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Congratulations to these talented growers who have recently won awards with our hybrids! 

These are only the most recent winners as reported in the most current issue of the African Violet Magazine by the African Violet Society of America, Inc.  Subscription and membership information appears elsewhere on this site.

If you've won "Best in Show" with one of our hybrids, we'll deduct $10 from an order placed during the time you and your winner appears on this page!  If you qualify, your name will appear in bold print in the list below.  A new page will appear every 2-3 months as new winners are reported.

Be sure to enter the "Robinson Collection" classes at next year's National AVSA Convention Show in Nashville in 2014! 

Collection must consist of 3 different varieties, all of same type (mini, semimini, trailer, or standard), all hybridized by us. First place winner receives $200 and 2nd place receives $100.  Should the first place entries by standard-size 'Ma's' varieties, an additional $50 will be awarded to the winner!

Special congratulations to Debbie McInnis for winning the award for Best Robinson collection at the 2013 AVSA National Convention show, with 'Rob's Pogo Stick', 'Rob's Slap Happy' and 'Rob's Dodo Bird'.  2nd prize went to Anne Nicholas.

Winningest African Violets for 2012!  (based on 2012 show reports in "tally time"):
    Miniature varieties:  #1 'Rob's Chilly Willy'
    Semimini varieties:  #1  'Rob's Antique Rose'
         #2 'Rob's Combustible Pigeon'
         #3 'Rob's Cool Fruit'
Trailing varieties:  #1 'Rob's Boolaroo

Congratulations to:

Names appearing in  bold print can deduct $10 from any order placed with us during time your name appears on this page.  You need to remind us of this when ordering!

As appears in the January/February AVM:

Madeline Kalinowski.  For best trailer in show, with 'Rob's Sailor Bill', at the Ottawa AVS of Ontario

Eileen McGrath.  For best AVSA semimini collection, with 'Rob's Cool Fruit' and 'Rob's Zipper Zapper', at the Ottawa AVS of Ontario

Debbie McInnis.  For best AVSA miniature collection, with 'Rob's Rinky Dink' and 'Rob's Love Bite', at the Ohio State AVS

Cathy Willis.  For best trailer in show, with 'Rob's Boolaroo', at the Ohio State AVS

As appears in the November/December AVM:

Martha Bell.  For best AVSA standard collection, with 'Ma's Glass Slipper', at the Parmatown AVC, OH

Bob Kurzynski.  For best miniature in show with 'Rob's Chilly Willy', at Morris County AVC, NJ

Tracy Lorence.  For Best in Show and best semiminiature, with 'Rob's Boogie Woogie', at the Parmatown AVC, OH