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Rob's Chilly Willy

Frequent Best in Show winner, a superior showplant.  Dbl. white fluted stars with blue overlay and edges.  White, yellow, and green variegated foliage.  Heavy and constant bloomer. Miniature.  AVSA #9461


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Rob's Chilly Willy

Average Rating 4.9 out of 5

A must have!

Adorable and prolific show-proven hybrid! I actually have multiples of this one due to show potential.

Michelle Wickersheim Apr 23 2024, 15:46 PM

Love it

Chilly Willy is adorable! I am very happy that I found Violet barn, I am very satisfied with the quality of the plants that I have received. LS

Anonymous Apr 20 2024, 00:40 AM

Love it

I bought Chilly Willy, around 2 weeks ago. It is even more beautiful in person? I am very satisfied with Violetbarn packaging and service. Thanks, I

Lida Sheppard Mar 30 2024, 08:33 AM

Cute little guy

A delightful little guy who is easy to grow. Despite the name, it will warm your heart

C Zaba Nov 04 2023, 16:38 PM

Loves to bloom

This little beauty has been blooming for over three weeks now and shows no sign of stopping. Great little african violet!

Linda Gilli Sep 02 2023, 09:37 AM

Lovely little plant

This plant came in excellent condition. They take extra care when packing them up. It blooms very well for me as long as I keep on top of fertilizer. I use the wick method to water

Madeline Repath Aug 23 2023, 16:07 PM

Love Rob's Chilly Willy

As always, my violets arrived from the Violet Barn very well packed and in perfect condition. Not a leaf was damaged. Rob's Chilly Willy has such beautiful leaves and flowers!

Anonymous Aug 10 2023, 04:49 AM


This is such a cute little violet and one everyone should grow!

Anonymous May 30 2023, 15:13 PM

One of My Favorites

This is a wonderful little plant. It always shapes up well and it never stops blooming.

Anonymous Oct 07 2022, 02:18 AM

Really Beautiful Variegated Foliage

This little guy has the prettiest little variegated leaves. He's sure to be a delight even when not in bloom. My flowers are more towards the blue/lavender color (not pink). Really great mini.

Julie Kendall May 25 2022, 15:34 PM


I love the beautiful, pointed variegated leaves and the gorgeous, double blooms on this plant!

Katie Brymer May 04 2022, 23:22 PM

Beautiful variegation

The leaves also grow beautifully. Many flowers bloom so you can enjoy decorating them. It is an easy-to-grow and durable variety.

AKIKO YAMAMOTO Feb 20 2022, 06:25 AM

LOVE the foliage

This little guy has such beautiful foliage that i wouldn’t mind if it never bloomed. Mine is still young, but has been an easy grower so far. Love it!

Stephani Boswell Feb 06 2022, 13:40 PM

One of MANY lovely plants in my last order

I received this one with my last shipment. When I say the plant was stunning, it's the under-statement of the year. I posted a pic of the entire order received on one of my FB violet groups and had hundreds of responses and numerous people that noted that they placed an order as a result. Will be ordering plants again.

Sheri Stevenson Sep 16 2021, 19:06 PM

So cute!

This little sweetie has perfect foliage, precious and symmetrical. Mine is coming into bloom but is just darling even without flowers. I appreciate Violet Barn’s packaging more than I can say…it’s the best. All plants are wonderfully packaged and arrive in beautiful condition.

Karen Spencer Sep 13 2021, 13:51 PM

Very healthy minis with very interesting leaf coloring

I accidentally purchased two of Rob's Chilly Willy but couldn't be happier that I did. The coloring of the leaves is quite unusual and the minis came to me in very nice condition. I've only had them for about half a month, but they are growing tiny new leaves in the centers of both plants. I can't wait to see them bloom!

Tammi Foxwell Aug 26 2021, 18:08 PM

My all time favorite!

This is always a showy little pleaser! I love having several around my house to keep up the cheer!

