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African violets and collectible houseplants

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How to get a free plant

There are two ways to have a free plant (our choice) added to your order.

Method #1:

Write a review on our shopping car pages.

You MUST follow EACH of the steps below.

How it works:

  1.  Log in.  You must have an account.  Place order under the same name.
  2.  Go to product page of plant or product you’re familiar with.
  3.  Review the product–good or bad, an honest opinion.
  4.  Place order within 7 days of making the review.
  5.  Place an order and say ‘freebie’ in either coupon or comments field.
  6.  We’ll add a freebie to your order!

Note:  You won’t see the free plant listed

Method #2:

  1. Join the African Violet Society of America from our site when you order.
  2. We’ll add a freebie to your order.
  3. If you order only the membership, we’ll add the free plant to your first/next order.
  4. This offer does not apply for memberships paid for or processed elsewhere (telling us “I’m a member” is not sufficient).

Note: We merely forward your dues and information to the AVSA office*. They will process your membership and send the magazine and membership information in the mail to you. Allow up to 8 weeks for them to process this.

*We do this at a cost to us, and no cost to your or AVSA, as a way to encourage membership.