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African violets and collectible houseplants
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Rob's Bad Bunny

Bright pink sdbl. pansies.  Tiny, dark green and cream variegated foliage.  Tiny miniature.  AVSA #9459


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Rob's Bad Bunny

Average Rating 4.9 out of 5

Flowers and foliage - best of both worlds

I have over 60 AVs, but all are "plain jane" garden center type plants. For over 2 years, I have admired my friend's dozen or so minis, particularly this little beauty, and finally asked her where she got them. She told me VB so I'm giving them a try (actually ordering 46 plants!). Rob's bad bunny always has a few blooms (never real heavy) but gorgeous foliage all the time. Also, I think my grow light will help.

Lyndell Bowman Apr 21 2018, 23:32 PM

My Favorite!

This little pretty plant arrived in beautiful shape. Violet Barn is the best at packing and shipping all plants. It started blooming shortly after I received it. It has turned out to be my very favorite out of all the violets I have received from Violet Barn. It glows with pretty pink, white and green variegated leaves all topped with light pink pansies. If you want a stand out violet add this gem to your collection.

Michael Helvie Apr 16 2018, 17:54 PM

Gorgeous leaves

This little guy is so beautiful, you won't care if it flowers or not. Then, when the little pink flowers show up, what a treat.

Cindy Camacho Mar 20 2018, 00:49 AM

A year of gorgeous

I bought Rob’s Bad Bunny because I liked the idea of lovely leaves even without blooms. I hadn’t ever had a violet before and wasn’t sure that we would get along. I’ve had her for a year now and she’s a very good girl. She has constant, beautiful blooms and lovely leaves. I started out getting a violet for a terrarium but I recently ditched the terrarium and now I want more violets. They are my only indoor plant love, thanks to the Bad Bunny. Notes for first timers: I used the VB potting mix and the recommended fertilizer. I also bought a growing lamp for her because our house has eaves all around and she wasn’t getting enough light. But once we sorted that out, she’s been gorgeous every day.

Ruth Silva Mar 03 2018, 16:01 PM

My first

These will be my first Violets and i cant wait to recieve them

Nicole Ivery Feb 17 2018, 15:21 PM

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