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Rob's Scrumptious

Large sdbl. deep pink thumbprint stars with white center and borders.  Cream, white, and green, round, variegated foliage.  Small semiminiature.  AVSA #9466


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Rob's Scrumptious

Average Rating 4.8 out of 5

Adorable Violet

This little plant is like the energizer bunny!! It just keeps going and going and never stops!! So so easy and a great bloomer! I just love it!! Great crown variegation compliments this little gem!

Lori Blotz Aug 26 2022, 22:08 PM

Rob's Scrumptious

I received Rob's Scrumptious as a gift, the color combinations are truly beautiful! You won't be disappointed.

amie ngo Oct 06 2021, 16:54 PM

Love the foliage

Very beautiful pink and white variegated foliage, not to mention the stunning flowers.

Kelly Libersher Aug 04 2021, 21:00 PM

Truly Scrumptious

This semiminiature has quickly become one of my favorite violets. It has been a profuse bloomer and looks just like the thumbnail. The flowers have a tropical vibe! I highly recommend this one for your collection.

Kimberly McAbee Jul 28 2021, 23:44 PM

Perfectly symmetrical

Arrived with stunning symmetrical variegated leaves. Wow

Amy Shonka May 03 2021, 10:36 AM

Highly recommend

This is a gorgeous plant! The variegation is superb, foliage stays symmetrical and flat. It’s a good grower, and the blooms are large and unique. Add this one to your collection!

Rose Pence Apr 14 2021, 08:29 AM

Healthy Looking Plants

I just received an order of 11 miniature violets and was not fully prepared for how tiny they would be! The plant foliage is healthy and beautiful but I can’t wait until they begin to bloom. There was no damage incurred during shipping so very appreciative of that, however I was disappointed not to receive my “freebie”.

Kimberly McAbee Mar 07 2021, 19:08 PM


I don't think words can describe how cute these little mini violets are. Highly recommend for a tiny bit of joy in a compact size. The variegation is stunning and the blooms are just an extra plus.

Jade Tang Oct 27 2020, 11:43 AM

Beautiful Thumbprint

A beautiful pink thumbprint with nicely variegated foliage that grows nice and flat. Always blooms profusely.

Zoraida Bacallao Jul 06 2020, 11:57 AM

Scrumptious is Just That!

So this Was my first miniature. It came so well packaged you just have to see it to believe it. I’ve had it since January 2020. There are so many blooms on it I can’t even begin to tell you. My foliage is even more beautiful than the picture above. So don’t be afraid of the miniatures. It’s great because they don’t take up a whole Lotta space. I’m ordering more!

Rebecca Cragg Jun 30 2020, 18:50 PM

Dreamy foliage

I have not seen this one in bloom yet but the variegation is beautiful. I love thumbprint flowers so the blooms will be the icing on the cake.

Phyllis Van Dyke Jun 22 2020, 12:19 PM

One of the best

This is one of my favorite minis... the variegated leaves are incredible (blushing pink), and when you get the thumbprint blooms on top of the foliage it is a sight to see!

Tim Pinkelman Jan 29 2020, 23:45 PM


Amazingly this sweet mini came perfectly. We had an unexpected snowstorm and frigid temps but the superior packaging from the Violet Barn kept it and the rest of my order in perfect shape. Scrumptious came out of her wrapping in bloom with buds following! The bright spot in my winter!

Elizabeth Hensen Oct 13 2019, 21:24 PM

Beautiful Foliage

Like all the violets I received, it came carefully packaged and in perfect shape. It has not bloomed yet, but it's a healthy little thing and the foliage alone is beautiful.

Bethany Allen Aug 24 2019, 11:44 AM

Scrumptious is simply Scrumptious

I cannot say how much I love this plant. The blooms are fabulous and then the variegated foliage is great by itself.

Herman Tekuelve Nov 29 2018, 07:39 AM

Favorite one

I love this one. It’s my most favorite violet. Grows so perfect. Leaves are stunning. Highly recommend it. I can’t wait to see blooms.

Kathalina McGinnis Mar 30 2018, 15:13 PM

Rob's Scrumptious

I bought a bunch of AVs from VB a year and a half ago. Every one of them is going strong. I think my fave is Rob's Scrumptious because it is so delicate but strong. It is almost always in bloom. It is in an east facing window in Rochester, NY in its original pot and I water it once a week WITH african violet food.

alan baumann Sep 14 2016, 17:46 PM

Trying Again!

