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Rob's Love Bite

Our best red and perhaps our best seller.  Reddest-red sdbl. pansy blooms over dark, variegated foliage.  Miniature.  AVSA #9039


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Rob's Love Bite

Average Rating 4.8 out of 5

One of my favs

I’ve grown Rob’s Love Bite for over a year and it is one of my favorites. The rich magenta red blooms and the pearlescent leaf variegation is a beautiful combination.

Dana Gibson May 10 2024, 19:22 PM

'Red' is subjective.

This is a beautiful little AV for sure, but I would call the color burgundy or magenta - forms of red. The color of mine is closer to the last photo. It arrived in good condition with buds and is still blooming.

Sandra Dimmick Apr 04 2024, 12:40 PM

Gorgeous little plant!

I'm pretty new to the world of AV and have quickly become obsessed. I just ordered from Violet Barn for the first time, and this little beauty really drew my eye. All are beautiful, but this one has such unique beautiful foliage! I can't wait for it to bloom!

Mary Andreasen Mar 16 2024, 14:15 PM

It’s a Standout!

Well worth getting this one. The color just stands out from my other violets, a deep raspberry red, that glistens under lights. And the foliage is a beautiful variegation when not in bloom. Mine has just started with blooming and the flowers are a good size and there are so many buds.

Maryann Kovacs Sep 22 2023, 11:00 AM

Gorgeous rosette

I have enjoyed watching Rob's Love Bite mature over the last four months, maintaining the loveliest rosette shape and pinkish variegated foliage... just holding my breath waiting for blooms now!

Rebecca Nippes Aug 20 2022, 20:49 PM

gorgeous plant

received this in my recent order and it is darling. Cant wait for it to bloom.

Juli Roznowski Jun 17 2022, 12:44 PM

So cute and teeny

Received this in one of my most recent orders and it is lovely as usual! Foliage is dainty and has beautiful variegation, I cannot wait to see it bloom.

Shellie Posavatz May 06 2022, 15:29 PM


I ordered this plant back in December so I’ve had a few months with it. I was surprised by how adorable this little plant is. The variegation on the leaves has a slight pink color to it. Its overall growth pattern is compact and tidy. My plant has not bloomed yet, but it’s totally worth it for the foliage alone. This plant is so cute, it reminds me of a kitten or a baby bunny. It’s growing steadily and I look forward to seeing it bloom.

Kumiko Sachs Apr 15 2022, 04:33 AM

Mine looks different

Overall, I love this little violet, but mine is almost completely white (maybe a hint of pink) with a narrow line of bright green down the center of each leaf. Time will tell what it will look like when it grows up! Pretty easy grower and VERY different than your typical violet.

Stephani Boswell Feb 06 2022, 13:53 PM

Rob’s Love Bite

Lovely miniature with gorgeous foliage. Mine shows more pink on the leaves. Still a young plant, so no blooms yet. Easy to grow and worth it for the foliage alone. You will love Love Bite!

Linda Tormey Nov 24 2021, 10:41 AM

My smallest mini

I love this little guy this is a grouping of miniatures all from Rob's offerings they're beautiful symmetrical is the smallest of them all by by four times...p

Chuck Kessinger Sep 23 2021, 16:26 PM

Soft Wine Beauty

I own it. Love the soft wine boom color above the variegated foliage. Can't wait to get this one.

Helen Grogan Sep 03 2021, 19:25 PM

Such a beautiful violet

This is my second Robs Love Bite... I over watered my first and it collapsed. I couldn't wait to get another one. The replacement I just got is gorgeous! And bigger than the one I had.... I am SO happy to have a second chance... Violet Barn... Thank you!!

Lorraine Shipman May 13 2021, 11:46 AM

Deep and Rich

If this plant never bloomed that would be ok. The foliage is so unusual and interesting! The bloom color, however, is deeply romantic and a lovely variation of the pinks and purples we all love so much.

Heather Troynak May 08 2021, 12:13 PM

Such a beautiful violet

I ordered this little beauty and received it in October 2020. During the winter I lost it after switching to wick watering. I am re ordering it today. It's foliage is gorgeous. I'm hoping for a better outcome!

Lorraine Shipman Apr 25 2021, 14:10 PM

Rob’s Love Bite

I’ve had this cute mini since last fall. Lovely leaves and cute red blooms. Highly recommended!

Theresa Ortega Apr 13 2021, 13:01 PM


Just received Love Bite. Didn’t realize the leaves would be a beautiful pink and dark green. Beautiful plant. I had ordered 10 plants in total and always happy with what I have received In the past from The VB but in this last order “N Game Beads“ had 4 broken stems so hopefully I can propagate the leaves. It wasn’t due to the packaging but just going thru the USPS tends to rough things up. I’ll be back to order more plants soon. This has become a very addicting hobby. Love my mini AV and trailers.

