Societies and Links

We are members of these societies (among many others).  Consider joining one!

African Violet Society of America, Inc.
If you are African violet enthusiast, you need to join this society.  Annual dues of $35 gives you 6 bimonthly issues of the African Violet Magazine, as well as access to the most up to date information on everything relevant to the hobby.  Hundreds of affiliate clubs are located throughout the United States, Canada, and the world–there’s surely one near you!

The Gesneriad Society
This is the society to belong to if you have a passion not just for violets, but all members of the Gesneriad family.  $25 per year gets you 4 issues of The Gloxinian.  Affiliate clubs are located almost everywhere.

American Begonia Society
$17 membership dues gives you 6 issues of The Begonian.

American Orchid Society
Yes, we grow orchids too (available only from our shop). 

Correspond on-line with others sharing your passion for these plants.

African Violet Brats
A internet-based club for African violet and gesneriad enthusiasts

African Violets International
A discussion site for both the African violet and Gesneriad enthusiast.


The Gesneriad Reference Web
One of the most informational, educational, and well-designed sites around.  If you want to see and learn more about almost any gesneriad, visit this site.

Reputable dealers that we would recommend for your growing supply needs.

Indoor Gardening Supplies
The best source for light stands, plant lights, accessories and other equipment.  Free catalog available by request.