Julie Perdue Aug 20 2021, 15:27 PM

Rob's Chilly Willy

So I am sorry to admit that I have killed 2 of these darling little plants before they even bloomed! Due to my inexperience. I managed to save a leaf and plant it. It just wouldn't make babies for some reason. Then I lowered my humidity tray cover. I had a baby growing in no time! right now it is still to tiny to separate from Momma, but I cannot wait to see it a full size plant with blooms, finally (as full as a semi min can be, anyways). I am so hooked on plants from VB. I am obsessed! I have read some people say that plants seem to do better when you start it yourself so fingers crossed I don't kill this one!

Gina Chase Aug 18 2021, 14:12 PM


Ordered this one with my last order and I am absolutely in love! Beautiful variegation in the leaves, can't wait to see this one grow.

Amanda Cox Aug 02 2021, 21:18 PM

Beautiful all around!

This mini is gorgeous! The leaves are beautiful on their own but when the blooms start going it’s magical. Easy to grow and absolutely a favorite.

Ashley Speranzella Jul 04 2021, 18:21 PM

A tried and true easy to grow favorite!

I have been growing this for 7 years and it just is a no-nonsense little plant! Grows well, blooms amazing, Hardy, and absolutely gorgeous.

SUSANNA YODER Jun 16 2021, 11:33 AM

Love the Leaves too!

I got Chilly Willy because my dachshund was named Willy. But I'm soo glad I did! The flowers are beautiful and so are the leaves. I would order this one again.

Anonymous Jun 02 2021, 08:09 AM


No blooms, but it's growing great since we've gotten it. It's crown is a lot more dimensional than what it looks like in the pictures. Very yellow variegation that goes white the further down from the crown you go.

Erin Carlie May 08 2021, 10:52 AM

Tiny stunner!

I bought this as a gift and when I opened the box I immediately went online to order another one! The foliage is perfect and precious, and I absolutely love the mini size! Wonderful little violet.

Anastasia Dudzinski Apr 22 2021, 11:25 AM

Chilly Willy a must have!

It has beautiful foliage & a bonus when it flowers! One of my favorite minis.

Liza Ponce Apr 11 2021, 22:10 PM

Love this one

Love this one so much I ordered 2 last year & didn’t realize it until I was repotting

Liza Ponce Mar 02 2021, 16:10 PM


I bought my first Chilly Willy violet 2 years ago and have loved it so much I'm buying another! It is so perfectly tiny and so beautiful. It makes me so happy each time it blooms. I highly recommend this lovely plant!

Donnie Shaker Feb 12 2021, 15:58 PM

Chilly willy

This is a gorgeous plant and the blooms are much prettier than the picture. It bloomed within three months after I purchased it.

Anonymous Jan 29 2021, 23:15 PM


I was waiting for this little one to show up so I can leave a review. What a cutie! It’s not blooming yet, but the foliage itself is gorgeous. It had no problem adapting even though I replanted it, then moved it a couple of times from the window to under the grow light, then again to a different shelf. Doesn’t seem to mind wherever it’s at. Thanks!

Larissa Fedotov Nov 26 2020, 17:26 PM

Awesome Cutie

This is one of the cutest mini's ever. Constant bloomer and spectacular leaves.

Anonymous Oct 28 2020, 16:43 PM

Gorgeous even without blooms

Arrived in stellar condition. Stunning variegated foliage with tons of new growth! I can't wait for this baby to bloom. *

Hazel Flaum Oct 27 2020, 11:38 AM

Been on the wish list!

I finally got around to buying this little mini and it is absolutely tiny, has great variegation, starting to get blooms and has nice symmetry. Only thing to note is mine does appear to have a couple tiny suckers wanting to grow. I plan to pluck them off shortly.

