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Blue Dragon

Terrific, one of our best sellers.  Large, unusual sdbl. light blue stars with darker eye, purple band, variable white edge.  Large, quilted, standard foliage.  (Sorano)  AVSA #9516


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Blue Dragon

Average Rating 4.9 out of 5


The most spectacular violet I have ever seen! Survives my love of over watering! A true Eye Catching Beauty!

Mrs Ken Pojman Feb 14 2024, 17:04 PM

Caught the hubby's eye

The husband who walks past my collection every day actually stopped to ask about this one! Mine has lived here about a month and grows in a north window. It transitioned beautifully to wick watering. As I write, I'm carefully evaluating its first blooms. Medium lavender, edged in gold. Stems strong and blooms held nicely above the foliage. Definitely showy and pretty! I've purchased for years from VB. I'm a loyal customer, confident in them.

nancy giuntini Jul 17 2023, 17:42 PM


Received this beautiful AV today this is my second AV from the Violet Barn love the care they take in shipping and so pleased with their service!!

steven barlow Jul 12 2023, 10:29 AM

Simply beautiful

This plant is a beautiful and hardy. I recommend this plant for a new people who just started to grow African varieties. It will never disappoint you.

Yulia Zapevalova Jun 07 2023, 21:41 PM

Wow factor!

Most violets are pretty, but Blue Dragon is one of the few that makes you say, ‘Wow’. It stands out amongst other plants and is easily recognizable with its unique flowers. Even growing it in a window, it still blooms reliably and is a pleasure to behold. I consider it a must have for its beauty and ease of growing. I truly appreciate Robs’ for continually offering superior varieties like this one. You won’t be disappointed!

Anonymous Oct 25 2022, 20:58 PM

Must have for your collection

Beautiful huge blooms so glad I ordered this beauty!

Christine Ward May 16 2022, 19:32 PM

Blue Dragon

My plants arrived, packed perfect as always. This Blue Dragon is in perfect shape. Can't wait for it to start blooming.

Eric Matsko Apr 08 2022, 14:41 PM

Cream of the ctop

This violet is truly one of the most beautiful violets! The blue color is stunning and its shape is perfect! It always is in blooms and it's one of the top performers in my collection.

Tuan Trinh Oct 06 2021, 19:33 PM

Big Beautiful Blooms

Blue Dragon is one of my favorite violets. Its blooms are so big and beautiful whether grown warm or cool you won't be disappointed.

Jocelyn Cobb-Huffman Oct 04 2021, 11:38 AM

A Very Sturdy Hybrid

As other reviewers have said, if you're a show grower, Blue Dragon can be a bit finicky performance wise (she'll teach you how to treat her over time), BUT a of all the AV's I've grown, it does seem to be one of the hardest to accidentally kill also. It is a good window sill plant, for those just wanting a houseplant that blooms, hardy and easy to bring back from the edge when things seem to be going wrong. A great variety for beginners, and pro's alike. The blooms are long lasting, and spectacular.

Anonymous Sep 26 2021, 04:01 AM

Bold Blooms

I've been watching this one in my friend's collection for several years. Can't stand it any longer. so I'm ordering this beauty for myself. The blooms are huge!

Helen Grogan Oct 12 2020, 20:31 PM

Game of Thrones

I've had this AV growing in it's original pot for under 10 months...and this sleeping beauty was hiding the biggest bloom from me, and I water it every week! The blooms are definitely beyond being dragonly humongous. No seriously, don't second guess on Blue Dragon. I have a bloom that is over three inches -bigger than the original pot size, with several buds just waiting for me to watch him (yes, it's a him) play Game of Thrones with my AV collection. I have to thank Violet Barn and their blog tips, thank you VB!

Tynisha Kirkley Oct 11 2020, 23:45 PM

amazing blooms

I received this plant from violet barn almost three years ago. It is beautiful, but is one of my more finicky plants for growth of leaves and number of blooms... but they are so pretty its worth it!

sara ponikvar Oct 01 2020, 16:00 PM


This plant has the most beautiful blooms!

Anonymous Aug 25 2020, 19:59 PM

Big, Huge, and Amazing

I got this violet in one of my first orders with the VB. This is one of the tougher violets and does grow quite large. Great looking blooms as well. I'm tempted to by another. Definitely recommended.

John Scott Jul 01 2020, 17:02 PM

Lovely violet

Blue Dragon is a strong plant and a willing bloomer. The flowers have sturdy stems and are long lasting. everyone should have it in their collection.

Debra Palmer Mar 29 2020, 23:27 PM

One to remember

I originally got Blue Dragon over a decade ago, but had to give it up before a move. Even after all this time, this variety stands out in my memory as being a standout variety. Mine got to be huge, and the flowers are beautiful - and unique! One of these days, I am thinking I'll be needing to get it again.

Catherine Yurschak Mar 25 2020, 21:13 PM

Always a winner.

Blue Dragon is one that will never make you blue. It's a good reliable variety that catches everyone's eye.

Douglas Darnold Sep 25 2019, 14:57 PM

Blue Dragon

I get more comments on this violet then any of the ones I grow. People cant believe the size of the flowers. Amazing how the stalks can hold the heavy flower heads

Joseph Keppel Sep 03 2019, 10:28 AM

Prettier in person

Absolutely love this violet.

