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Beg. amphioxus

(Begonia amphioxus) Very exotic species!  Tiny, shrub-like grower with tender stems and narrow, pointed, green leaves with maroon spotting.  Greenish flowers.  Very unusual and collectible.  Requires high humidity, so does best in a terrarium.  Not for the novice grower.


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Beg. amphioxus

Average Rating 5 out of 5


First order with Violet Barn, and very impressed! I've ordered plants from several sites and their packing/shipping is exceptional. My plants arrived in perfect condition. Bought this guy to grow out/propagate for my terrariums. It's a really cool little plant with great color, unusual shape, and it's been really easy to care for. If you're looking for something unique for a terrarium, this is the one!

Kyla Flood Nov 28 2023, 21:26 PM


A beautiful but temperamental begonia. This eye-catching specimen will likely be the first plant in your terrarium to let you know when your humidity is low. Don't be discouraged by some leaf-drop as it can bounce back in good conditions. Worth the effort.

David Bertheaud Jun 16 2023, 00:42 AM

Cute weirdo!

Despite the warning "Not for the novice grower", this one is a happy and fast grower in my terrarium. I keep cutting it down and now have several pots of this polka dot thing. Add a lot of visual interest. I highly recommend this species.

Lanchi Vo Jun 09 2022, 02:47 AM

Beautifully bizarre

If you like strange looking plants, this is one of the best. It grows like a cane begonia in miniature. Despite its reputation for being difficult, I found this one to be very undemanding. I keep mine potted inside a warden case (to give it the humidity it requires) under an LED shoplight. It propagates easily too!

Andy Croft Mar 08 2022, 18:06 PM

Funky Begonia

These guys NEED a lot of humidity! Once you figure out kind of what they like, they grow super super fast! I want another one but i don’t need it! Any begonia lover need one of these in their collection

Julia Hovis Aug 29 2021, 12:50 PM

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