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Jersey Starlight Trail

Beautiful trailer, soon to a favorite of ours.  Sdbl. creamy-white pansies with pink eye.  Green and cream variegated foliage (variegation best when grown cool).  Good bloomer and easy grower.  Semiminiature trailing foliage.  AVSA #10671 (Kurzynski)


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Jersey Starlight Trail

Average Rating 4.7 out of 5

Absolutely Adorable!!

I thought I had it bad for violets before, then I received my first trailer type!! I am completely in love with this plant, I can’t stop staring at its glittery powder pink petals. The blooms resemble tiny roses and they twinkle like stars, well almost! The foliage is also a very attractive chartreuse and cream. The plant came in great condition and had one unopened bloom upon arrival. Now two months later it’s exploding with blooms. I highly recommend this variety!

Amanda Adams Jan 20 2023, 17:51 PM

Rob’s Vanilla Trail

I ordered Bob’s Vanilla Trail today along with 2 other trailers. I am somewhat new to AV’s, but I am in love with trailers. I love that there is no fuss regarding growth patterns (ie extra crowns are a good thing). Because I am a novice I tend to follow the description that Violet Barn writes quite closely. This particular plant uses descriptors like soon to be a favorite, good bloomer and easy grower. I figure that if the seller uses these buzz words I will have an easier shot at keeping it alive and hopefully thriving. This is my second order from Violet Barn and I will continually order from them because you get a beautiful AV when you do. I was also super happy with the way my AV’s were packaged.. I didn’t even lose a leaf and one plant was beginning to flower and the other flowered shortly after I received it.

Cathy Engleman Sep 13 2022, 13:26 PM

Prefers lower light

Jersey Starlight Trail is beautiful, but a bit particular. If grown under the same lights as other violets, the crowns become very very tight. I have more success placing her at the very end of the light shelf, or on a shaded windowsill. That being said, she did develop four crowns without encouragement. :)

Karen Spencer May 26 2022, 19:37 PM

So pretty!

I love this little African Violet...mine is always in bloom and so easy to grow!

DeAnna Self May 02 2022, 11:24 AM

Beautuful Foliage

Obvoiusly the Violet Barn knows what it's doing when growing these babies. I received my new plant (completely undamaged!) in the middle of winter, and this little Jersey Starlight Trail has beautiful tiny variegated leaves, which I didn't expect on it so young. Thank you for a wonderful little plant!

Virginia Hornsby Jan 15 2022, 11:21 AM

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