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Rob's Wascally Wabbit

Adorable!  Round puffs of denim-blue double blooms with hints of white above exquisite, tiny, pointed, dark green and beige to pink crown variegated foliage.  An easy, tiny, grower almost always in heavy bloom.  Miniature.   AVSA #10983


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Rob's Wascally Wabbit

Average Rating 4.9 out of 5

Favorite Mini

This one is one of my favorites, beautiful variegation and easy to care for.

Terry Doherty Apr 06 2024, 19:46 PM

Keeps on growing

I bought this little violet several years ago. The leaves are striking even when it isn’t blooming. Despite neglect (I’m sorry) it is determined to grow. It is a keeper!

Margaret Redmond Mar 01 2024, 12:03 PM

Most have for pink plant lovers!

I saw a photo of this plant with pink sheen reflection on its leaves and I knew I had to have it.

Peter Lau Jun 14 2023, 01:34 AM

Darling wabbit

My new love is miniatures and semi miniatures. Just ordered the bad rabbit who needs a wascally friend.

Bonnie Wright Nov 07 2022, 09:12 AM

Great little mini

In the past year, I purchased a few micro minis. This one is a nice small mini that has beautiful little flowers and I love the variegation on its leaves.

Emily Forrester Nov 06 2022, 23:04 PM

Love everything about it!

I had seen Wascally Wabbit in other’s collections and I just had to have one! The sweet little blooms are adorable, but the leaf variegation is my favorite thing about this cutie. Wascally Wabbit was the first mini to “hop” into my AV collection. For years I wanted to grow minis. Now I can see minis becoming my next plant obsession :)

Dana Gibson Sep 15 2022, 22:54 PM

Wascally Wabbit

The sweetest foliage! It was my first time ordering with violet barn. I was so worried about shipping, but the packaging was superb and all of my plants arrived in pristine condition.

Emily DeSmul Sep 04 2022, 01:43 AM

Power of suggestion

I can’t wait to receive this plant! I saw the YouTuber Gray Turtle’s video where she showed this plant and had to wait for better weather to get my hands on one myself!

Naomi Stavros Jul 31 2022, 08:40 AM


This one is so pretty, can't wait to see the blooms!

Kelly Vaz Mar 18 2022, 07:42 AM

so sparkly!

this is the cutest, sparkliest little violet. So many friends were jealous that we have placed several more orders when they come into stock. Can't wait for blooms :)

Shellie Posavatz Mar 17 2022, 15:00 PM

beautiful varigation

The leaves on the plant are so cute and have beautiful varigation. No flowers yet but I am looking forward to them.

Anonymous Aug 28 2021, 01:57 AM


I just received this adorable beautiful little plant. Even my partner who is past done with my plant addiction had to agree that it was like nothing else we own and wonderfully perfect. It’s a stunning little plant and with our limited space a good size.

Rachel Aberman Aug 25 2021, 14:31 PM

Perfect Tiny Plant

Received this today. I can’t stop looking at this one even though it is not blooming yet. The leaves are gorgeous and It is such a perfect little beauty. Arrived in excellent condition!! I’m looking forward to seeing it in bloom.

Susan Mendelsohn Aug 06 2021, 00:06 AM

Tiny Beauty!

Arrived in beautiful condition, then went backward for a week due to USPS turning a trip from NY to FL into a 3 day vacation in TX (7 days in a box!) in 90+ degree weather. This strong little beauty has turned around nicely, and I fully expect it to be a favorite for a long time.

Sandi Soto Jul 17 2021, 00:11 AM

Amazing little plant

This was one of my first choices getting into AVs, this plant has been basically effortless the moment I got it. Its just starting to prepare to bloom finally for the first time, the leaves are so shiny they look almost platinum with the white areas. They pink up in high light as well, I love the foliage and I'll never not own this variety!

Perseus Lark Jul 05 2021, 21:20 PM

Most have!!!

Beautiful plant without flowers even better with!

David Pyles May 18 2021, 23:31 PM

Can't Get Away From This Wabbit

I have 2 of them. Both are small jewels in my collection. Why am I ordering another? I want a Wabbit in every room.

Helen Grogan Feb 24 2021, 15:49 PM

I love this violet!

I love the color of the flowers and especially the variegated leaves. I'm always so satisfied.

Steffany Mattioli Jan 21 2021, 14:28 PM

Incredible colored foliage

Got this in my second shipment of violets from the Violet Barn. I am Amazed at them are in packaging. Not a leaf is lost and in beautiful condition! Am so excited To watch this beauty and bloom!

Lavena Spade Dec 31 2020, 22:15 PM

Wascally Wabbit

Very tiny with perfectly formed rosette. I am coaxing it to bloom, but meanwhile enjoy the beautiful foliage of mostly pink in the crown center. It is grown in a 2 1/2 inch pot under fluorescent lights.

