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African violets and collectible houseplants

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Wholesale & Large Orders

Due to lack of sufficient inventory, wholesale offers are very limited at this time.

To order wholesale from this site, view the following pages:

To order by phone:  Call (585) 374-8592 during business hours, Monday-Saturday 12-5 pm EST. 

If any of the following applies, you are eligible for wholesale pricing.

You are a dealer and need plants for resale.
You are a club or society and need plants for resale.
You need plants for a function or special event, such as a wedding, shower, or party.
You need a large number of plants for any purpose.
In addition, you must order a total of at least 30 plants, and leave the choice of variety to the seller (you may define the type of plant).

Club 'project plants'.  If your AV society or garden club need more than 10 plants of the same variety/species, we can provide these as well.  Call us for suggested plants and tell us whether you need standard, mini, or trailing violets, or another gesneriad or houseplant.  Price is $7.00 each, plus shipping.  Plants not in bloom will be sent.

If you do not require that plants received be in bloom, you may order from this site.

Plants will be sent as starters (immature or small plants).  Most will bloom within 6-10 weeks after receipt given proper care (i.e. had they been grown under our conditions).

Will send an assortment of varieties, seller's choice.  Not all will be different.

If you want to order in quantities other than that shown on site, you will need to call us at number shown at page bottom.

If you need to receive plants in bloom,  you must call us to place order!  

Why must I call to order blooming plants wholesale?

Plants bloom when they are ready to, not when we want them to. 

We cannot always fill orders for specific varieties and/or colors.  Again, plants of a certain color bloom when they decide to.  You can state a preference, and we will do our best, with no promises.  Blue is the easiest color for us.

Demand for blooming plants is very seasonal, greatest in spring and fall.  Besides holidays (like Mother's Day) this is when most clubs have shows, and when most weddings take place, etc.

"Your" plants may already be sold!  Some customers order more than a year in advance to secure their plants.  Our calendar may already be full on a particular date.

We know how important the success of your event is.  We want to be certain we can ship you the plants you want, when you want them.  The only way we can assure this is to personally discuss this with you. 

Things you should know if you need plants in bloom: 

Prices may be different.  Miniature and trailing violets in bloom are $7.00 each.  Standards are $7.00 each, subject to availability.  (Can mix minis and standards at $7.00 each). 

All other plants (including minis and trailers not in bloom) are $6.00 each.  Begonias, and episcia are $6.00 each (subject to availability).  Miniature terrarium and houseplants are $5 each.

If you need plants in bloom, miniature violets are usually your best choice.  These can be sent as mature plants, in full bloom, with little alteration for shipping. When shipping standard violets, we must prune plants and remove excess blooms to safely ship.  This makes them inappropriate for use as table centerpieces, and the like.  They may, however, still be appropriate for resale at club shows. We cannot ship most other gesneriads in bloom, since we cannot safely ship them as mature plants.  We would suggest having these shipped to you 4-6 weeks in advance of your event, so that you can pot them up and grow them to bloom yourself.  This is easy to do with streptocarpus and kohleria, and can also be done with episcia. 

To order by phone:  Call (585) 374-8592 during business hours, Monday-Saturday 12-5 pm EST.