Lindsey Sinclair Oct 25 2020, 13:17 PM

super cute, nice foliage

Great addition to my collection! Tiny but attractive overall. I can't wait to see its blooms. It was carefully packed that there was no broken leaves on transport/shipping and it arrived healthy and happy:). With my experiences buying AVs from different vendors and private sellers, VIOLET BARN has the best plants, on time processing/shipping and careful packaging. They care about the plants travel and arrival to its new home.

LEVENEE ESIONG Oct 25 2020, 02:22 AM

Small and beautiful!

My first mini and I am not disappointed. Beautiful leaves, can’t wait to see it with blooms. Glad I decided to take the chance on a mini.

Ginger Parker Oct 19 2020, 13:44 PM

Just. Wow!

The foliage is absolutely stunning! I cannot wait for it to bloom. Everything looks healthy. The size is adorable. Hoping to keep him looking fantastic !

Jade Tang Oct 02 2020, 03:03 AM

Love this little plant!

This little plant is so pretty! It just bloomed for me and I love it even more! You will not be sorry if you order this little plant! I will probably buy another!

jennifer dandy Oct 01 2020, 16:49 PM

Robs Chilly Willy

This is my first time ordering from The Violet Barn. I ordered 7 Different mini AVs and all were securely packaged and very healthy. I was hoping that some would have some blooms or showing color but that’s not the case. I’m very happy with my order. Looking forward to seeing Chilly Willy and his other buddies throw out some blooms.

Susan Bender Sep 30 2020, 11:28 AM

Pretty foliage

This plant is really nice with very light variegated leaves. I can't wait to see it bloom!

Susan Haida Sep 25 2020, 15:17 PM


This is a super cute plant, the leaves color are so special. Love it!

Hera Koo Sep 23 2020, 00:42 AM

Beautiful contrast!

The flowers are beautiful. The contrast between the flowers and light leaves is very attractive.

Diann Klotzbier Sep 21 2020, 16:59 PM

A favorite!

This is one of the prettiest little violets ever. Very easy. Nice foliage and covers itself in a nearly constant stream of blooms. I called her Chilly Willie because my Mom was named Willie. She didn't mind at all!

Dorothy Cate Sep 05 2020, 10:28 AM

Must Have Mini!

My favorite mini thus far. Prolific bloomer with beautiful blooms and variegated leaves! Placing another order today for more minis.

Angela Bush Aug 09 2020, 21:00 PM

Such a prolific bloomer!

I got this plant about two months ago and it just started blooming. On a small 2" plant, I counted about 12 buds so far in addition to the flowers! I can't wait to see what future blooming cycles have in store. I am so impressed by this variety and so happy to be able to show it off as part of my violet collection.

Jenna Perry Aug 05 2020, 11:36 AM

So Pretty

I received this plant and it was so healthy. It bloomed beautifully right after I received it. I gave it to a friend as a birthday present and she was delighted. It is still growing yet.

Anonymous Aug 03 2020, 15:19 PM

One of my favs

I got this violet a few months ago and it gets better every day ! I might have to buy another one because it is so pretty to look at !!

Debra Watje May 05 2020, 14:00 PM

Rob’s Chilly Willy

This was my first venture with mini violets. I am extremely pleased with this plant. The leaves are beautiful and it has bloomed several times. It is a beautiful little plant!

Nancy Propst Apr 18 2020, 21:33 PM

Beautiful plant

Just got into mini's and love this one. The foliage is beautiful. I'm still awaiting flower's but have buds!!!

Amy Schroeder Apr 09 2020, 01:04 AM


this was my very 1st mini violet & what a stunner with the variegated foliage but the little blooms are what makes this variety POP!. I was definitely surprised @ how small it was in person. Especially since I'm used to the standard sized ones but definitely worth it to have in any collection, what a cutie + definitely a KEEPER to! :) Packaging was AA+++ as always & maybe 1 leaf got bent during shipping but otherwise she was perfect, great job violet barn!!! Sadly, i lost her within the past 3 yrs. & not sure why but in hopes of getting a replacement soon

Jennifer Anderson Apr 08 2020, 05:20 AM

Perfect foliage, heavy bloomer

This has been an easy grower for me. Under bright light, the leaves grow in almost white. The blooms are a blue-purple color and the blooms are almost constant as long as you remove suckers. Wonderful mini violet.

