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A wonderfully graceful plant!  Foliage is so unusually beautiful that the blooms are a happy bonus!  Cascading stems thickly covered in thin, soft, leaves.  Nicely fragrant, white blooms borne on ends of cascading stems.


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Average Rating 4.9 out of 5

Elegant & great for heavy handed waterers

Hoyas roots have a reputation for being rot prone. They do not like sitting in moist media. So, generally Hoyas are not well suited for heavy handed waterers. Of all my Hoyas though, this one is the thirstiest. I tend to underwater and this one definitely will let me know it’s thirsty by wilting. After a good watering the leaves perk right back up. I find that it doesn’t like to go completely dry between waterings. A beautiful plant, easy to propagate and make a dramatic display. Worth growing

Vincent Gomez Nov 01 2023, 21:40 PM

Cute and fuzzy!

Cute little fuzzy Hoya! Really unique with the long leaves. The leaves are not stiff like a retusa but feels like a fuzzy succulent. Growing fast in higher humidity.

Emily Shim Nov 14 2021, 22:32 PM

reminds me of my father

my Dad loved to grow plants both indoors and out. in his later yrs, he closed and screened in part of the balcony and turned it into a mini-greenhouse area. and even grew orchids... talk about patience one of his plants i always loved was a hoya - looks like this one! they are especially beautiful but you must be careful - as they rebloom on a certain plant part, and do not break it off. i will be getting a hoya sometime soon

Laura Andersson Sep 18 2021, 06:11 AM

lovely little hoya

I love this little plant. It is slow growing for me, but it seems to handle the occasional heater malfunctions and heat wave just fine. Those are the 2 situations that I am most likely so lose some plants, but this guy is going strong,

Stephanie Webster Apr 09 2021, 00:26 AM

Very nice!

These came in great condition, and I love them! Such a neat hoya, and hard to find in the US! I'm going to get more to make my pot more full :)

Alden Davis Aug 01 2019, 18:49 PM

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