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Rob's Combustible Pigeon

Best New Cultivar at 2008 AVSA show.  Excellent showplant.  Sdbl. pink pansies with blue fantasy speckles and white edging.  Green and gold variegated semiminiature foliage.  AVSA #9462


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Rob's Combustible Pigeon

Average Rating 4.9 out of 5

Very fun plant!

I got a small plant from my local AV club years ago and always enjoyed the spectacular blooms and foliage. I found that it was a bit picky about light but once I found the right spot under my lights it did fine. Sadly, I lost this plant when moving a few years ago. Maybe I’ll grow it again some day! And how can you not love the name??

Anonymous Oct 20 2023, 03:43 AM

So cute I died

It has not bloomed yet but the foliage is gorgeous and more variegated than the photo depicts. It is the perfect tiny plant and came very healthy!

Bridgette Reilly May 20 2023, 19:36 PM

parking lot puma chow

If you are a new customer? The shipping here is worth every penny. You can see the love that goes into the plants that will grace your home. I just wish they sold leaves. I have yordered this plant twice under my old account. It is an amazing plant that shames grocery store violets. Unfortunately? A tragic fate befalls this plant at my home. It must taste great as it looks. Each time the plant amazes me and is subsequently devoured by my daughters pet Molly. A very odd chocolate brown parking lot puma? Other than (RIP) Bunny Hop? She leafs the 40+ plants here alone. Molly left not a petiole, root or crown behind. She did leaf a leaf tip inside my shoe. She (the cat) will encounter a glass barrier if I order it again.

Terrell Snow Oct 27 2022, 05:04 AM

Amazing Little Plant

I love love love my little pigeon! It has done amazingly well in the little over a year I have had it. The variegation on my particular plant is utterly stunning, as it is much whiter on the leaves than in the example photos with beautiful green freckles :) My plant has bloomed several times already and presently is blooming again at the time of this review.

Emma Metty Aug 01 2022, 23:22 PM


Had this one for a while now, though it hasn't bloomed for me yet, the foliage is very pretty! Can't wait to see the blooms on this mini.

Kelly Vaz Oct 26 2021, 13:09 PM

Beautiful Mini Violet

Love this one! I just got back into African violets this year and ordered a combustible pigeon in my first ever order of mini violets. It has been doing wonderfully, filled out and bloomed since I received it in June. The variegation on my plant is stunning. :)

Emma Metty Oct 15 2021, 01:00 AM

Terrific little plant

Combustible Pigeon is a great little plant with beautiful variegated leaves and good symmetrical growth. It hasn’t put out any flowers yet, but is lovely even without any blooms. This one’s a keeper.

Linda Tormey Sep 20 2021, 10:58 AM


I had bought this plant at a show a couple of years ago. It was doing great until an unfortunate over watering incident this year, which it didn't bounce back from. I am getting another one and hope it's as good as the first.

Rhonda Salter Nov 11 2020, 06:30 AM

Lost this one

In ordered nine minis back in february. This one is one of these that I lost. Not sure why, probably my fault. Six plus a free one are doing great and all blooming. Possibly this one did not like it's new home. I will definitely order more semi miniatures from Violet barn. They come perfectly packaged. My very favorite is robs inner orbit. She is one beautiful plant. I will look at descriptions better and probably not try the miniature ones.

Debbie Bradford Oct 18 2020, 09:18 AM

Cute little plant

I ordered this plant about a year ago. It has grown nicely in that time. I love the foliage. It’s easily one of my favorites in my collection.

Alexandra Carmody Aug 20 2020, 21:20 PM

Very Unique Flowers!

Beautiful foliage with some of the most unique flowers I've ever seen. Proficient bloomer.

David Tetreault Aug 06 2020, 20:39 PM

Very pretty leaves!

Cute. The variegated leaves are darling. I look forward to the time it blossoms. As always, the packing was first rate.

Terry J Workman Aug 04 2020, 16:29 PM

Such a cute mini

Absolutely love this little girl. The foliage is beautiful on its own, but the flowers are a bonus! Plus the name is a whole lot of fun!

Kristin Clary Jul 30 2020, 13:42 PM


I love this plant! Grows so easily and flowers constantly. And the name makes me giggle :)

Patricia Marshall Jul 26 2020, 22:42 PM

Love this little one.

I ordered this plant last year, very easy to grow and never stop blooming. Definitely I love this plant.

Jose Encarnacion Jul 20 2020, 07:40 AM

Rob's Combustible Pigeon

This is a beautiful plant. I love it. Rob's plants are so pretty and healthy. I wouldn't buy anywhere else.

Glenda Fryer May 18 2020, 16:51 PM


Truly an exceptional variety- survived my rookie mistakes and is a constantly blooming beauty. The highlight of my collection

Lindsey Luetge Mar 22 2020, 18:54 PM

Fun Name - Combustible Pigeon :-)

I cannot wait for this plant to bloom. I love the color and the name brings a grin :-) I'm new and have ordered just a few times but every order has arrived in perfect condition and high quality in every plant.

Cory Moss Oct 04 2019, 15:00 PM

Blooming Fool

Rob's Combustible Pigeon is a lovely little plant. The blooms are beautiful and abundant. The only reason why I'm giving 4 stars is that the crown variegation can appear a bit 'muddy' at times. Typically it's the older leaves and probably personal preference. Love the name. I still highly recommend this variety.