Jessica Erace Mar 27 2020, 15:15 PM

Beautiful Foliage

This is one of my very first african violets. I was not expecting the foliage to be sparkly! No flowers yet, but I would happily keep it even if it never bloomed just for the leaves.

Taylor DeVries Jan 25 2020, 17:55 PM

Must have!

My absolute favorite mini. This violet arrived in bloom and it hasn't stopped blooming since. I brought it to work just so I could stare at it all day. There are currently over ten buds on it! Worth every penny.

Jackson Pike Sep 09 2019, 15:06 PM

Chilly Willy Stunner

I have a number of miniature violets and this is one of my favorites. The variegated leaves and the purple/white blooms make for a stunning plant. I’m even buying a second to give to my mom. Definitely recommend!

Lori Mathews Sep 02 2019, 17:54 PM

This variegation!

If the flowers don't get you, the foliage will. It is my absolute favorite! The way the older leaves darken and the younger leaves are almost completely white. It's like a beautiful hombre plant.

Stephanie Elrod Aug 14 2019, 23:46 PM


I've only had it for a couple months and it's already a favorite. It's so adorable and has been growing quickly!

Emily Phenix Aug 02 2019, 07:09 AM

Rob's Chilly Willy

I purchased Rob's Chilly Willy earlier this year (May '19) and it has become one of my favorite plants. The plant arrived well packaged and healthy. It's now has numerous purple/white blooms and buds and looks like the the lighter picture. Thanks Violet Barn for another great plant!

Eric Johnson Jul 29 2019, 22:49 PM

Cutie pie

I was gifted a leaf of Rob’s Chilly Willy, and after a long winter it is blooming for the first time. Love love love this little plant. Even when not in bloom I adore the variegated foliage. The flowers are a very true blue, splashed on white. in short this little guy packs a lot of charm and has a permanent place in my windowsill garden.

Iauzald Benevides Jul 01 2019, 03:48 AM


I adore this little miniature! Even though it's small it grows fairly quickly. It has lovely variegation on the leaves. I've had it a few weeks and can't wait for it to bloom! Thanks Violet Barn!

Pamela Leclair Jun 24 2019, 18:01 PM

Cute little violet

I got this violet several years ago. It has beautiful variegation that I enjoy watching change with the seasons. I rarely fertilize the poor thing, and the water hasn't been the most consistent, yet it still grows and looks pretty. It doesn't bloom very often, but that's entirely my fault due to the neglect it's suffered, something I intend to remedy. When it does bloom, the flowers are beautiful.

Crystal Patterson Jun 22 2019, 22:56 PM

Love this one

This little one has the prettiest colored bright green leaves along with being variegated, who needs blooms. It will be nice though to see the blooms against the foliage. It is sure to be one of my favorites.

Nancy Breen Jun 11 2019, 17:52 PM

What a wnner!

This just the loveliest little plant! It is very uniform and regular. The blooms just popped up in the middle to form the cutest bouquet. I would recommended this baby to mini lovers!

Barbara Dixon May 11 2019, 03:26 AM

Chilly Willy has Amazing Foliage

I love heavy Variegated foliage and Chilly Willy is just beautiful, even when not in bloom. Love it.

Dianna Godberson May 02 2019, 01:30 AM


This plant is amazing. Came in bloom and so beautiful. Soft bright green variegated leaves with gorgeous pastel blue and white Blooms more true to the 2nd picture. I love this one and I want to share it with everyone I know

Gina Montagna Feb 24 2019, 23:41 PM

Growing so fast!

