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African violets and collectible houseplants

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Terrarium plants

To view our miniature terrarium plants for sale, click links at bottom of page.

These terrarium plants are truly small, they are small-leaved and have a small growth habit.  They are not "stripped" down or immature larger plants!  Because of this, they are perfect for use in small terrariums or containers, and with minimal maintenance, will continue to look attractive and not outgrow the space.

Plants listed are suitable for bonsai, terrariums and/or dish gardens.  Though most are suitable for terrariums, they do not need to be grown this way--we grow ours, uncovered, under lights with our other plants.  Vist our "plant care" pages for more information and ideas for preparing materials, and constructing and planting dish gardens, and terrariums.

Because most of these plants are branching, or spreading, in habit, they can be grown as much larger plants--though they will always remain small-leaved.  With proper care and pruning, they can easily be grown as small as you choose.

Plants shipped in 2" pots.

"Seller's choice" packages on our special offers page.