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African violets and collectible houseplants
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Rob's Wascally Wabbit - New!

Adorable!  Round puffs of denim-blue double blooms with hints of white above exquisite, tiny, pointed, dark green and beige to pink crown variegated foliage.  An easy, tiny, grower almost always in heavy bloom.  Miniature.   AVSA #10983


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Rob's Wascally Wabbit - New!

Average Rating 5 out of 5

First Miniature

I ordered this beautiful little plant in my first order from Violet Barn along with one of the Standard Grower's Choice packages. All plants arrived in excellent condition, and the choice package was very diverse, but.....This Wascully Wabbit is extraordinary! Even without blooms it is stunning to say the least! A true showpiece all by itself!

Cynthia Ess May 18 2019, 19:39 PM


This was one of the first to bloom from my order of miniatures. While the first blooms are just starting to fade, I already see new buds coming in. Delicate and perfect!

Keri Demos May 13 2019, 22:30 PM

Cute as a button

This arrived very healthy today and along with the rest very well packaged, the leaves are much prettier than the picture shows, can't wait for it to bloom.

Nancy Breen May 11 2019, 13:37 PM


I had this one for a short time but the cat played to hard with-it !!!

REGINA HENDERSON Apr 29 2019, 12:10 PM

A Perfect Tiny Gem

This plant is beautiful even without blooms. The lovely blooms are the icing on the cake. Even better - it's tiny and cute.

Linda Gail Price Feb 18 2019, 16:40 PM

So smol! So gorgeous!

I just got my first Violet Barn order containing my first mini AVs. They all arrived in great shape - only two broken leaves. The Wascally Wabbit is definitely my favorite - the leaves look almost like satin, and I love the pink variegation. It has a lovely shape, also. Now to spend the next few weeks making sure everyone stays as healthy as they are now...

Emily Sappenfield Oct 20 2018, 08:26 AM

Perfect Little Beauty

I adore all the micominiatures I've gotten from Violet Barn, but this one could very well become my favorite. I received this beauty in perfect condition. The variegated leaves have a beautiful pink hue and the shape of the crown is perfect. Mine has some tiny buds just beginning to grow and I cannot wait to see them open.

Lisa Alcala Oct 19 2018, 09:53 AM

So so cute!

I received this plant a couple of weeks ago. It was my first time ordering from the Violet Barn, and only my second time ordering plants online at all. I was worried because my first experience ordering plants online (from a different site) went terribly - however, the care the folks at the Violet Barn put into my package of two micro mini AVs was so easy to see! The plants were packed so carefully and gingerly, they arrived in completely perfect condition, not a single damaged leaf! I am so happy with my new plants from the Violet Barn, and I will definitely be ordering from them again! Thank you!!

Amy Bohon Oct 04 2018, 23:35 PM


I ordered this gorgeous plant about 2 or 3 weeks ago. I honestly can not say enough of how beautiful it really is. It's just perfect!

Bridget Palkow Sep 29 2018, 16:02 PM

Adorable little plant

Received one of these a little bit ago. Was very impressed, tiny foliage with tons of variegation, and packed well.

Michael Clasen Sep 29 2018, 15:32 PM

Tiny beauty !

I received a Wascally Wabbit as a free plant ( thank you ! ), I was very happy. This tiny plant grows perfectly , the pink, white and green leaves are a perfect rosette . I can't wait to see it bloom. All my plants where well packed as always.

David Siecinski Sep 12 2018, 08:49 AM

Such a pretty mini plant!

I recently ordered 3 miniature African violets and while all three are great, and came in perfect shape, the Rob’s Wascally Wabbit is the best; with its variegated leaves. New leaves are already developing.....tiny, tiny ones. It’s so small and pretty. Love it.

Susan Martin-Lesnik Aug 15 2018, 18:43 PM

Love this one!

I purchased this about a month ago. It has beautiful leaves and is sooo tiny! Can't wait to see the flowers!

Suzanne Myers Aug 13 2018, 15:21 PM

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