When I saw how *very* variegated the leaves on my Rob’s Chilly Willy were I figured it my grow rather slowly - not that I’d mind. But it’s actually grown significantly over just the couple of weeks that I’ve had it so far. No buds (yet) but the foliage almost seems to glow, and the leaves are a gorgeous shape.

Emily Sappenfield Nov 02 2018, 00:36 AM

Lovely Bloomer

I absolutely love this little plant! I’ve had it for a couple of years now and it’s continually in bloom! Clusters and clusters of beautiful flowers! And they last for months! I’m waiting for it to stop blooming so I can repot it but i haven’t been able to. The variegation is also beautiful!

Lori Blotz Oct 10 2018, 21:50 PM

Love this one

I have had this one for a year and it is really cute. One of my favorite small ones. Very delicate though. I would recommend leaving it in the cup the send it in, until it gets larger nd then putting it in a small container.

Kathalina McGinnis Oct 07 2018, 16:08 PM

Special order of 10 minis

They came in great shape. Rob’s Chilly Willy is my favorite one so far (not all of them have bloomed yet). I definitely will order again. Thank you!

Anonymous Sep 03 2018, 22:10 PM

Hardy Little Beauty

I received this as my free plant from Violet Barn. As soon as I received this plant I made the mistake of repotting this in an Organic African Violet potting mix instead of my hand made mix of peat and perlite. Some leaves immediately began to rot, so I went back to my old tried and true soil. I was surprised to see it bounce back so quickly and keep it's shape. So pleased with this hardy little beauty.

Lisa Alcala Aug 25 2018, 11:08 AM

My favorite!

This is the cutest little plant! I love the foliage, it’s very neat without needing much grooming.

Anna Williams Jul 23 2018, 21:09 PM

Chilly Willy

A lovely little plant that arrived in good health. So far, no blooms. But I expect to see some anyway!

elaine chiappetta Jun 26 2018, 22:17 PM

What a beautiful little plant!

I just love the blue and white on the petals and the variegated foilage. It is such a beautiful combination. Thanks so much for answering all my questions when I called. You have great customer service!

Susan Byerly Jun 08 2018, 16:06 PM

Arrived in bloom

This plant was in excellent condition when it arrived. Even had blooms! I haven't killed it yet, but it's not thriving. Not sure what I'm doing wrong.

Chris Roam May 11 2018, 14:45 PM


This is the first african violet I ever bought, and it is so cute! I love the variegation on the leaves and I'm waiting for its little buds to open up. Would definitely buy again!

Amy Chinn Sep 03 2017, 16:07 PM

Cute little Willy!

Lost this plant a while back and when I saw it on the cover of the African Violet magazine I forgot how cute Chilly Willy can be. The variegated foliage is just as pretty as the flowers. Just had to have it back in my small collection again. Would love to put this plant in a show as it does shape nicely.

Mary Ellen Burkhart Aug 14 2017, 21:38 PM

Simply Adorable!

I got this plant several years ago and I had it for a couple of years (a long time for my black thumb!). As soon as I took it out of the packaging I sent pictures of it to my friends. The variegation on this tiny plant is simply adorable!

Jacqueline Aug 07 2017, 03:14 AM

Put it on your "Need" list...

This is a fabulous plant. The variegation is superb and the blooms are fantastic. I've had flowers range in color from light to dark, depending on time of year/temp and any way it blooms, I just love it. I've had other growers covet my little Chilly Willy. Gotta have it.

Jennifer Less Jun 15 2017, 09:34 AM

Gorgeous little plant

I purchased Rob's Chilly Willy on my last order. It has perfect symmetry and I think it's going to make a terrific show plant. We'll find out in about 7 months! I don't think you can go wrong with this one!

Wayne Geeslin Apr 22 2017, 23:12 PM

Beautiful Plant!

I bought this plant a little over a year ago, and despite some mistakes on my part, it has done well. It flowered shortly after I got it, and now that I have fixed the light issues that I had, it is now flowering again! It looks fantastic even when not flowering, due to the nicely variegated foliage.

