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miniature violetstandard violettrailing violet  Specialists in the best African violets:
  Miniature violets. 
Under 6" in diameter.
  Standard violets.  Grow to 10-12" or more.
  Trailing violets.  Spreading or hanging plants.



We also grow a great number of African violet "cousins" (gesneriads),  pictured below, left to right








Aeschynanthus.  The "lipstick" plant.  Bright tubular blooms, suitable for baskets or windowsills.
Alsobia.  Unusual fringed, spotted, blooms and upright or spreading foliage.
Primulina (Chirita).  Easy growers from China and SE Asia, with thick foliage, upright bloom stems.
Codonanthe.  White, cream, or yellow blooms on cascading foliage.  Easy growing and blooming.
Columnea.  The "goldfish" plant.  Bright blooms, cascading or spreading foliage great for baskets.
Episcia.  "Flame violet" or "chocolate sodier plant".  Bright blooms and colorful, spreading foliage.

kohleriapetrocosmeasinningiastreptocarpusmini gesneriadsspecials





Kohleria.  Upright, rhizomatous plants with bell shaped, spotted blooms.  Extremely easy!
Petrocosmea.  Mini gesneriads from China.  Flat, soft, foliage in perfect rosette, dainty blooms.
Sinningia.  "Florist gloxinias" and miniature varieties.  Tuberous plants with showy blooms.
Streptocarpus.  A specialty of ours!  Extremely heavy blooming, very easy to grow plants!
Miniature gesneriads.  Tiny leaved, hard to find, plants that will bloom.
Specials.  Unusual plants from our large collection that we'd like to share.

We also grow many other plants suitable for the indoor home garden:

begoniashoyasterrarium plantsBegonias.  Many miniature and compact.
Hoyas.  "Wax vines".  Easy, neglect-proof plants
     Lovely, often fragrant, too.

Miniature houseplants.  A HUGE selection of tiny
    plants for  bonsai, or in terrariums, dish gardens.


We also sell all of the basic growing supplies:  soil, pots, fertilizer, tools, and more.

In addition, we offer literature and educational materials, as well as process memberships to the
     African Violet Society of America (get a free plant for joining!).


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