Florescent lights in office

QuestionI have florescent lights in my office.  Can I grow African violets there?

Answer:  Yes, but if your office is like most, a violet probably won’t bloom very well, or often, there.  Violets grown in these conditions will rarely bloom, leaves will be less firm and succulent, and growth will be more sparse and upright in habit.  Florescent lights that are 6 feet, or so, above a violet on a desk top won’t provide enough light for good flowering, unless supplemented by good, indirect, natural light from a window.  If artificial light is all that is available, it would need to be much, much closer to the violet for it to bloom well.  This means within at least 18″ for a two-tube florescent fixture.

In the interest of a more pleasant working environment, why not consider mounting a small florescent light fixture underneath a bookshelf, of putting a small, table-top light stand on top of those filing cabinets?  Of course, this may mean more frequent interruptions from staff wanting to view your beautiful plants–“What a beautiful plant!  May I have a cutting?”.

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