Kathryn Lawson Nov 21 2016, 13:49 PM


Rob's has a "cool" plant with this one. The foliage is very variegated and the flowers adorn the plant with different shades.

Linda Mangold Nov 10 2016, 10:19 AM

Beyond expectation!

I wish these reviews could include pictures. :) I recently received a nice sized order of mostly minis and immediately fell in love with this one above all of the others I'd carefully picked out. Beyond the 2 lovely flowers it already had- which were a perfect match somehow for the leaves, I was simply 'smitten' by the beauty of the gorgeous variegated leaves! I'm very partial to a crisp white in variegated leaves, but these tiny beauties are a crisp lemony yellow variegation that is very pleasant and just as nice. The photos here didn't reveal how attractive it really is. It was so charming that I just had to quickly share photos online, lol. It has a perfect rosette shape and always catches my eye when I look over a collection. Much more attractive than I expected! Out of all I'd just bought- I didn't expect this one to instantly be my new favorite!

Janet Brooks Aug 28 2016, 15:01 PM

Beautiful Little Thing

This little plant arrived today in great shape having been carefully prepped and shipped. I love, love this little AV. It is not blooming but it is such a nice plant. I am going to order another one as I purchased this one as a gift but want to have one for myself.

Judy Whittimore May 13 2016, 23:48 PM

Cute plant

I received this and several other plants and have had them for several weeks. So far so good! Lost a couple of leaves due to careless handling on my part (I dropped it) but it has recovered! Can't wait until it blooms. I have it in a curio cabinet that has a light on a timer.

Patricia Getha Nov 02 2015, 11:04 AM

Sweet Little Mini

Love the variegated foliage, new growth leaves are nicely variegated even with the warm summer weather. Sweet little blooms, though mine is not as prolific as pictured, but always gets compliments from friends.

Nancy Roth Sep 22 2015, 00:19 AM

Absolutely Perfect!

beautiful little plant already blooming. Impeccable packing. I will definitely order again. Exceeded my expectations.

Penny Parramore Sep 11 2015, 22:39 PM

Surprisingly easy to grow

Love this gorgeous baby. Gave one to my brother who has never grown AVs before and it is doing beautifully!

Alba Sequeira Sep 07 2015, 13:33 PM


This little av arrived yesterday and is blooming like crazy. The flowers are lavender and gorgeous. Thank you again VB!

Irene Fukuji Aug 07 2015, 12:19 PM

Great plant!

This is a great little plant that makes an outstanding show plant or just a bright spot in your window. It's super cute even when it's not in bloom.

Merna Addison Jun 13 2015, 01:03 AM


The shipping is prompt and the packing is done really well. I have ordered several plants and they are all absolutely fabulous. Rob's Chilly Willy is one of my favorites.

Cheryl McKenzie May 04 2015, 14:06 PM


Excellent plant, one of my favorites!!!

Spencer Lancaster Apr 30 2015, 21:25 PM


This is one of the best miniatures you can grow, its perfect.

Anonymous Apr 27 2015, 04:40 AM

great plant

Great little miniature, blooms very often for me, flowers are a little more blue/purple for me though.

Tyler Johnson Apr 11 2015, 14:00 PM

Cool will

This is so cool I have to share it with someone!

Sam Cunningham Nov 12 2014, 19:18 PM

One of my favorites

I absolutely love the coloring of this plant. I saw where someone said that this picture does not do it justice, They are correct. I will let you use my pictures if you want. Definitely one of my favorites.

Susan Earnheart-Terrell Nov 07 2014, 01:36 AM

A Gorgeous Mini

This little plant has produced a whole head of blooms about a month after I received it. It is just a gorgeous little bloomer putting on a great show. Love it.

Zoraida Bacallao Oct 07 2014, 10:40 AM

My First Mini's

I ordered several minis in my first order from you about a month ago and all are doing great. These were my first Minis. Such nice healthy plants and great packaging! If I had to pick a favorite it would have to be Rob's Chilly Willy, though not yet blooming, the leaves are so lovely. I smile everytime I look at it!

