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All Purpose potting mix

12 quart box.  The same mix that we use for nearly all of our plants.  A sterile, soilless, mix that we make ourselves.  Contains 40% sphagnum peat, 50% vermiculite (coarse and extra coarse) and 10% perlite, with wetting agent.  One box contains enough soil to repot approximately: 20 plants in 4" pots, 80 in 2.5"-3" pots, and 100 in 2.25" pots.  We suggest adding 1 part water to 4 parts soil the night before using--this will provide the proper moisture and consistency for easy potting.  Shipped postage-paid (shipping included in price).


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All Purpose potting mix

Average Rating 4.8 out of 5

love this soil

I also use this soil for some of my large houseplants (e.g., pothos, aphelandra, cissus, syngonium)--they appear to love it. (After previously having potted my plants in various big-box store commercial mixes--which invariably resulted in fungus gnat central, aaaghhh!---I tried repotting them in this lighter mix instead, and my houseplants shot up and started growing like they were off to the races.) It drains well and retains just the right amount of moisture. I bottom water all my plants and this soil has worked really well for bottom watering. No issues with fungus gnats.

Rose Sullivan Mar 28 2023, 09:18 AM

But ...

I ordered this in 2020 (and still have a lot left over) and within weeks I was inundated with fungus gnats. And they just keep on coming back. The soil, itself, is excellent and drains beautifully, but ... VB note: we ship soil dry. Fungus gnats will not appear or reproduce if soil is occasionally allowed to dry.

Adrienne Hermann Aug 20 2022, 15:26 PM

Looks great

I’m ordering this mix and I’m so excited to try it based on other reviews!

Anonymous Dec 12 2021, 19:29 PM


My violets were not blooming at all until I repotted them with the All Purpose Potting Soil and they have been happy ever since. I would not use anything else for my precious babies! Expensive but worth having beautiful, healthy plants.

Vicki Richard Sep 13 2021, 17:18 PM

Potting soil

My sister sent me some I love it

Anonymous Jul 24 2020, 20:12 PM

Great soil!

This is the best potting mix I’ve used. My violets love it!

Melissa From Jun 03 2020, 19:23 PM

It's like butter baby!!!

This beautiful luxurious bedding; also known as, all purpose potting mix, is like butter to nice warm fluffy pancakes! It's definitely worth the price point and my AV's love this potting mix...no fungus gnats, no mites, no worries! It's made with pure, light, fluffy love...simply put, it's like butter baby!! Show your AV's some extra love, some rich buttery goodness, skip the retailers and invest in this all purpose potting mix!

Tynisha Kirkley Dec 17 2019, 22:37 PM

Great soil

A friend gave me some of this soil to pot my violet in. Great mixture. I am definitely switching to this mixture. My violets thrive.

Suzanne Linsky Sep 28 2019, 15:09 PM


The best growing media for my violets. Love the mixture. It is just simply perfect.

Anonymous Mar 25 2019, 23:45 PM

Potting Soul!

This is the best potting soul for African violets I have ever use.

Barbara Ledbetter Nov 03 2018, 04:04 AM

Great potting mix!

This is the best potting mix that I found -- my violets love it! will definitely purchase again.

Tammy Pop Oct 21 2018, 17:50 PM

Trying for the first time

This potting mix seems to be just the thing for African violets. I've just received it and have potted several violets in it. Waiting to see how well it works, but if it's good enough for VB, it's good for me! Just wondering if it is recommended for wick watering. Can anyone answer this for me? Thanks to this wonderful company for never disappointing!

Deborah Hudgens Sep 18 2018, 22:13 PM

Great medium

This potting medium is so light in weight (very important to me as I recently broke right arm and had to lug box up to third floor). I had just recently received my first violet (Happy Harold) from Violet Barn and was so impressed with the care taken in packaging and shipping and the health and beauty of the plant itself, that I want to give it the best care when comes time to repot. This mixture will be very kind to the roots as the plant re-establishes itself! So glad you offer this already mixed to right proportions.

Kathleen Driscoll Jul 20 2018, 12:40 PM

Awesome Product

Great product for my beloved violets. Very happy with purchase, will purchase again.

Florence Lu Jun 04 2017, 00:13 AM

Great Potting Soil

I received my first bag of potting soil a couple of months ago. My violets were so happy to get some fresh soil. It's a wonderful product. My violets have thrived in their new soil. I will definitely be ordering another bag later on this year. A great product and great service, thank you Violet Barn!

Molly Phillips Mar 17 2016, 23:49 PM

Great product!

I have ordered this twice now. Plants growing great. Young plants thrive in this.

Darlene Schmoeckel Aug 09 2015, 21:19 PM

great product

I used this potting mix for my African violets and it works really well for them. Going to order it for the third time. its very convenient to have already mixed soil in this quality and always ready to go.

Viktoriya Zaliska Mar 14 2015, 15:30 PM

great dirt!

absorbs water great - plenty to re pot many plants!

Anonymous Nov 19 2014, 15:06 PM

Great Product

I have used up my first box and am ready for more. Totally enjoy working with this light mix.

Tammy Gray Oct 03 2014, 21:57 PM

Plants do not get

This is a light and easy to use mix. I use it for all my african violets and streptocarpus. I have used mixes from the local nursery (commercial blend) and they do not compare with this mix. Roots have room to grow with VB's mix and do not "bog" down. I will continue to use this mix from VB exclusively. Try it and you will see the difference immediately!

Nancy Stevenson Sep 09 2014, 13:57 PM

good for everything!

i pot all of my plants using this mix and my plants started to grow much quicker! love it! i will order it for the third time now!

Natalia Ushak Jun 27 2014, 18:43 PM

Works Wonderfully

I had been using African Violet Potting Mix from a big box store. This is so completely different! It is light weight, absorbs water nicely without becoming too wet. Very easy to work with.

Tammy Gray Jun 02 2014, 18:58 PM

Do it the easy way!

Thought about mixing my own, but this sure is easier. Plants are doing great. My favorite thing about this web site is all the information provided. Got a problem? just look it up in the search box.

Bonnie George Oct 21 2013, 15:54 PM

all purpose potting mix

Coarse vermiculite is hard to find. Been using this mix for 20 yrs, it is the best you can buy.....

Dave Thomas Aug 06 2013, 11:25 AM

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