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LE Violetta

Spectacular, large, very dark purple, slightly fringed, blooms with large, bright white throat.  Larger grower.  Stunning!


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LE Violetta

Average Rating 4.1 out of 5


I love 2 toned varieties and this one is spectacular! First, it's a strong grower. The leaves grow somewhat upright like a vase and in maturity blooms so profusely that it looks like a florist's bouquet. The flowers are large, held upright on strong stems. Bloom color, deep purple with dark red undertones and white just spilling onto the petals forming a scallop on each. It grows fast also. Top quality!

Rose Fixel Jun 14 2024, 04:29 AM

Not blooming yet

But I have only just received it. Well packaged, no signs of stress - it is spring time though, neither frost nor heat are at work. It is my first strep, never heard of them prior, and find the shape quite peculiar. Cannot wait for it to bloom

Diana Klych Apr 22 2022, 23:06 PM


I started collecting Streps a few months back, and I'm running out of room! I have over 50 in my collection now and this is one of my favorites! I absolutely love the blooms! You can't go wrong with this one!

Floyd Carter Aug 12 2021, 17:17 PM

Great plant!

This one is a strong grower and went from a tiny little two leaf plant to one of my largest streps with an abundance of healthy leaves and many blooms! One of the leaves tends to do primarily purple blooms but all the rest look just like the picture with big white centers. I personally like a little variety. But it was a healthy little strep to start with and has continued to flourish. Thanks!

dayna willems Feb 20 2021, 17:40 PM

Does not always bloom true (can even bloom solid purple)

When the first plant arrived from the VB, it bloomed solid purple. I sent a picture and asked for a replacement. They sent a new plant but said that the photo I sent didn't look like anything they sell. The replacement has a SPECTACULAR purple and white bloom that has a flat shape more like a gloxinia bloom. Yesterday I posted photos of it on two streptocarpus Facebook sites, and everyone RAVED about it (it got over 200 likes between the two groups). Then this morning two group members told me that this type of bloom doesn't always bloom true and can even bloom solid purple! (So, I WASN'T sent the wrong plant the first time!) I just had to post a caution on the two FB groups that I learned that my plant was a "sport" and that I didn't want anyone to order the plant thinking that their blooms would end up looking like mine. Too late. Two people had already ordered the plant. I wouldn't be surprised if The VB gets SEVERAL orders based on my photos.

John Robinson Apr 21 2018, 10:41 AM

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