 21 different violets and would like a “black” one.

  • As before, the plants I ordered (5 streptocarpus and a little hoya) arrived in perfect condition. Your packaging is something far and above pretty much any nursery I’ve ever dealt with over the last 30+ years.
    In winter, I’m stuck with only an east window here in New Mexico, and streps are perfect here. Despite being tiny on arrival, I know that they will grow and thrive…Bristol’s Blue Bopper is already throwing a bud and the hoya is growing like crazy.
    Thanks so much!

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