Susan Bender Oct 25 2020, 08:04 AM

Robs Love Bite

I just recieved this little beauty today! It has the most beautiful foliage , which is mostly pink and a hint of dk green.... the blooms are supposed to be really red .. this mini AV has 2 of my favorite colors... its way prettier in person.... I can't wait for blooms! LOVE IT!!

Lorraine Shipman Oct 16 2020, 17:02 PM

Great show plant!

This little violet packs a lot of beauty into a small amount of space. I think it’s one if the prettiest reds of all of Rob’s hybrids to date.

Wayne Geeslin Sep 07 2020, 18:07 PM

Pretty Foliage

I received this violet a few weeks ago. It has not bloomed yet but the foliage is pretty by itself. The plant is happy and growing well. As usual the shipping and packing by VB was excellent. The variety of violets on this site is outstanding. Hard to find so many different varies on one site. Thanks VB.

Dolores Mosher Aug 15 2020, 12:17 PM

Beautiful little plant

Packaging was great. No damage to my violets. Beautiful variegated leaves!!! Can't wait for it to bloom.

Stephanie Brown Aug 09 2020, 22:28 PM

Beautiful Foliage

I received this little plant last week. The foliage on this plant is outstanding with a hint of pink. I can't wait to see the flowers. Plants packaged very well. I also appreciate the variety of violets Violet Barn provides. Thank you.

Dolores Mosher Jun 22 2020, 19:07 PM


This is the most beautiful little plant!

Anonymous May 04 2020, 08:43 AM

Beautiful plant!

This little plant continues to bloom almost constantly. The contrast between its leaves and blooms is lovely.

Cherith Haupert Jun 22 2019, 08:54 AM

Rob’s love bite

Beautiful, perfect little violet. Tiniest one I have! Shipping method is exemplary.

melissa barton-wood May 16 2019, 19:37 PM

Didn't Thrive

Unfortunately, this guy only lasted for a little over a month. It arrived a little limp and planted a little lower in the pot than the others, but still impeccably packaged. I figured with a little TLC it would perk up. I let it acclimate for about a month, but was getting worried when it didn't perk up. I replanted it in a wicking pot with wicking soil to see if it was a little thirstier than I thought. I also planted it so that it was above the level of soil at the edge of the pot. After a couple weeks of this, it's turned brown and wilted completely. This is the only little guy who hasn't thrived under my care, and I'm glad I bought Jolly Fireball at the same time because he is super happy! It's possible that because Love Bite's leaves were so light with variegation it wasnt getting as much light as it needed as opposed to the other non variegated violets. I might try ordering again in the future due the the rave reviews, but my first experience was not a good one.

Kristen Berg Feb 21 2019, 16:23 PM

Flowers are a bonus

I highly recommend this, if only for the variegation. In the cooler temperatures of winter, my plant gets a beautiful bright yellow center of leaves in the crown that turn orange and then green as it grows out. a burst of bright color that doesn't need flowers to show off. The flowers are just an added bonus to this plant. If you like miniatures with color, this one is for you.

Kenneth Meier Nov 27 2018, 21:55 PM

Superior Plant

This is one of my favorite plants! I love everything about it!

Anonymous Nov 01 2018, 09:09 AM

Rob's Love Bite

This is a small violet but is very lovely. I can not wait for it to bloom, however the foliage is very healthy and the variegation is pretty. I would order this one again.

Lauren Mcadoo Jul 05 2018, 12:20 PM

Leaves the color of blush

I actually received this by accident but I love it. It's not blooming yet but it has predominantly pink, shimmering leaves. It really looks a lot like blush in color and texture. This violet and every other one I ordered has started at least two baby leaves in a week, so they seem to be doing well. I'm hooked.

Christine Tigas Jun 16 2018, 15:47 PM

Lovely little plant

This is such a perfect little plant with gorgeous variegation. I can’t wait till it grows up and starts flowering!

Corey Thompson Jun 14 2018, 17:10 PM

Love this mini

Beautiful little mini! Love the pretty veriegated foliage and the leaves have a pinkish hue with a sheen to them. Its really filling out and looking forward to when it blooms.

Rachel Spainhour Mar 27 2018, 08:18 AM

Rob's Love Bite

Rob's Love Bite: A gorgeous plant! It's leaves are a beautiful combination of dark green and cream, accented by a center of rose and tan from emerging leaves. Perfectly shaped, vigorous grower. Subtle, yet stunning. Sophisticated.

Larry Burke Nov 30 2017, 01:38 AM

Gorgeous Mini

This is a beautiful little violet. The plant is just perfectly shaped and the leaves have a slight pinkish tinge. It looks great in a tiny teapot i found that fits the pot it came in perfectly. I can't wait to see the blooms.

Patricia Carbaugh Nov 18 2017, 04:13 AM

Rob's Love Bite

First time blooms for me. Love this violet, so cute, the color of flowers are beautiful.

Anonymous Oct 13 2017, 18:52 PM

Bitten and in Love!

This is a wonderful plant. It bloomed soon after arrival and keeps blooming. It is stunning!

