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RS Schavo

(RS Zshabo)  Exotic, very frilly double white to lavender blooms with green edges.  Dark green foliage.  Standard. AVSA #11102 (Repkina)


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RS Schavo

Average Rating 4.2 out of 5

Unique violet

The flowers are cute and the plant is doing OK. It's fun having a unique violet such as this.

Laurie Lee Jun 13 2024, 10:00 AM

So unusual

The flowers vary from green and white to exactly like the picture. All ruffled. So is the foliage! Very ruffled, it stands up bushy above its pot. And enormous in only a bit over 4 months, already in a 6 inch pot, though seem to be slowing down. I forsee this one being the biggest in my collection. If size and space not an issue I would recommend it

Diana Klych Aug 03 2022, 17:58 PM

Gift for my Mom

I wish I could post a picture of this amazing violet. It looks more like we should have it in a hanging basket. The leaves are just as beautiful as the flower. We love it!!!

Susan Chittick Mar 17 2022, 11:40 AM

RS Schavo is not a pleasing bloom!

I waited for several months for my young plant to bloom and when it did, I was extremely disappointed! It only put on a few blooms and they are downright ugly! So I am not a fan!

Sharon Blalack Dec 03 2018, 15:16 PM

Big plant!

This is my one and only Russian AV I own and right away it is different than most AVs has very big broad dark leaves that are almost wavy with ruffled egdes. And it has just bloomed for me for first time it grew one very long spike with 5 flower buds on it the buds were so heavy I had to spike stalk and did they take their time opening it finished growing the smaller buds on the stall before it opened and once it did they were unbelievably beautiful. Now I see 3 more stalks growing and new leaves! I plan to order more Russians because of the positive experience this one gave me. Thanks violet barn every plant order iv gotten plants arrive healthy and haven't lost any to bad health. (except the 3 that my puppy got only days after I received them lol, I forgave her though.)

Brandon Kruszka Aug 17 2018, 01:08 AM

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