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Ficus pum. Quercifolia

(Ficus pumila Quercifolia) Our best selling houseplant.  In demand because of its easy growth and attractiveness.  Very tiny, creeping, ivy-leaved plant.  Great ground cover or topiary plant.


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Ficus pum. Quercifolia

Average Rating 4.9 out of 5

Nice little plant

Grows like crazy

Robin Howells-Martin Sep 23 2023, 11:54 AM


This handsome little plants is perfect for a terrarium or just as it is. I love it.

Laura Ruttman Feb 25 2023, 17:36 PM

Best Terrarium/Vivarium Plant!!

VERY tiny ivy sometimes called “string of frogs”. Great size for any terrarium, vivarium or fairy garden. Won’t take over. Also hard to find so I was glad to find it at VB!

Buffy Haramaki May 13 2022, 15:45 PM

String of Frogs

This little ivy is the perfect plant for use in even the tiniest terrarium! Is petite and looks perfectly sized in a vivarium or fairy garden too. I truly love it!

Buffy Haramaki Apr 20 2022, 22:59 PM

Perfect miniature ivy

This has been one of my favorites from The Violet Barn for many years! I repeatedly order it for friends, as everyone who sees it loves it. This Quercifolia is perfect in a terrarium and just as the description says, it is also beautiful as a little groundcover around the base of a topiary ivy.

Laney Miller Apr 30 2021, 16:27 PM

Easy to grow

Happy little plant that adds new leaves quickly, without being aggressive and overwhelming neighbors. Seems excellent in a terrarium, growing well with 65% humidity and indirect light.

Alyssa Goldberg Apr 15 2021, 23:07 PM

Thick and healthy

Such a thick healthy plant arrived. Very pleased! I will be able to fill 3 or 4 terrariums easily with one plant. Violet Barn is the best!

Laura Morgan Jun 19 2020, 06:41 AM

Gorgeous little thing!

Absolutely tiny, perfect leaves! Very sensitive to underwatering, but I can't wait to see how it thrives in my high-humidity vivarium set up.

Julie Tamanini Mar 08 2020, 19:52 PM

So tiny

Very nice plant. The leaves are so small and perfect. Plants were packaged with such care.

Anonymous Sep 08 2019, 15:25 PM

Appealing little creeper.

This Ficus pum. Quercifolia is a perfect terrarium plant. The quilted leaves and graceful growth pattern are lovely. It is a forgiving plant, and willingly sets about covering the ground with a tiny carpet. Easy to prune. I've had it before, and liked it then too. ( A house sitter mistakenly watered that terrarium while I was out of town, but I'm setting up again.) This is one of the hardier terrarium plants I have experienced. It looks very fine along with another miniature, the lance leaf.

Judith Scott Jan 14 2019, 17:27 PM

Great little plant!

One of the few F. pumila varieties that won't aggressively outgrow and choke out a vivarium. Cute leaves that do well with plenty of light and humidity. Fun tip on propagation: take tip cuttings (lighter leaves) for "new" plants for faster results. :)

Kristen Plescow Apr 11 2018, 20:10 PM

Cute little vine

This ivy is so tiny. Grows well and spreads so you can get more than one plant!

Anonymous Nov 16 2017, 13:59 PM

So cute!

The foliage is very healthy and it's darling! It's leaves are so very tiny! I love it! Definatly will but more from you collection. Looked perfect right out of the box.

Carolyn D. Sep 16 2017, 11:15 AM

Healthy plant!

I received this about 4 years ago from my daughter. It's in a small terrarium & doing wonderful. I highly recommend this little ivy

Beverly Doman Apr 05 2017, 14:53 PM

Love this little plant

Unfortunately I have tried growing it numerous times and in spite of the fact that others say it's easy, I somehow always kill it. Don't know what I'm doing wrong

Linda Zee Feb 13 2017, 09:16 AM

3rd Time Ordering /Sweet Plant

I have ordered all kinds of plants from Rob over the years and this is definitely one of the easiest and sweetest little plants to grow. I love the daintiness of the tiny sized leaves and am therefore ordering this plant for the third time. You can't go wrong with this one!

