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Cherries n Cream

Always one of our best sellers.  Very striking, very large sdbl. red stars with white edge.  Dark, slightly ovate, standard foliage.  (Sorano)  AVSA #8185


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Cherries n Cream

Average Rating 4.3 out of 5


Received this plant a few months ago. It’s a fast grower but still waiting on blooms.

Anonymous Oct 06 2021, 09:15 AM

Beautiful flowers!

I would highly recommend this plant! Grew in the past and it was gorgeous! Worth adding to your collection.

Debbie Collins Aug 27 2018, 02:41 AM

Worth the Wait

I had this plant for years and the blossoms are definitely worth the wait. Huge and frilly with a stunning red color. That being said, I wished that it had been a more prolific bloomer. The leaves were extremely dark and without the blossoms, the plant was missing much of its appeal for me.

Dana Powell Mar 31 2018, 09:35 AM

Great plant

This plant is always blooming flowers are darker than show with the white around the petals. Love this plant

Anonymous Mar 19 2018, 11:12 AM


The blooms on this one are so lovely. A friend visited and fell in love with this one so much that I sent it home with her.. so happy to be ordering myself another one!

Melinda Harvison Dec 28 2016, 14:30 PM

Quick and lovely grower

I've had this plant for a number of years, and it has never bloomed, but that is because it likes more light than other violets in my collection. I like the foliage, a nice dark green with red undersides. Grows very quickly, roots really easily. Takes up a lot of space on my shelf (I prefer mini-semi), but worth it.

Ash Saylor Apr 26 2016, 21:40 PM

Was disappointed

This was one I never got to bloom, even after a year, and I usually have good luck with violets.

Jan Gerick Sep 09 2015, 16:10 PM

Lovely burgundy blooms edged in white

Love this plant! Mine struggled for a while because I didn't realize it needed more light than my other AVs. Once I figured that out and gave it some vermicompost, it took off like a rocket! :) Beautiful, large, dark green foliage and sparkly burgundy blooms. Looks darker than the one shown above in the photo but still gorgeous.

Anonymous Oct 27 2014, 01:25 AM


This little plant came already in bloom with the largest flowers. It holds itself very upright, so you can see the lovely red blush undersides of it's leaves. Love it!

Betsey Fowler Jul 25 2014, 10:21 AM

Beautiful Blooms

Had this cultivar for about 8 years. Large, beautiful blooms on Cherries and Cream. Blooms do not form a bunch. The foliage is a nice dark color, however not compact. This is a larger plant as far as foliage goes and takes up a fair bit of space. Fast grower.

Jenny F Feb 24 2013, 11:33 AM

Mixed Bax

I love the flower on this violet, and I must say, it blooms constantly. The plant itself, however, is not at all attractive. Very spread out and large. Leaves are not attractive on their own.

Lisa Jan 07 2013, 21:51 PM

Cherries and Cream

I love this African Violet. It is the most beautiful red and I think reds are hard to find. And, most important, it is a very heavy bloomer. Almost never out of bloom and if it is, there are a ton of buds waiting to open. Thanks.

Ruby DiVittorio May 12 2012, 22:39 PM

New for me

just recieved this beautiful flower. Came with a lot of blooms already, it just made my day. I am very new to African Violets, but I love this one so much and will recomend it to anyone.

Jenny K May 04 2012, 04:01 AM


This is one of the most tolerant violets I own. Beautiful red star with white edge, intriguing upright growing habit. Is happy to see me, but is fine when somewhat ignored. Fast growing, usually the first to require re-potting in the season. One of my favorites...

Michelle Jul 04 2011, 00:16 AM

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