I ordered this violet several years ago along with some other minis, but it never bloomed for me! I tried it in various locations, under lights as well as natural light, but.....nothing. The leaves were healthy and attractive, but I finally let it go for nonperformance. After reading all the great reviews, I think I shall try again!

Janet Cunningham Sep 03 2016, 11:12 AM

Still my Favorite

I think this is the most perfect AV, blooms great easy to grow, doesn't give me any troubles and so beautiful. And the best part Variegation is very stable . Very recommend this little guy:))))

Maria Campbell Aug 02 2016, 12:38 PM

Robs Scrumptious

This is the most beautiful violet I have ever seen. The photo doesn't do it justice. The pink color is brilliant, and the contrast between the pink and the leaves is stunning. When mine arrived it was in full bloom. I hope to have this variety from now on.

Karen Anne Newton RN Jun 26 2016, 15:32 PM

Picture Perfect!

I'd admired a photo of this one, but didn't order it because I didn't think it would ever look that way. I finally gave it a try (thinking - oh, sure, thumbprints). By gosh, when it bloomed, it looked just like the photos!

Diana McAninch May 31 2015, 14:51 PM

such a pretty plant

am looking forward to this one flowering, haven't been able to get any buds, yet. It was in perfect condition when it got here, but it wasn't happy for awhile on my windowsill. Now in good condition, can't wait to see flowers! Love the variegated leaves, am happy with this violet!

Karen LaBell Apr 15 2015, 10:30 AM


This little beauty has quickly become one of my favorites!!!! She was my first venture into semiminiature violets and I'm glad I took the plunge! I highly recommend this plant!

Patrick Delaney Jul 31 2014, 23:05 PM

Stunning Foliage

Adore the soft colors of leave varigation on this variety. It is striking to look at even before blooms arrive.

Beth Armour Jul 15 2014, 15:30 PM

Robs Scrumptious

This plant is exactly what the name say. It is truly beautiful. the leaves are just as nice as the bloom. worth getting!

L. Cook Oct 28 2013, 15:06 PM

I love Rod's Scrumptious

I just got it today and it's so cute I just love it. :-)

Katherine Moorhead Aug 30 2013, 02:30 AM

Arrived in bloom and bud

The flowers were gorgeous and the variegated foliage perfect! I can't wait for more flowers from this plant.

Barbara C. Kempley Jul 12 2013, 12:17 PM

Rob's Scrumptious is scrumptious

This could be the easiest semi-miniature plant that I have ever grown. I have grown it under T12, T8 and now T5 lights and it doesn't skip a beat. It always looks like a show plant and blooms repeatedly with only short pauses between bloom cycles. I love the thumbprint pattern and the variegated leaves too!

Maureen Mark Nov 16 2012, 16:18 PM

Pretty In Pink

I love the delicate pink flowers on this plant. It is a great way to add a touch of color to a room.

Melissa May 20 2012, 01:35 AM


I received this plant in the mail today (after getting a shipment notification only yesterday). It is in perfect condition and has at least three buds on it! The foliage has an interesting, slightly reddish-pink tinge to the younger leaves' stems and varegation, and it appears to go away as the leaves age. I can't wait to see how the blooms turn out in a week or two!

Mary May 10 2012, 16:25 PM

Perfect Pink

I am a pink lover and this plant brightens my bedroom with the perfect touch of pink! I have it placed by a window and it thrives year round.

Melissa May 01 2012, 16:39 PM


I grew this last year and it is absolutely STUNNING!!!! Symmetrical and the blooms are just awesome!

Herman Apr 05 2012, 11:41 AM


I received this little cutie a few months ago. It just started to bloom. I love looking at this amazing little violet each day as it keeps on sending up more blooms.The pink blooms go very well with the beautiful variegated foliage.

Deborah Mordecai Oct 06 2011, 17:24 PM

Rob's Scrumptious

I purchased "Scrumptious" last January, and it has quickly become one of my favorites. It has great symmetry, beautiful blooms, and the foliage is absolutely gorgeous.

Geary Smith Jun 21 2011, 21:46 PM

Robs Scrumptious

Received my complimentary mini today along with my order - I absolutely love this. The foliage is beautiful and already has a bud appearing. Thank you so much - It will be well taken care of in my window. Thanks again for a beautiful plant and fast shipping.

Trena Beaman May 19 2011, 21:25 PM

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