Jodi Myers May 25 2019, 18:37 PM

Unusual Beauty

I bought a Blue Dragon years ago and it was love at 1st bloom. This was a delightful violet with vigorous healthy dark green foliage and constant gorgeous blooms. The white edges looked more green to me. I enjoyed this violet very much. I wish I had a nice photo to share but unfortunately I do not. I say was because my flower loving 2 year old Grandson, my helper, decided to assist in cleaning up my violets while I wasn't looking. He removed (destroyed) all of the leaves shocking the plant so neither it or the leaves wouldn't survive. I have waited for this violet to become available again as everytime I look in the catalog I did not see it. Today I found it and am so thrilled that I have the oppertunity to replace my unusual Beauty.

Sandra Hicks Jan 19 2019, 15:33 PM

Longtime Favorite

I have grown Blue Dragon since the year it was introduced and it will always be in my collection. What's not to love? Very strong plant with large, deep green leaves crowned by large, stunningly beautiful blooms. I have yet seen a picture that does it justice. It should be a must-have for anyone growing African violets.

Bob Olcott Jan 12 2019, 21:03 PM

Beautiful blooms but not a reliable bloomer

I love the blooms, but blooming is only intermittent and the plant is not covered as in the photos.

Sharon Blalack Dec 27 2018, 13:21 PM

Pictures Don't Do It Justice

This is an old-time favorite of mine. I've never seen a photo that does the flowers justice. To say they are a rich saturated purple with a darker purple edge is, simply, not enough. You have to see the flowers to really appreciate them. I will always have this in my collection. Highly recommended.

Kenneth Meier Nov 27 2018, 22:04 PM

Big and Healthy

I love the name which is part of why I bought this one. The plant has been very sturdy and has put out a few blooms within two months or so. For me, the blooms have been smaller but I'm still happy with the plant.

John Scott Nov 01 2018, 10:07 AM

All time favorite!

I've had violet's from all over but there are certain one's that I always want in my collection and Blue Dragon is one of those. I haven't seen a picture that accurately depicts it's beauty. It's eye catching! One of those large, breath taking blooms you'll love.

Carlene Keim Oct 25 2018, 13:31 PM

Eye catching blloms

Blooms under less than perfect conditions the lovely blue blooms with the dark edge and white trim really catch your eye, it is rich looking. My blooms are up to 2 inches.

Catherine Wilson Oct 08 2018, 17:05 PM

Beautiful, large violet!!!

This violet has lovely dark green leaves with dark red on the under side - a very rich looking and large plant!!! It blooms constantly, blooms that last a long time. I lost this plant during a move a few years ago and am so happy to have found it again!!!

Marilyn Greer May 25 2018, 00:03 AM

Wonderful and healthy!

One of my favorites!

Florence Lu Sep 01 2017, 01:25 AM

Blue dragon

This plant arrives in perfect condition, with blooms. Well packed. I ordered a couple of other plants too and they came also in bloom. Overall I am very happy. Thank you.

Yulia Zapevalova Jul 24 2017, 21:22 PM


I just received our shipment. ALL the plants we ordered (all 45) were received in amazing shape. Especially since they were shipped to Alaska from NY! I want to thank your company for being so reasonably priced (plants and shipping) and having such an amazing selection!

Brittany Cogdill Oct 09 2015, 17:05 PM

Outstanding plant

This plant is stunning,very easy to grow and a great bloomer!

Anonymous Jul 21 2015, 13:00 PM

a real winner

I first saw this at a violet show with lots of ribbons..mine has been a consistant bloomer that looks especially pretty under my floresant lights..

Marigene Cole May 12 2015, 18:30 PM

Blue Dragon

Blue Dragon is my favorite African violent plant. I had had it for many years ago and now I have it again. Thank you very much.

Anonymous Apr 26 2015, 12:08 PM

Trying Again

I was excited to get one of these but alas my plant seemed to have gone into shock during the shipping and I could not resuscitate it. So I am trying again hopefully I'll have better luck. Great packaging though.

Anonymous Mar 15 2014, 18:17 PM

Beautiful Plant

I grew this plant years ago. It did not only have gorgeous flowers but the plants behaved well and bloomed often in the many places I put it. I lost it due to neglect when I became ill. I am excited to have this plant in my home again.

Anonymous Feb 05 2014, 17:02 PM


Gorgeous, large blue flowers on this cultivar! Nice dark leave; is a larger plant in my experience. One of my favorites.

Jenny Freed Aug 14 2013, 23:21 PM

I see a bud!

This plant arrived with many healthy leaves and a bud! I can't wait until this one blooms!

Christina Archer Mar 30 2012, 14:12 PM

Blue Dragon

I would give this plant 5 stars, I love it. I have a beautiful plant that is growing well in a difficult area of my home. It has grown very large deep green ruffled leaves. The large blue blooms are intriging with the green edging the flowers. LOVE IT!

Sandi Jan 17 2012, 17:38 PM

Collection Favorite

I've had Blue Dragon in my violet collection for several years now and it is a favorite! Spectacular blooms, with a hint of green on the edges. You won't be disappointed.

Terri Vicenzi Dec 10 2011, 07:56 AM

Beautiful, but not as hardy...

Oh my gosh - such a beautiful plant - the bloom is as amazing as pictured. Unfortuanatley I have killed it twice, not as hardy as some of my other favorites. Considering ordering it a third time once I get my techniques down. Someone who can give this violet the right conditions will be very happy.

Michelle Jul 04 2011, 01:23 AM

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