Dorothea Widerski Sep 07 2014, 16:05 PM

Beautiful plant

LOVE the foliage on this plant - it's a beauty even without flowers. Can't wait to see the blooms. Beautifully packaged! Love this one!

Paul Gerthoffer Sep 06 2014, 18:56 PM


This adorable little plant arrived in great condition and packaged with care. The variegation is beautiful!It arrived with buds, which should bloom in a few days. A pleasant surprise!

Anonymous Aug 31 2014, 00:22 AM


The photo really doesn't do this little gem justice. It took a little adjusting to get the light right for the foliage and blossoms, but the flowers are almost like bells. Perfect little plant.

Diana McAninch Aug 11 2014, 18:47 PM

Perfect little show plant :-)

I love Rob's Chilly Willy! It's always in bloom and forms into a perfect show plant all by itself! You can't go wrong with this little guy

Margie Warren Jun 02 2014, 20:48 PM

LOVE the leaves

I ordered several mini violets and many of them are already blooming. This one is not, but it's my favorite because of the beautiful yellow and green variegated foliage. I can only imagine what it'll be like when it's covered in beautiful blooms.

Krystal Kelly May 20 2014, 23:43 PM


This violet starting blooming after i got it and has stayed in bloom so pretty.Freebie

Jearldine S Fink May 14 2014, 11:11 AM

Chilly Willy

Beautiful plant the blooms on it so pretty love the foilage.

Jearldine S Fink May 14 2014, 11:08 AM

Chilly Willy Lovely and Petite

Absolutely lovely little thing. I bought two of them and one other to ring around a small variegated braided Ficus tree. Just beautiful-one arrived in bloom and the others will follow suit quickly I'm sure! The variegation is just beautiful!

Judith Jernigan Apr 27 2014, 19:39 PM

buying another one

I had this plant for a couple years and it was a tough one and bloomed easier than most for me but it needed attention and didn't get it for a little too long so I am buying another one. It is a real beauty!

Diana Spiering Mar 31 2014, 22:01 PM

Love it!

My favourite miniature..

Mihaela-Violeta Enache Jan 05 2014, 13:11 PM

Sweet Little PLant

I got this plant with a few blooms on it—it was so adorable. Just a little over a month later, all of the blooms have faded, but there are a couple more on the way! The foliage on this plant is beautiful. Excellent plant.

Jacqueline Sep 28 2013, 17:33 PM


I was so pleased to receive Chilly Willy in full bloom. It is even better in person than the pic! Great little plant.

Lynda Lyday Sep 11 2013, 09:50 AM

robs chilly willy

Bought several weeks ago. So far it has been an easy shaper and prolific bloomer. Practically grows itself, just add water and light.

kristie moore Aug 26 2013, 16:26 PM

Love This Plant

I've had this plant for several years. It blooms constantly it seems like. Not real picky about sunlight because I have mine in a northern exposure and it still thrives.

Karen Cary Jul 26 2013, 13:17 PM

Katie Pope

This plant is beautiful! I just got mine a couple days ago and it was blooming when I took it out of the box. I love it!

Katie Pope Jul 06 2013, 20:24 PM

Great Little Plant!

This plant grows very symmetrical. It is also a somehwhat heavy bloomer. Colors range from white with some bluish overlay to almost all bluish purple! Great little plant.

Jeremy May 16 2013, 13:22 PM


I received this plant as if it were ready to go on the show table! Absolutely beautiful symmetry and lots of blooms. Definitely my favorite so far.

Lovie May 09 2013, 17:23 PM

What a cutie!

Received this cutie along with several other plants. All came well packaged and in great shape. This plant has a perfect shape and adorable little flowers. Love it!

