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S grandifolia #237

Single blue-violet.  Medium green, elliptical foliage.  Large standard species.  Profuse bloomer.


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S grandifolia #237

Average Rating 4.9 out of 5

A Charming Violet!

I have grown S grandifolia #237 for 3 years now and must say that it is hardy and a good bloomer. It thrives in natural light at my window and I enjoy the beauty of the simple blossoms. This is an easy plant for a beginner to grow.

Maria Mueller Apr 03 2023, 15:18 PM

My Easiest African Violet

I've never had any difficulty with this violet. It grows big fast, blooms continuously and the leaves are beautiful. It always has such a robust, healthy look to it - just as nature intended. It doesn't disappoint.

Anonymous Sep 30 2022, 14:11 PM

Beautiful plant

Bought this one to add to my species collection. Excellent packaging, arrived in perfect shape. First buds have appeared, and looking forward to the first blooms.

Benjamin Miller Jul 11 2022, 10:42 AM

Constant Blooms!

This was one of my first violets and is now one of my favorites. It's almost 3 years old and it has not stopped blooming! If you like large plants, this one is very large and it has grown into a beautiful show quality plant.

Patricia Ellis May 16 2022, 18:17 PM

3+ Years Going Strong

This is the hardiest violet that I own. It has survived two moves. It can have trouble in the winter if it gets to cold, and you'll lose some leaves, but it'll come back strong. It's also one of the most consistently blooming ones I've gotten from VioletBarn.

Amy Walence Apr 18 2022, 11:52 AM

A wonderful addition to any home or office

I absolutely adore the African violets. They are sturdy and beautiful plants.

Allison Chandler Feb 21 2021, 14:04 PM

One of the best species violets

This selection has incredibly handsome foliage and is quite floriferous once mature. The flowers are a lovely shape and color. Fast growing and easy propagate .

Bryce Gurney Jan 15 2021, 00:51 AM

A Favorite

I love these beautiful blooms!

Diana Shiraishi Nov 23 2020, 19:00 PM

Show winner

I first grew this species as a project plant in my local club. It was very forgiving of my mistakes and bloomed readily. I was a little apprehensive because we received our young plants only 7 months before our show. I was pleased to earn Best in Show! Two months later I took the same plant to the Gesneriad Society convention and was awarded Best Saintpaulia species. I highly recommend this free-blooming species for casual growers and show competitors alike.

John deSaavedra Nov 18 2020, 19:14 PM

Beautiful plant

Plant arrived carefully packed and with no damage. Very beautiful leaves! No blooms just yet.

Kathleen Stedman Sep 11 2020, 22:28 PM

Cheerful profuse Bloomer

This is the most beautiful African Violet I have! I placed it at my writing desk and it has no less than twenty blooms on it at anytime. It is a strong happy little plant and it's blue violet flowers are so very cheerful. Love this S. Grandiflora #237!

Kathleen Doth May 12 2020, 10:03 AM

Enthusiastically beautiful

I received my Grandifolia a few months ago right after moving into our new home. As you can imagine I didn’t have much time to care for it, however, it continued to grow & bloom. When I finally got around to repotting it into an African Violet pot it responded by growing quite enthusiastically. Both of us, the Violet & I, are very happy together.

Pamela Batzek Dec 05 2018, 21:12 PM

Grand it is!!!

This plant is huge!!! Flowers bloom constantly, plant just keeps growing and growing - one of my all time favorites!!!

Marilyn Greer Nov 28 2018, 17:42 PM

Pretty Baby Blooming

Update. Less than a week ago I received S grandifolia full of buds, placed it on east windowsill, now has the most beautiful, delicate flowers. You've made me a very happy customer so I'm going to order some miniatures because I'm sure this pretty baby will definitely outgrow the windowsill. Many thanks. Lois

Lois Petti Aug 31 2017, 08:43 AM

Beautiful specie AV

This is a must have in your specie AV collection! Very beautiful leaves with violet blue flowers that go on for weeks! A favorite of mine!

Ricky Haag Apr 19 2014, 18:49 PM

Amazing Violet

This one is one of the first violets I ever had. Very easy to care for. Stays bloomed continuously if it's happy from my experience. I love this violet. I have had for years.

Carla Combs Aug 06 2012, 12:18 PM

SGrandifolia #237

This is what I refer to as my "wild child african violet", she is a very free-flowing violet, constantly in bloom, her flowers are simple, but this av is one you will enjoy letting go wild

Raina Dec 06 2011, 19:42 PM

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