Linda Tormey Dec 16 2020, 11:40 AM

Absolutely stunning

Discovered this plant after seeing a beautiful specimen someone posted to reddit. This beauty might be the start of an AV addiction! Gorgeous even without blooms!

Nichole Kim Nov 01 2020, 10:42 AM

Wascally Wabbit is so pretty!

I just got this adorable baby girl in the mail today and she’s so pretty! The pics on here do not do her justice. The pink shiny heart shaped velvet leaves are to die for! My order was packaged so nicely and came quickly once it was shipped. I was able to keep track of it and retrieved it from the mail box as soon as it arrived. I will definitely be ordering from here again! Thanks for the lovely plants!

Annette Gaetz Oct 24 2020, 21:40 PM

Trust Me, I Wanted to Love it 100% :-(

I agree with everyone, the variegation and leaves are stunning in pattern and color. My issue with this is the fragility of the plant. My other 5 violets are all exploding, where as Wascilly Wabbit seems to kill off some leaves each time i see a new one pop out. I’m down to about 1/3 the original leaves. I will say I bump things around from time to time, but Wascilly Wabbit is extreeeemely fragile in my opinion. I would say it were me if my others weren’t doing so spectacular!

Carl Dietrich Oct 11 2020, 22:56 PM

My new favorite!

I am absolutely OBSESSED with the tiny, silvery pink variegated foliage of this tiny micro! It sparks joy and is a gem in my collection

Maya Pahima Sep 06 2020, 00:03 AM

In Love

I usually don’t post review but, this Wascally Wabbit I have to. I’m in love with this Mini Violet the foliage is soo beautiful It made me smile everytime I look at it, it just brights up my day. This Violet is sitting next to my bed with a grow light shines down on her so I can look at her when I wake up first thing in the morning. If you’re looking for a mini Violet I promised You won’t go wrong with this Violet I promised u will feel the same way as I do

Cindy Yuan Aug 14 2020, 23:25 PM

Gorgeous foliage, pristine arrival!

Absolutely flawless baby plant! It came with beautiful pink/cream foliage in pristine condition. The packaging was excellent, I don't think the violets even noticed the trip across the country! I am so thrilled with my purchase and will absolutely purchase from y'all again. The included care instructions are super helpful and thoughtful to provide. I am just pleased as punch, and this is only my first order. Thank you so much Violet Barn, I am telling all my friends about you! :)

Jessica Lyon Jun 25 2020, 22:48 PM

Wabbit Makes Me Smile

I bought this delightful charming violet a few years ago. It is beautiful with gorgeous variegated leaves that have retained their variegation. The blossoms are delightful in a soft purple color. This violet makes me smile it is so cute.

daniel hicks May 12 2020, 09:05 AM

Wascally wabbit

The variegation & flowers are beautiful

Liza Ponce May 12 2020, 01:32 AM

Lovely plants!

I am receiving this this week. I wanted to write a review for Rob’s Dandy Lion and a straptocarpus I bought but I can find neither on here anymore. Thank you for the care in packaging and your lovely plants.

Gayle Failing May 05 2020, 11:42 AM

Beautiful Mini!!!

This violet's foliage is beautiful and the flowers are the icing on the cake!!!

Anonymous May 02 2020, 12:43 PM


This plant grows symmetrically and blooms constantly for me.

Kellie Grant Apr 10 2020, 05:57 AM

Beautiful Variegation

This little plant has bloomed in perfect symmetry for me and has beautiful variegation. A must have for any collector. Z. Bacallao

Zoraida Bacallao Feb 25 2020, 14:17 PM

Stands out

I have had this violet for over a year now and the leaves are just so showy-its the first violet you see when you walk into the room

REGINA HENDERSON Feb 17 2020, 16:51 PM

The cutest!!

This plant is beautiful! It’s worth having for the foliage alone. The blooms are going to be a bonus. The picture doesn’t do it justice. Absolutely beautiful!

Kimberlee Keefe Dec 30 2019, 21:54 PM

Beautiful little guy!

This pretty mini looks so good in person. It definitely has a ton of character. You won't regret picking this one up.

Kim Lykins Oct 29 2019, 01:25 AM

little and lush

The foliage on this av is so perfectly dainty--mine has been growing extremely evenly in a perfectly flat rosette since arrival. When I first received it, there was intensely pink variegation, however new foliage is less pink and less variegated. I'm chalking it up to lighting conditions, but I miss the pink. There are now a few buds on it and I'm waiting for it to bloom to see how it does!

Laura Leonard Sep 17 2019, 23:18 PM


I love this little one. I bought this a few months back. So far no blooms but the leaves are beautiful.

Donna Moffat Aug 27 2019, 21:56 PM

The cutest micromini ever!

