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African violets and collectible houseplants
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EK Cherry Blizzard

(Vishnevaia metel')  Large sdbl. to double bright cherry-red.  Dark green foliage.  Standard.  (Korshunova)  AVSA #10207


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EK Cherry Blizzard

Average Rating 4.3 out of 5


Out of the four violets I ordered this one was the only one that came with flowers (3 blooms, and a few buds just about ready to bloom). However I'm very disappointed in the color. I actually had to look double check I ordered the right one and check to see if they got it wrong. There was nothing red about the flower. It's hard to describe the color but it's definitely wasn't dark or rich. It was kind of a light magenta pale purple mix. Maybe as it matures the flowers will turn out better. The foliage is nice though.

Kerri Reinert Dec 08 2016, 21:45 PM

Beautiful foliage waiting for flowers

I brought EK Cherry Blizzard almost exactly a year ago, at the same time that I bought Bride's Maid. Both established very easily and developed lush foliage. Bride's Maid flowered after about 6 months. And Cherry Blizzard is just about to flower now. This is not a negative reflection on Cherry Blizzard. I've been thrilled with both plants, and its just been interesting to observe the difference. Thank you for the great plants!

Kimberly Hooks Mar 01 2016, 09:15 AM

Very Nice

Beautiful vilot. Blooms profusly.

Forbes Porter Apr 19 2014, 20:30 PM

EK Cherry Blizzard

Fast, aggressive grower. My plant arrived with 3 leaves, one of which had broken off. Planted the leaf and in 6 weeks got 4 large healthy babies! The plant itself has 15 leaves, 3 blooms and 6 buds! The blooms are massive, 45 to 50 mm diameter with a deep, rich burgundy wine colour. I'm keeping 6 of these beauties to use in groups of 3 for a spectacular display throughout the house to impress guest and visitors. TREAT YOURSELF AND BUY 1 OR 2 OR MORE!

Edmond Renault Sep 16 2013, 23:24 PM


My favorite! Blooms are huge. It's hard to find a true red violet. This one is dark red, not a shade of magenta, like so many. Love it!

jennie souza Mar 20 2013, 14:46 PM

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