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Bristol's Lily White

Sdbl. pure white blooms held in masses above small growing, flat, lightly quilted, foliage. 


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Bristol's Lily White

Average Rating 4.6 out of 5

Dainty Beauty

We purchased this along with several other streps about 10 months ago. She was definitely the slowest growing of them all, perhaps because she is going to stay petite, but is finally gracing us with her first dainty blossom, which we are enjoying greatly.

Janis Theophanes Jul 31 2022, 10:49 AM


Love the beautiful white flowers, almost seem to glow, would purchase again

Anonymous Oct 08 2020, 15:29 PM

My first bloom!

I only got this one a month ago, but it just bloomed for me and I'm very impressed with it! Thank you, Violet Barn!

Jessica Polak Oct 31 2019, 22:18 PM

Arrived in supurb condition!

This plant not only arrived perfectly bundled, but will open blooms and a bud on it. I was amazed once again by the quality of plants that Violet Barn ships out to their customers. I cannot wait to see how this plan progresses over the next few months. Off to a strong start!

Paul Cranford Oct 30 2019, 23:47 PM

Non-stop gorgeous snow-white blooms

This beautiful little plant stays small and blooms profusely and unceasingly. It came with two buds and after its first bloom it just kept putting up flower spike after flower spike. At any given time it has at least six flowers, but with their large size and ruffled petals it always seems like there are more. I keep this plant on a desk at work in a glass candy jar terrarium to protect it from the extreme conditions at my office, and the small size is perfect for these conditions.

Peter Dash Gott Jan 25 2018, 19:12 PM

Pure White Easter Bloom!!

It's amazing how things work out. I received my Lily White strep in the later part of Dec. 2016 and I have watched it grow, I have nutured it and today, Easter Sunday, I checked on my streps and there was my very first bloom of any of them.....the Lily White!! I will call it "Easter Lily White". What a new, refreshing start to my Spring season!! There is something about the name "Lily White" and for today being Easter, it all came together. Thank you Violet Barn for shipping this plant (along with 12 others) in such careful, protective packaging. You're the best!

Kathryn Kilpatrick Apr 16 2017, 14:00 PM

Awesome little White Strept

Wonderful little plant that came with blooms and just keeps putting on new ones! Easy care plant that gives immediate blooms in reward!

Amie Miller Apr 14 2017, 15:51 PM

So dainty!

I have this strep on my desk at work and everyone loves it. I've had to explain what it is to many clients. Lots of blooms for such a small plant so that it looks like a bouquet.

Karen Craft May 01 2015, 00:34 AM

bright white

This one was a very bright, pure white under my growing conditions. It seemed like a slow grower, and it was harder to keep alive, compared to other Streptocarpus I've grown.

Anonymous Apr 03 2015, 12:20 PM

Just what I was looking for.

I dreamed of a pure white streptocarpus that did not appear cold. Bristol's 'Lily White' was it. Gorgeous.

Judith Scott Apr 02 2013, 14:38 PM

Lily White Strep

I received this little plant a few weeks ago and it burst into bloom yesterday. It is such a really white WHITE, which looks amazing next to the light green foliage. This strep is a gorgeous contrast to the other bright colored streps.

SY FRY Jul 20 2011, 21:45 PM

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