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RS Snow in April

(RS Sneg v Aprele)  Large, fluffy, fringed, white carnation blooms with thin blue edging.  Light green, ruffled, foliage.  Standard.  (Repkina)


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RS Snow in April

Average Rating 4.2 out of 5

Like a watercolor!

This flower is so beautiful and what an apt name! As an artist, it feels like someone just took a brush and touched these flower petals with the perfect amount of interesting watercolor. I was a bit afraid to foray into the Russian violets, but they, like this one, are magnificent! Of course, packing and shipping by VB is always perfect. It’s the closest thing to an adult Christmas morning feeling there is (at least for a plant lover!). It’s such a joy to nurture these wonderfully started, healthy plants and get rewarded with a flower like this! You won’t be disappointed!

Anonymous Jan 10 2023, 00:37 AM

Horrible Experience

I spent a lot ($100.00+) for 6 African Violets including this one. Being a first time customer I was excited and when they came it was horrible! Tiny, unhealthy plants!. I called the owner and he did not care and was rude! I was so upset! I really do not like giving negative reviews but I thought all should know. I’ve already been talking on other sites…sorry but that’s what happens when your product is deceiving and an owner who is downright rude! NEVER again! I will get better plants at our greenhouses, grocery store, Lowe’s, Home Depot! VB note: Our notes from the phone conversation read "disappointed in small plants. Was expecting in bloom or bud based upon photos and reviews." Our product pages state "Photos shown are representative of what plant can look like when properly grown--most are in 4" pots or larger. We cannot ship them at this size!". This plant, by the way was sent to you FREE with your order with the explanation that plants sent were smaller than usual.

Anonymous Jan 02 2023, 17:49 PM

Better than described!

Mine ended up with variegated foliage! On top of already beautiful flowers (that did take forever to bloom, over 3 months) But now it is covered in flowers and the plant is so large I had to repot it sooner than planned. Love it A must have

Diana Klych Jul 24 2022, 02:52 AM

lovely plant

this is a lovely beautiful plant. the blooms are amazing and it is such a robust grower, you will love this addition to your collection, really a must have for your violet shelf.

Eva Lausier Sep 23 2021, 17:42 PM

Beautiful foliage

I ordered this August 16, 2019, so I've had it 2 months. It seems to be a strong grower. The leaves are upright and large (in a good, beautiful way) and it seems like it is going to be a large plant. It has outgrown the other 4 violets purchased at the same time. Really looking forward to the blooms. Glad I got this one.

Carolyn Mcknight Oct 14 2019, 14:25 PM

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