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Heartland's Baby Egrets

Lovely little plant.  Bright white blooms with rose veins on yellow throat, heavily serrated foliage.  Small to compact grower.  (Martens)


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Heartland's Baby Egrets

Average Rating 4.9 out of 5

Constant bloomer

Charming, white flowers in clusters above the narrow dark green leaves. Under lights my plant is continually in flower. A vigorous plant and a great choice for shows.

Timothy Tuttle Sep 23 2022, 19:54 PM

Heartland’s Baby Egrets

Nice little plant, but it didn’t survive for me. I wicked it and it didn’t seem to like it unfortunately.

Eileen Hayes Apr 30 2021, 17:46 PM

Heartland's Baby Egrets

I received this as a free plant with my last order. It is beautiful and a good bloomer. I highly recommend this plant! The flowers are very pretty and white, give it a try to brighten up your plant area.

Donna Apple Apr 13 2020, 13:50 PM

Heartland's Baby Egrets

This one forms so nicely. Very easy to grow.

Anita Stein Nov 08 2019, 17:23 PM


This is a very charming little strep with very clean white blooms and cheerfully bright yellow throats. The leaves are interestingly serrated and serve as a nice contrast with the rest of my collection.

Kathleen Laforce Jun 27 2018, 00:30 AM


This is a fast growing and easy to flower strep. It will fill up a 4" pot very nice, and bloom its head off!

Anonymous Oct 04 2014, 13:14 PM

Great little plant!

This was my first streptocarpus- blooms all the time- pretty foliage.

Marla Kaplan Jul 24 2014, 14:17 PM

Very Dainty

I received this cutie with a bloom on it, the buttercup flowers are too cute. The blooms grow straight up about 3 inches tall, just like it's showing off!! Highly recommend this violet to add to your collection!!

Sandy Porter May 23 2014, 11:08 AM

Very pretty!

I have bought this plant a couple of weeks ago. It had only 2 leaves when I received it, but started creating leaves and buds, and less than a week, it started blooming with 3-4 more buds. I wound up having to re-pot it and it still keeps blooming. The flower looks exactly the same as shown on the picture (very nice coloring!) and lasts long.

Mona Deyo Jul 11 2012, 20:15 PM

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