CECILIA YOUNG Aug 26 2017, 21:44 PM

A favorite miniature with amazing determination to flourish

My favorite miniature violet! Gorgeous tiny leaves, wonderful rich red flowers- and a real survivor! I lost several beloved miniature plants due to circumstances I failed to conquer in time, but this tough beauty came back better than before. I was so glad it was the one I didn't lose. :)

Janet Brooks Aug 10 2016, 17:16 PM

Beautiful leaf color

Only had plant for 2 weeks, already growing. Leaf coloration is very pretty. Anticipating beautiful flowers

Deborah Kirk Nov 29 2015, 00:38 AM

Beautiful leaves!

I've had this plant for about 3 months, and it has great symmetry and leaf shape! Very hardy little plant, and the color is beautifully dark, though there isnt much variegation on mine. It hasnt bloomed for me yet, but it has really filled out and grown up quite a bit!

Amy Huo Sep 20 2014, 17:15 PM

Double Crown & Beautiful Blooms

I've had this plant for about a year and it's bloomed very well. Twice now, I've had double crowns (not suckers) so I've had to choose just one to keep when repotting. Not sure if this is indicative of the hybrid or just my specific plant so I've ordered another one to see. Foliage variegation has faded to green now.

Lori Hasselbring Jun 06 2014, 23:46 PM

Wonderful Show Winner

Rob's Love Bite is a beautiful extremely easy to grow Show winner. It has such striking blossom color and the variegated foliage just sets it off.

Kathy Mathews May 07 2014, 15:49 PM

Pinkish Leaves

My Robs Love Bite still has not bloomed, However I love the pinkish color on the leaves.

Bee Ngo Apr 28 2014, 15:47 PM

great shape

This cute plant has a great shape and the pretty dark flowers are a great contrast to the lighter leaves

Patricia Lambert Apr 22 2014, 12:53 PM

A Miracle!

I just got this little gem IN FULL BLOOM! Just started back in violets to soothe me through some serious surgeries, but didn't expect such a delightful surprise!!!!! A tiny sample of things to come. Perfectly packed and all three plants are healthy and happy! Thanks, Rob....I'll be back soon!

Wanda Carroll Jan 17 2014, 20:23 PM

Love Bite

Absolutely wonderful bloomer. I love the tiny variegated foliage.

Cathy Mar 30 2013, 16:27 PM


A spectacular Miniature Violet. Blooming constantly. Should be in everyone's collection.

Donald Sass Oct 20 2012, 08:47 AM


I absolutely love this little plant,thank you.

Terry H Sep 24 2012, 21:45 PM

Lovely little plant

This is a lovely little plant. Almost always in bloom. So many flowers it almost seems top heavy. The leaves are a nice color and pattern as well. Probably my favorite to date.

Toby Smith May 06 2012, 08:44 AM

Absolutely Beautiful!

This on is absoluty beautiful! I grow it in Sphagnum peat moss and it is growing very strong and I love it's double, cute little blooms and it's color.......and little specks on it's leaves makes it so Unique! I personally Love it!

Chinda Mar 31 2012, 09:06 AM


Received "love Bite" today...perfect and so special..looks just like the picture. I also received 3 other minis..also perfect..im so please with everything..

Elena Colandrea Mar 22 2012, 21:37 PM


Like all Rob's plants, this one came well packaged, very healthy and almost ready to bloom. I purchased Love Bite because I was looking for an intense magenta violet, but have fallen in love with it because of the foliage. The blooms are lovely, yes, but the leaves are very special. The outer leaves are speckled with a soft golden-white color, and the gets more pronounced on the inner leaves until the center has no green at all. It is a nice contrast, and the shape of the plant is perfectly even which accentuates the uniquely colored leaves. One of my favorites!

Laura Feb 01 2012, 20:24 PM


Gorgeous blooms. Leaves are stunning, too. There are so many blooms, and they just keep coming! This was in my first order from the Violet Barn, and I'm really pleased with everything.

Carol Richards Jan 14 2012, 11:56 AM


Unbelievable bloomer.

Ron & Helen Dennis Nov 14 2011, 13:10 PM

Rob's Love Bite

This beautiful miniature is a constant bloomer! The color is intense and grabs your attention.

jane Sep 13 2011, 15:10 PM

Rob's Love Bite

The plant arrived with show-ready foliage wow! Really lovely gold speckles the leaves and is now sending the most delightful bloom stalks!

Chris Abdo May 31 2011, 18:41 PM

A Great Bloomer

This plant blooms like crazy! It has grown very well, and we get many compliments on the color.

S Putman May 04 2011, 15:30 PM

Rob's Love Bite

I ordered this plant a month ago & received it in bloom & it has not stopped blooming to this day. The deepest, most glorious red you can imagine. This violet came in my first order with The Violet Barn & all of the plants I ordered are exceptional.

Janet Dec 30 2010, 22:40 PM

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