Terri Vicenzi Sep 18 2018, 22:44 PM

Perfect plant!

Perfect plant, always in bloom!

Anonymous Jul 07 2018, 00:01 AM

Absolutely stunning

Gorgeous flowers that delight my mother. Colors are vibrant and unique, and plants are healthy. Lots of blooms and frequent blooms.

Clarence L Harper IV Oct 02 2017, 05:43 AM

It's a keeper!

My friend gave me a leaf about a year ago. So happy to have this one in my collection. This pigeon is gorgeous and showy. The colors are pastel and muted, so it doesn't look like a riot from afar. Delicate and detailed beauty!

Iris Johnson Sep 15 2017, 01:28 AM

Love the name of this beauty

Combustible pigeon is a great little plant. The crown variegation complements the blooms beautifully, and it grows with ease in a lovely symmetrical rosette. The name is a conversation starter too!

Terri Vicenzi Aug 27 2017, 08:27 AM

Great Show Plant

I have grown this plant for a number of years. It grows symmetrically with little assistance and has a large bouquet of blooms over light crown variegated foliage. I have received three best in show awards with this plant. Highly recommended.

Lynn Canning Apr 13 2017, 15:04 PM


I just revived four violets from The Violet Barn, while all where pretty this one was the favorite of my whole family hands down. It arrived with three beautiful blooms and three buds. So much better than the picture believe me this is a must for your collection.

Kerri Reinert Dec 30 2016, 18:06 PM

Beautiful violets

I love love these violets. The people are so nice and the violets are beautiful.

Margie Bryson May 28 2016, 13:55 PM

Looks really good!

I'm prepping this one for show - it's a delightful combination of great foliage and lovely blossoms!

Maureen Pratt Jan 09 2016, 15:32 PM

beautiful varigation

the varigation is marvelous on this one even when its not in bloom and thats not often..worth having..

Marigene Cole May 03 2015, 11:34 AM

Rob's Combustible Pigeon

Love this little plant with bright pink/blue fantacy, incredible reversable crown variegated.

Phisit Chaipradermsak Mar 20 2015, 00:50 AM

A Little Beauty

This is a beautiful little plant that blooms continuously and forms a perfect rosette with lovely variegation. Super easy to grow.

Margie Warren Oct 09 2014, 11:18 AM

Little Gem

This plant will not disappoint...perfect little show plant...shapes nicely with an abundance of bloom.

Diane Miller Oct 06 2014, 00:26 AM

excellent form!

These little guys have such excellent leaf form, perfectly symmetrical and round, not to mention the leaves lie so closely together!

Amy Dec 10 2013, 01:37 AM

Wonderful little plant

I would grow this variety for the foliage alone, but the blooms are awesome and plentiful.

Cindy Schott Jul 25 2013, 11:08 AM

Beautiful plant!

This plant never grows wrong. Shapes perfectly, with beautiful variegation and blooms. You will never be disappointed with this plant, with or without bloom.

Anthony Peruzzi Jun 24 2013, 01:04 AM

Great combination

This plant is a great combination of blossom color and foliage. Just lost mine so reordering. Moved and had some getting used to new growing conditions.

Rebecca Hathaway May 08 2013, 17:33 PM


This little beauty arrived in bloom. Outstanding plant. Wonderful origami like packaging. My first order was for my sister and after seeing the quality of your plants I have now purchased a grow light and am ready to become a violet grower too with an order for myself. I would love to know the story behind the name of this plant.

Bonnie Taylor Mar 10 2013, 19:58 PM

Looks just like the photo!

My order came Tuesday. This plant looks just like the one in the photo, full of blooms and perfectly healthy. I could not be more pleased!

Wes Carter Feb 01 2013, 10:33 AM

Rob's Combustible Pigeon

Rob's Combustible Pigeon---The perfect plant! I love this little plant! Great name--it always gets a second look at African violet shows! This plant blooms true, keeps it variegation, and has great form. If you don't have this one in your collection--you are missing out!

Kathy Norton Sep 01 2012, 20:39 PM

Busting With Blooms!

This Little Darling is always in bloom and putting on a beautiful show of colors! Love, love, love my Rob's Combustible Pigeon, you won't be disappointed, go ahead hit that BUY button now! :)

Linda Arzberger Letterio Jul 24 2012, 18:35 PM

rob,s combustible pigeon

A must have,shapes nicely.Great show plant.

Ron Oct 27 2011, 10:32 AM

Robs combustible pigeon

Love this plant! Foliage is as beautiful as the blossom! Thank you Rob!

Barbara Oct 01 2011, 12:21 PM

My Favorite

This is my favorite violet. The blooms are very pretty, but even if it never bloomed, I would love it. The leaves are a nice shade of green with a lovely shade of soft gold edging. I frequently pick it up to look at the leaves. It has been very hot this summer, and this is the only variegated violet I have that hasn't turned completely green. Wonderful little plant!

June Shankle Jul 21 2011, 20:31 PM

Rob's Combustible Pigeon

Rob's Combustible Pigeon is an easy grower and makes a great show plant. This variety grows and blooms well in natural and fluorescent light. It keeps its variegation year round. Terrific color combination.

Sandra Skalski Mar 01 2011, 22:04 PM

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