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African violets and collectible houseplants
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Ma's Crystal Doll

Beautiful, and unlike any other you've seen.  White semidouble stars with variable blue center and frilled green edges.  Lovely, medium green and white, quilted, ruffled, TL variegated foliage.  A slower grower, but a truly beautiful and unusual plant.  AVSA #10816


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Ma's Crystal Doll

Average Rating 4.6 out of 5

A little finicky at first but just needed extra TLC

This was a small plant when I first received it, and it did not show new growth for what felt like a long time (I know the description states it is a slow grower, but it really took a while to see any changes). I was so concerned that I was doing something wrong that I contacted the Violet Barn for care information and was assured that the grow timing wasn't unusual. I finally tried soil additives to help it flourish and added LED grow lighting, and it has started to grow a nice set of big healthy leaves. I can't wait for it to fill its pot and start blooming as I love the coloring and pattern on this particular bloom.

Tammi Foxwell Mar 09 2022, 22:49 PM

Gorgeous plant

So unique and eye opener. Love the variegated leaves. You’ll love this plant!

Anonymous Feb 13 2022, 21:41 PM

Ma's Crystal Doll

This is probably my favorite Violet. I have over 100. This has everything going on, a wavy frilled leaf that is variegated and a gorgeous flower. I posted a picture of it on a Facebook group and everyone was wowed. Have the Ching Dynasty too. What a duo

david fox Feb 05 2022, 21:17 PM


I am fairly new buying here, but I'm happy I finally made it. I have ordered a couple times and most recently Ma's Crystal Doll was available and at a friends urging I grabbed it.Its a baby but very clean and neat. Not a brown spot anywhere, which is unusual to me. Someone told me this is a chimera, but it doesn't say so here, nor does it look like one.. This is definitely a unique plant and it will be a standout in my collection. Now I'm here looking for the mother it sported from. Really like the house hybrids

david fox Jan 17 2022, 01:47 AM


The flower of this plant is really marvelous, the foliage is very tight and fragile. You must have this plant definitely.

Omar Estrada Sep 19 2020, 00:09 AM

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