Mini chimeras

These African violets are known for their 'pinwheel' striped blooms or, sometimes, uniquely variegated foliage.  Because of their genetic makeup, they cannot be propagated true by leaf cuttings, only by suckers or crowns--hence, the higher price.  Care is otherwise precisely the same as for other violets.

Descriptions of varieties are those of the hybridizer or of the AVSA registrar.  AVSA registration numbers follow description.  Photos shown are of plants grown by us, and are representative of what plant can look like when properly grown. Plants shipped in 2" pots.

miniature violets

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Robs Hand Puppet

Robs Hand Puppet


based on customer reviews

2nd Best New Cultivar at 1999 AVSA.  Lovely sdbl. pink pansies with blue pinwheel stripes, occasional blue fantasy speckling.  Dark foliage.  Heavy bloomer, easy grower.  Semiminiature chimera.  AVSA #8454

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