Danica Behnke Oct 20 2016, 00:35 AM

buying for a 2nd time!

flourished beautifully in my terrarium!

Konstadina Andriopoulos Jan 27 2016, 00:01 AM

Ficus pumila

F. pumila is a great terrarium plant, although it can take over a terrarium. I read on another website that 'Minima' is less aggressive, so I'm going to try it.

Marcia Kazmierczak Jun 27 2015, 12:21 PM


I'm back purchasing another mini ficus. Nice growth, easy to care for, many comments from friends on this one!

Anonymous May 08 2015, 09:56 AM

Very nice and very minature ivy

I liked the first one I received so much that I am ordering two more. It has grown very well, even over the winter (I kept the plant with my tropical bonsais in a heated and humidity controlled environment). I intend to try growing it on a topiary form I have. It has lovely, very small bright green leaves that slowly darken to mid green as the plant grows. It seems to like warmth and humidity.

Chester Nelson Apr 07 2015, 21:49 PM

Made it through one year

Bought 6 plants. Planted two in soil that was too deep. Both died. Planted the other 4 in shallow soil in terrariums. All 4 thriving despite two week long dry spells while I was on vacation.

Lilli Leong Mar 21 2015, 19:30 PM

This is the best!

I can't believe this plant is out of stock! I ordered 3 and I wanted 3 more. It is adorable and easy. Can't wait for more to come in.

Jill Howard Mar 12 2015, 22:58 PM


There is a reason this is their best selling houseplant. I've grown many types of plants during the last 20 years, and this is one of the coolest plants I've ever seen. I does well in a terrarium, and also as a houseplant. It grows pretty fast once established. Roots very quickly. Easy to grow. Highly recommended indeed...

Rob Bishop Mar 05 2015, 22:32 PM

Highly recommend!

I bought 5 of these last July, gifted 2. My three are still going strong! I've learned they don't like me to fuss with them too much. They like moist soil. I use them in my miniature gardens, the fairies love them!

Virginia Berner Feb 13 2015, 01:58 AM

Too cute!!

I received this plant with many other minis and I have to say it is the cutest most perfect plant I have ever seen, with its tiny, tiny vining ivy shaped leaves it is truly amazing!

Gail Allen Feb 06 2014, 15:17 PM


I love this little guy. I am ordering my third one. They are very easy to take care of.

janice wolfe Aug 30 2013, 02:00 AM


I bought this plant from another seller 3 times and each one came with less than 10 leaves and died within a week. Everyone that came from you arrived so full and healthy I couldn't believe it was the same plant. Everything I've purchased from you has arrived healthy and are thriving well. I am even impressed with how the plants are packaged and shipped. I will buy all my plants from you.

tami itnyre Jun 19 2013, 18:52 PM

Ficus pumila quercifolia

Very cute little plant. Grows well in terrium.

Karlena Sheehan Feb 27 2013, 19:27 PM

Easy peasey

Easy and fairly hardy plant. Looks great with little maintenance in a seal terrarium.

Ed Jan 18 2013, 00:28 AM

Cutest ivy ever!

I was creating a "fairy tale" themed sealed terrarium and this miniature ivy is so tiny and looks like it could creep up the side of a tiny castle. It is doing very well and spreading nicely.

Jessica McLin Mar 10 2012, 12:00 PM


I've bought three of these ficus from Rob and I LOVE them. The first one came well wrapped and very pert and fresh. I managed to kill that one when I went away without taking steps to keep it watered. The next two I got to replace the unlucky one are doing great. Every plant I've bought from him arrives in tip top shape. I put them in tiny terrariums......

Ami Longo Jan 11 2012, 21:39 PM

"mini" Container Garden

Ficus Pumila Quercifolia makes a wonderful groundcover plant for container garden design. It is very low growing and spreads easily.

anonymous Apr 29 2011, 00:21 AM

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