Marilyn Newton May 08 2013, 01:40 AM

Love this cutie

I had this little guy at work, and the oohs and aahs from clients and coworkers were constant. What a great little plant.

Teresa Fairchild Apr 12 2013, 13:04 PM

Rob's Chilly Willy

This little cutie arrived blooming and has not stopped once! Thank you,beautiful plants and excellent service. I look forward to many more orders from The Violet Barn.

Pat Hale Feb 26 2013, 20:31 PM

Great Plants

I ordered Chilly Willy as one of a 4 in my first group of mini african violets. They all came in wonderful condition, 2 already blooming. Chilly Willy started blooming shortly after arriving and has not stopped since. I have kept them in the pots they arrived in, placing the pots in low containers so that I can water. All have grown wonderully and are nice healthy plants.

Shannon Hubner Dec 23 2012, 10:10 AM

Almost Ridiculously Floriferous!

A week after receiving Chilly Willy from Violet Barn, I became very ill and my violets were left to the care of my overworked and violet ignorant husband. After almost 4 months of his well intentioned semi-neglect, my Chilly Willy looked like the picture on the Violet Barn website! This has got to be one of the toughest and most floriferous violets ever!

Effie Cross Oct 13 2012, 15:56 PM



NOVA BARTA Oct 08 2012, 15:28 PM

Rob's Symetrical Plants

This ia another great plant of Rob's. I grows little and is so symetrical. These are the plants I like to grow. You don't have to fight all the time to keep it symetrical. Plus like most of Rob's plants it loves to perform with plenty of blossoms! Rob really has this hybridizing thing down!

Wilson Cronk Aug 23 2012, 17:27 PM

Chilly Willy

I love this little miniature violet. The leaves are beautiful and so neatly arranged that it is beautiful even when not in bloom. The packaging is superb. So happy that a friend told me about the Violet Barn.

Elizabeth Priest Jul 14 2012, 11:33 AM

Wonderful little plant

This little plant is amazing. Arrived with a couple blooms and now is blooming like crazy. Definite plus to my collection.

Mindy H Jun 30 2012, 16:44 PM


This was the first miniature I ever ordered. The cutest little thing! It arrived wonderfully packaged and was already sporting buds and ready to bloom. I grow this under lights. It is a great little bloomer, symmetrical and gorgeous foliage . I love it!

Geraldine Garvin Jun 19 2012, 12:24 PM

Just Beautiful

I received this as a gift. It's blooming all the time! and the flowers are just adorable!

Echo May 16 2012, 18:28 PM

Love it!

This is one of my favorite minis. Easy to grow, shapes itself nicely, and tons of blooms!

Tara Adams Apr 30 2012, 18:52 PM

Chilly Willy

Grew this little gem several years ago (gave it away to a dear friend as a gift). Easy to grow, pretty blooms. Kept it in a small terrarium. Definite "must have".

Omar Rios Apr 17 2012, 23:21 PM


I received this plant today, it was a 'freebie' for the order I placed. I could not believe how cute it is, it came IN BLOOM!!!! It already has 3 open flowers & 2 buds waiting to open. I didn't pick it myself, but it has to be one of my favorites! Thanks Violet Barn

Brooke Ball Dec 08 2011, 19:28 PM


Without a doubt one of the cutest plants I have ever owned. It will win your heart!

Fred Bellairs Dec 01 2011, 20:26 PM

Gorgeous Variegated

Symmetrical, variegated cream-white and green. Lovely center with even growth around, full. I love it even if it has no flowers!

Jamie Walcott Aug 17 2011, 14:57 PM


I received this plant about a week ago. It is absolutely gorgeous, full of blooms and the variegated foliage is such a pretty shade of green. I love it!

Linda Gorman Aug 15 2011, 14:49 PM

THE Best little mini

This plant has it all!! Great symmetry, lovely variegation, beautiful blooms in great abundance. One of my favorite show plants!

Marie Schultz Apr 05 2011, 15:27 PM

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