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Excellent, underappreciated hybrid.  Lots and lots of medium lavender-purple blooms with cream throat.  Thin, hairy, quilted leaves.  Very easy grower and bloomer. 


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Average Rating 4.6 out of 5

Beautiful & Healthy Primula

I have had this Primula since October of 2014, but it has never produce any flowers. It is very healthy, has grown larger, and has two new crowns. I also have a leaf cutting that appears to be rooting.

Barbara Duda Feb 17 2016, 17:51 PM

High Hopes!

The plant has very beautiful, long, sturdy green leaves and looks very healthy. I think I can see the beginning growths of some flower stems, hopefully. I have only had it a couple weeks so I'll have to wait and see if it does eventually bloom for me. Since the plant arrived in excellent, healthy condition and has been doing well I am optimistic. It was excellently packaged along with the other plants.

carrie gillespie Nov 28 2015, 02:34 AM

Love that Kazu!

I bought my Mom a Kazu several years ago for Mother's Day and it quickly became her favorite plant. It blooms and blooms (and blooms) and is so easy to please. It has weathered the harsh New England winters in our drafty old Victorian house without any trouble at all. An added bonus is that our cats (shameless plant destroyers that they are) have no interest in Kazu. A wonderful, gorgeous and effortless plant!

Liza Amidon May 01 2015, 00:34 AM

Charmer and a old friend!

This lovely little charmer is an old favorite of mine. I used to grow one that grew tall enough that I grew it more like a bonsai tree than a violet. I propagated a leaf years ago and gave the daughter plant to my in-law and she is still growing it 9yrs later! I sadly had to quit growing plants for a while, but I'm back, and this is the first one I wanted. If you want another easy grower that can bring a smile to your face, try Alsobia Cygnet... wonderful grower and sweet little leaves!

Angela Musick Oct 11 2014, 15:36 PM

Always in bloom

I love this chirita - it is so dependable! It is such a heavy bloomer for me. Lovely as well as easy.

Vivian Rioux May 19 2014, 08:24 AM

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