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Very weird-looking plant!  White blooms with red center.  Compact, very thin, finger-like leaves with look of ends 'chopped off'.  Spreading or cascading habit.


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Average Rating 4.9 out of 5

It’s weird alright

I’m not sure weird is the word for this one. It’s a little beyond that. Mine is growing well. It looks like a pot full of green hair right now. It hasn’t bloomed yet but interesting just the same

Vicki Rhyne Aug 19 2022, 17:32 PM

Most unusual

If you are looking for something out of the ordinary, look no further. The foliage is almost hairlike. Can’t wait for it to bloom

Vicki Rhyne Apr 23 2022, 17:29 PM

Wild but wonderful!

This is the plant for your head-shaped planter. Unkempt and full, and the fragrant blooms will really make her your favorite plant.

Helen Bachughn Nov 09 2021, 21:59 PM

Beautifully fragrant

I have had this plant for over a year , just recently it started blooming and with 3 blooms together my whole room smells wonderful

Harpreet Chawla Jul 08 2020, 11:46 AM

So happy to have found

I was looking for this one for awhile and did see them for much more elsewhere. I was thrilled to find one here for so cheap! And I was not disappointed when I received mine. I love that I get fully rooted plants, not cuttings from The Violet Barn.

Nyana Singh Apr 26 2020, 22:21 PM

Really weird plant, and also an easy bloomer

My retusa was suffering until I realized it needed more water than I expected it to with it's thin leaves, After I rectified that, it started taking off! It gave me a bloom before any of the other hoya cuttings I received, too! It likes to twine.

P Westervelt Feb 27 2019, 17:15 PM

wonderful little hoyas

I have searched for this great plant since Fall 2018 so I am thrilled to receive the 2 I ordered from you. They arrived in excellent shape even though it is a Michigan, very cold, January. They are now in there new home here in my bright kitchen window and make me smile every time I see them.

Nancy Brown Feb 04 2019, 15:56 PM

small but healthy cutting

small but healthy cutting, grew well after I received it, even though it was through the winter time.

Isabel Kwan Jul 25 2018, 22:20 PM

Beautiful Plant!!

This small hoya is unique and love the look. I cannot wait to see it flower. I highly recommend this little hoya and as always arrived in great condition.

James Hood Sep 13 2014, 23:52 PM

I Love Hoya's

I have this hoya retusa and simply love it. It's tiny & can fit in anywhere you have a little window space. Mine is hanging above my kitchen sink. Needs very little care to bloom or grow. I smile every morning when I go to the kitchen.

Meralinda Owings Mar 14 2014, 17:32 PM


Hi-I am a true hoya addict-cant seem to get enough of them--they have been in my family for years--everyone always notices how different they are-but when they flower-omg-they are just beautiful.

violet frazer Jan 14 2013, 17:34 PM

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