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African violets and collectible houseplants

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Commonly (and improperly) known as "gloxinia", these tuberous gesneriads are both easy to grow and easy to flower.  The larger, and larger and showier bloomed, S. speciosa hybrids are most familiar, but sizes and colors vary widely--from the very small (less than 1") to the very large.  

All require generally the same care as African violets.  To keep them low and compact, provide them a bit more light, though they will bloom and grow with less.  If neglected, plants can die back--but once tuber has formed, will soon sprout again.  Sinningias will mature, and generally will have produced a tuber once they've begun to bloom.  Once the plant has formed a tuber it can always resprout, so long as the "eye" of the tuber (much like a potato) remains healthy and undamaged.

S. speciosa hybrids listed here will grow 8-10", compact varieties 8", miniatures 3-6" or less in diameter.  Actual size will vary depending upon culture and how you choose to grow them.  Though larger growing varieties will tend to have larger tubers, for most sinningia, tubers will grow as large as you allow them to.  Though the size of the plant (foliage) will not change, the tubers can grow substantially over time.  Larger, more mature, tubers can produce multiple shoots (plants) above the soil.  Use pots only one size larger than the tuber--do not use pots significantly larger than the tuber!

Photos are representative of mature plants grown to bloom.  We cannot ship them this size!    Since sinningia are tropical plants and can be easily chilled, we strongly suggest guaranteed Express mail in winter is selected for shipment during winter months!   

All plants shipped in 2" or 2 1/2" pots.

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