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Aca's Inquisitive George

Very double dark blue pansies with white edging.  Dark foliage.  Heavy blooming compact standard.  (Brownlie) (formerly sold as 'Aca's Curious George')


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Aca's Inquisitive George

Average Rating 4.8 out of 5

Absolutely stunning!

Beautiful dark purple-blue rosette blooms with a white edge look like a charming bouquet. A non-stop bloomer, it adds a pop of color and beauty wherever it's placed. It's a delightful addition to any space.

Tania Fernandez May 11 2024, 09:55 AM

So many blooms!

This is one very profuse bloomer. It seems to never stop! The flowers are consistently colored - beautiful dark purple with a lovely white edge - and the foliage grows symmetrically. My only caveat is that I was not successful in getting the foliage to grow flat. I grow under LED lights, so perhaps it just wasn’t getting quite enough light for the flat growth that I was looking for. If you’re looking for a lot of very nice flowers and have the right light or don’t mind more upright growth this is a winner!

Anonymous Apr 13 2024, 15:24 PM

mixed results

I have grown this violet twice. the first time, it was outstanding. perfect growth habit, constantly in bloom. I lost it in a transition period where I had to downsize my plant collection. I bought another last year and it has yet to bloom. it has received the same care as my other violets. I am going to adjust the fertilizer and move to a brighter location and see if that helps, but so far my experience with this plant has not been as successful as my first.

Claire Hoeffel Aug 07 2022, 12:56 PM

Blooms All the Time

We have enjoyed this repeat bloomer for four full years. It consistently blooms beautiful ruffled flowers. We are so glad we purchased this lovely African violet.

Anonymous Jun 13 2022, 09:56 AM

Absolutely stunning!

My boyfriend bought this for me and I just had to buy more! I'm placing my second order now. So awesome!

Elizabeth Dunham Jan 13 2021, 22:52 PM

A real beauty!

A beautiful plant! Great company!

Heather Duncan Jun 09 2020, 21:58 PM


I was so happy to find this plant at a local nursery. Blooms are held upright and are a beautiful shade of indigo with a very thin edging of green/white - about an inch in diameter, so they are on the smaller side. The leaves have a soft oval shape, and so far the plant seems to be a strong, fast grower. Although I bought it in a 3.5 inch pot, the condition of the plant was nowhere near as good as the violets I bought here 8 months ago (which have doubled in size and are vigorous bloomers).

Marie Flowers May 18 2019, 16:23 PM

Wonderful long lasting blooms

I love this plant. The blooms are held high above the lovely dark green foliage.

Linda Price Aug 26 2018, 14:58 PM

Aca's Inquisite George

Very beautiful, dark violet flowers, long lasting in bloom. I came back for seconds!

Ingrid Gherman Dec 18 2015, 19:54 PM

Great Bloomer

This is a great constant bloomer. Love the ease of growing this plant. Very happy with my purchase.

Beverly Wombold Aug 19 2015, 15:26 PM

Non-Stop George

Energizer George - always with a blue crown of blooms. The white piping isn't as pronounced, but with all those petals, who cares! Fantastic choice. It has lived three years now

Duane Bousfield Dec 22 2014, 00:51 AM

Great violet

I have been able to grow this beauty sucessfully in a glass dish with soil, moss and a cloche cover, blooms were profuse and required little care but indirect light.

Yvonne Jan 01 2012, 21:17 PM

Profuse Bloomer!

What a great plant! Not only are the flowers GORGEOUS and truly unique, but this beauty is also a profuse bloomer. Love it!

Becky Stone Jul 30 2011, 13:29 PM

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