Violet Barn Photo Contest

First prize: $50      Second prize: $10


Entries must be received by midnight, July 1, 2017.

Send your entries by email to:

Prizes awarded as a coupon, that can be applied towards purchases made from the Violet Barn.  These can be redeemed online, at our shop, or at a show, and will remain valid for one year after issuance.

African violets

From Louise Shaw

You needn’t be an accomplished grower or exhibitor, or a skilled photographer (though a blurry photo won’t help). We’d like to see examples of how our customers grow our plants.  It may be a “show specimen” but nicely grown “houseplants”, like examples shown at left will receive equal consideration.  Tell us where the picture was taken and identify the plant(s) being shown (as best you can).  If you’d like, you can tell us how you are growing or displaying the plant(s) pictured (though this isn’t required)–tell us “what we’re looking at”.

The winner(s) will be shown and announced in our newsletter, “VioletsFun” as well as on this website.  These will be appropriately credited to the photographer/grower.

Another example

From our window

Contest rules:

Entries must be received by the date shown above and must be accompanied by contact information of the entrant.  An email address is preferred.

Photo must be of a plant (or plants) purchased from the Violet Barn, or listed on  Photo must be in digital format (not on paper).

Photo must have been taken by the contest entrant and cannot be reproduced from another source.

Plant(s) pictured may be in a home setting or from a display or exhibition.  May be pictured alone or with other furnishings, decorations, etc.  The composition is up to you, the photographer.

Winner(s) chosen by the Violet Barn and are entirely at the Violet Barn’s discretion.  Prizes will be awarded within 30 days of entry deadline (given at least one eligible entry is received).

The Violet Barn reserves the right to use photos submitted on and/or in other promotional materials (with recognition of its source).

Employees of the Violet Barn are not eligible.