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African violets and collectible houseplants

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kohleria collectionAs you'll see, we grow a lot of Kohleria.  We like to say, "if you can't grow a kohleria, you can't anything".  They are so easy, it's a bigger problem to keep them from growing.   Photo at left submitted by Joanne Isaak of her collection at home.

They are fast, vigorous, growers--don't be squeamish about cutting them back (and you'll have to).  This will encourage them to branch, grow fuller, and flower even more.  They are rhizomatous, so new growth will also appear from the base, easily filling any size pot.  It also means that if you've "killed" the plant, don't toss the pot--it may yet resprout!

Freely produced blooms are fuzzy with spotted throats, and leaves are lush and velvety.  They'll do well anywhere there is decent light, either under lights or in windows (where we grow many of ours).  They will tolerate conditions that many other plants will not.  They make excellent "cut flowers"--put stems in a vase with water where they'll continue to grow and bloom almost indefinitely! Visit our "plant care" pages to learn more about growing, grooming, and propagating kohleria.

Photos shown are representative of plants when grown to maturity.  We cannot ship them this size!

Plants shipped in 2 1/2" pots.

"Seller's choice" packages on our special offers page.