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Pyrrosia nummularifolia

An easy to grow fern with small thumbnail sized leaves covered in fine silvery hairs.  An epiphytic grower that will quickly grow and root along the soil surface, making a good ground cover.


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Pyrrosia nummularifolia

Average Rating 5 out of 5

another favorite

such wonderful growth and shows new growth. Very adaptable to lighting too . I love the shape of the leaves. What a joy

priscilla kucevich Jul 30 2022, 05:41 AM

Beautiful creeper

This is a gorgeous fern. I love its silvery hairs! I bought it to grow on the back wall of a large planted tank where I've had a bit of trouble getting plants to thrive. This baby arrived healthy and robust, and while still new to my collection, I have high hopes for this unique epiphytic fern. I should've purchased more than one. Probably will.

Amy Rasmussen Jun 12 2021, 11:55 AM


I bought this plant over a year ago and it does well in a vivarium with little geckos crawling over it. Definitely a quick grower, and looks great on cork.

Kristen Plescow May 10 2018, 17:51 PM

Love this plant!

Initially I had no idea what I wanted to do with the ones I ordered (a year ago, so these are good and hardy!), but they made an amazing epiphyte for the gecko/dart frog vivariums I have. They're easy to propagate and do really well creeping along things like cork bark.

Kristen Plescow Apr 11 2018, 22:29 PM

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