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Breynia disticha nana

Dwarf 'snow bush'.  Very pretty green and white variegated leaves.  Woody stems and upright growth makes this a nice 'tree' in plantings and adds some color and brightness.


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Breynia disticha nana

Average Rating 4.5 out of 5

Pretty variegated snow bush!

I love how cute this tree is. I hope to see mine grow much more, as the one I received was very small. However, every inch that did come is so pretty. The variegation seems to evenly spread throughout the leaves, so hopefully because of that the leaves won’t drop as much as full white or full pink leaves do. I’m excited for this one! A lovely addition to my collection.

Tobe Burgos-Passiglia Nov 10 2022, 17:43 PM

Too Cute For Words!

Looks exactly like the photo. Mine is still in the pot it came in. If it’s not broke don’t fix it is my motto. I may look into a container like a lot of folks are talking about but only after I feel confident that it’s growing well. Amazing how these guys pack these things!

Rebecca Cragg Oct 04 2017, 01:55 AM

So pretty!

Looks just like the pic and is the perfect "tree" for my terrarium's cabin in the woods!

Anonymous Aug 06 2017, 18:30 PM


This little tree is spectacular by itself, but I can't wait to use it in a container design. The color combination is really wonderful. Seems very hardy, but I lost one because I let it get too dry.

Maureen Mar 17 2017, 18:22 PM


Received this plant with a few others,all really healthy.A few months on and it is a really super little tree!It came all the way to the UK.

Sue Adams Sep 28 2016, 07:38 AM

Beautiful little plant!

This plant has wonderful coloration. The light mix of leaves really brightens up a miniature garden. It seems quite hardy and serves as a great little "tree" in a landscape. It seems to be quite healthy, hardy, and easy to grow.

Jill Howard Aug 29 2015, 15:35 PM

Not Good in Direct Sun

I've commented very positively on this great little tree before. Two of mine have died over the last few weeks and I believe it could be due to too much direct sun, but am not certain. Both were in closed terrariums. I am ordering another and will try again.

Gary Turner Aug 08 2015, 14:39 PM

great plant!

Such a pretty little tree! Does well in the humidity of a sealed terrarium, and has such striking white leaves that flutter in the breeze.

karen Evans May 04 2015, 16:09 PM

Great Terrarium Plant

I'm new to Violet Barn and so happy I found it. I've been away from doing terrariums for about 40 years so it's great to see such a store. This is such a gorgeous plant for a terrarium and it looks great in my Terrain large wooden terrarium. So I'm ordering another one for a new terrarium I am planting. My last order with Violet Barn was packed better than anything I've received and all plants arrived healthy and that's an accomplishment when shipping to Alaska where I live.

Gary Turner Apr 20 2015, 23:57 PM

Pretty plant

Very attractive plant, easy to grow

Linda Brame Aug 28 2014, 22:35 PM


This is a cute little plant am using it as a tree in my latest miniature garden...have only had a couple of weeks so not sure of continued reliability. Fingers crossed...

Adrienne Woodruff May 31 2014, 03:19 AM

Very sturdy

This beautiful little tree adds delicate height, and comes back from being too dry. But don't push it. I did kill one, but if you're looking for a tall, not very bush "tree" in the terrarium, this is the one.

Dan Sizemore Apr 30 2014, 12:56 PM

Love it

Cutest little "tree" looks just like the picture! I want one in every terrarium/fairy garden I do. Absolutely love it.

Elaine Donald Mar 06 2014, 08:45 AM


bought this plant and it died after 3 months maybe ... really liked it not sure what I did wrong

Beth Kruger Jul 27 2013, 19:51 PM

Hardy Beautiful Plant

This plant is extremely hardy, it became so tall in its dry aquarium house that I had to move it to another location. It has remained very healthy and loves wherever I put it. I should trim it to keep it's small size but I haven't and really don't want to. if it becomes to tall I may have too, but will dread doing so.

Lea Ann Ottey Aug 16 2011, 23:22 PM

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