I received Rob's Wascally Wabbit as a freebie with my first order. I couldn't be more pleased! The foliage variegation is truly beautiful, and very unique - the beige and silver-pink variegation creates a spectacular visual effect. It is starting blooming now and I can't wait for all of the blooms to open!

Inna Gogina Aug 25 2019, 02:51 AM


Omg this one was even smaller than expected, but I love that! I’ll be able to watch it grow, and it’s perfect for my house because I have so many plants that I’m running out of space, haha. Very happy with my purchases!

Molly Skirpan Jun 20 2019, 15:09 PM

Smaller than expected

I purchased this mini because I love the variegation on leaves and from seeing others ordering the same plant and getting a gorgeous good size plant from here. Mine was super tiny and ended being delivered in 2 weeks by usps, I hope it makes it.

Lidia Lou Jun 19 2019, 07:39 AM


Rob's Wascally Wabbit is one of my absolute favorite minis! The variegation on mine almost makes the leaves look like tiny mother of pearl shells, absolutely gorgeous! Super easy grower, highly recommend!

Katherine Crawford Jun 14 2019, 08:23 AM


Truly beautiful plant from the foliage to the blooms...stunning!

Sandra Gilley May 29 2019, 09:44 AM

First Miniature

I ordered this beautiful little plant in my first order from Violet Barn along with one of the Standard Grower's Choice packages. All plants arrived in excellent condition, and the choice package was very diverse, but.....This Wascully Wabbit is extraordinary! Even without blooms it is stunning to say the least! A true showpiece all by itself!

Cynthia Ess May 18 2019, 19:39 PM


This was one of the first to bloom from my order of miniatures. While the first blooms are just starting to fade, I already see new buds coming in. Delicate and perfect!

Keri Demos May 13 2019, 22:30 PM

Cute as a button

This arrived very healthy today and along with the rest very well packaged, the leaves are much prettier than the picture shows, can't wait for it to bloom.

Nancy Breen May 11 2019, 13:37 PM


I had this one for a short time but the cat played to hard with-it !!!

REGINA HENDERSON Apr 29 2019, 12:10 PM

A Perfect Tiny Gem

This plant is beautiful even without blooms. The lovely blooms are the icing on the cake. Even better - it's tiny and cute.

Linda Gail Price Feb 18 2019, 16:40 PM

So smol! So gorgeous!

I just got my first Violet Barn order containing my first mini AVs. They all arrived in great shape - only two broken leaves. The Wascally Wabbit is definitely my favorite - the leaves look almost like satin, and I love the pink variegation. It has a lovely shape, also. Now to spend the next few weeks making sure everyone stays as healthy as they are now...

Emily Sappenfield Oct 20 2018, 08:26 AM

Perfect Little Beauty

I adore all the micominiatures I've gotten from Violet Barn, but this one could very well become my favorite. I received this beauty in perfect condition. The variegated leaves have a beautiful pink hue and the shape of the crown is perfect. Mine has some tiny buds just beginning to grow and I cannot wait to see them open.

Lisa Alcala Oct 19 2018, 09:53 AM

So so cute!

I received this plant a couple of weeks ago. It was my first time ordering from the Violet Barn, and only my second time ordering plants online at all. I was worried because my first experience ordering plants online (from a different site) went terribly - however, the care the folks at the Violet Barn put into my package of two micro mini AVs was so easy to see! The plants were packed so carefully and gingerly, they arrived in completely perfect condition, not a single damaged leaf! I am so happy with my new plants from the Violet Barn, and I will definitely be ordering from them again! Thank you!!

Amy Bohon Oct 04 2018, 23:35 PM


I ordered this gorgeous plant about 2 or 3 weeks ago. I honestly can not say enough of how beautiful it really is. It's just perfect!

Bridget Palkow Sep 29 2018, 16:02 PM

Adorable little plant

Received one of these a little bit ago. Was very impressed, tiny foliage with tons of variegation, and packed well.

Michael Clasen Sep 29 2018, 15:32 PM

Tiny beauty !

I received a Wascally Wabbit as a free plant ( thank you ! ), I was very happy. This tiny plant grows perfectly , the pink, white and green leaves are a perfect rosette . I can't wait to see it bloom. All my plants where well packed as always.

David Siecinski Sep 12 2018, 08:49 AM

Such a pretty mini plant!

I recently ordered 3 miniature African violets and while all three are great, and came in perfect shape, the Rob’s Wascally Wabbit is the best; with its variegated leaves. New leaves are already developing.....tiny, tiny ones. It’s so small and pretty. Love it.

Susan Martin-Lesnik Aug 15 2018, 18:43 PM

Love this one!

I purchased this about a month ago. It has beautiful leaves and is sooo tiny! Can't wait to see the flowers!

Suzanne Myers Aug 13 2018, 15:21 PM

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