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African violets and collectible houseplants
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"Microminiature" sinningias are extremely small, and will grow to a diameter of 2" or less when mature, usually under 1"--the size of a penny.  Tubers are also very small, about the size of a (very small) pea.  Tubers, and plants, will multiply, as they mature.  Some will self-pollinate and set seed as well.   Though they do not need to be grown under cover (terrariums or other container), they will thrive in these conditions.  All are easy to grow and very free blooming with proper care.

Since plants, and tubers, are very small, pots should be small as well.  If grown in a larger container, or part of a larger planting, practice good watering habits, since root systems are small and shallow. 

Photos are representative of mature plants grown to bloom--we cannot promise to ship plants in bloom!

All plants shipped in 2 1/4" pots (potted plants usually will have small tubers).